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Professor Rivka Carmi / Courtesy BGU

Donors who have given funds to Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Be’er Sheva have announced their intent to stop their donations in response to a decision by University President Professor Rivka Carmi to cancel a prize that was going to be awarded to Breaking the Silence, an organization that disseminates in Israel and abroad dubious testimonies by IDF veterans about “atrocities” they committed against Arabs.

According to Carmi, the organization is “not within the national consensus, and giving it the prize is liable to be interpreted as an appearance of political bias.”


Prof. Carmi is a pediatrician, and apparently knows well how to deal firmly with rotten children.

In a letter publicized by Israel Radio Tuesday morning, one of the donors, a Swiss resident, says Carmi’s decision is shameful and that he prefers to donate his money to democratic institutions.

Another donor reportedly demanded his family’s money back, saying that if Breaking the Silence is considered beyond the pale, so is his family’s donation.

Ben Gurion University responded with a statement saying these are donors who have long since stopped donating to the institution, and that the demand to return the money is not legal and brings shame on the families of said donors.

Prof. Carmi’s decision to cancel the $5,000 Berelson Prize awarded by BGU’s Middle East Studies Department, followed an announcement a month ago by department chairman Prof. Haggai Ram, who said, “We believe that advancing Jewish-Arab relations requires confronting the public with the truth of the occupation – which may not be pleasant to hear, but constitutes a fundamental condition for reconciliation between the two peoples.”

Meanwhile, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev has just received $400 million from the estate of Dr. Howard and Lottie Marcus of San Diego, Ca. Lottie Marcus died last December at age 99, Howard in 2014 at age 104. The donation is the largest sum ever received by an Israeli university and may be the largest donation ever made to any Israeli institution.

And just so everybody would go away happy from this episode, the anti-Zionist New Israel Fund decided to award $20,000 to Breaking the Silence to compensate them for the lost award money from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.



  1. Proud and delighted at Prof Carmi loyalty to Israel and courage to stand up the the liberals and lefties who hate Israel and debase its people and spirit. BTS are just a bunch of mercenaries selling their conscience for a fistful of dollars, shame on them and on the NIF donors.

  2. Go live in Israel, buffoon, and have your kids serve in the IDF and see what you will say. Big hero when sitting in the US. I am sure you would be horrified if an American NGO started doing what the Israeli one has done and using this info from ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Iran, in the UN to condemn the tens of thousands of civilians killed by the US in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Pakistan. In fact, unless you are a coward, I dare you to start one for the US. The US has slaughtered children, pregnant women, hospital patients, doctors, and countless other civilians from cruise missiles, drones, bombs, and troops so why are you not starting such a NGO?

  3. Uzi Kattan Try thinking about all the tens of thousands of students who have graduated from the Ben Gurion University, think of all the important research going on there, think of its contributions to Israeli society. If you don't have any idea what I'm talking about, do a little research on the Internet. Have you finished? Now simply delete your comment about a "cesspool posing as a university" and you will be spared further embarassment.

  4. Uzi Kattan. You fell off the reservation with this one. BGU is a fine, valuable institution. The problem isn't the university, it is with awarding the prize to liars and traitors. You should be a little more careful with your criticisms.

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