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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Republished from Jewish Business News.

After telling the UN General Assembly on Monday, or, rather, educating them about the strong similarities between the Hamas and ISIS (although Hamas is not known for chopping off as many heads – they prefer to execute their victims lying down on the ground), Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu headed for a much deserved lunch in Midtown Manhattan, at Fresco by Scotto, accompanied by thirty, count them, 30 security guards, The NY Post reported.


The Post’s Page Six says Bibi, and his small army, attended a small lunch hosted by Las Vegas and Macao casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson. Only five people actually dined, but the restaurant was turned into a high security bastion against terrorism, as “every single customer at the restaurant had to go through a metal detector,” while Netanyahu and his Israeli and American guards looked on.

Sheldon Adelson has been Netanyahu’s sugar daddy for years, and even started a daily newspaper in Israel devoted mostly to supporting the prime minister, no matter what. Adelson has invested enough in the daily, Israel Today, to push out of the way all the rest of Israel’s dailies. Mostly because he gives away the paper for free.

With this much unconditional love, Sheldon certainly deserved to have lunch with his fair haired boy when he’s in town.

“The entire block was closed,” a source told the Post, adding, “There were even Secret Service men on the roof.”

Netanyahu had the veal chop.

If you’re a fan of kosher dining, you’d probably be better off waiting on the sidewalk with the gorillas (who are vegetarian, we’re told). The first item on the Fresco by Scotto lunch menu is their delightful meat & cheese antipasto, which adds the sin of prosciutto di parma to the mortadella, mozzarella, sweet and spicy sausage, provolone and capicola. The whole thing for $37, recommended for two or more.

OK, so now you know, the king of Israel eats traif. But really good, traif.


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Tibbi Singer is a veteran contributor to publications such as Israel Shelanu and the US supplement of Yedioth, and Jewish Business News.


  1. Talk about biased journalism. Adelson is not Netanyahu's sugar daddy any more than Soros is the sugar daddy of the Labor party and anything to the left of it. People with wealth are allowed to have political views and to support those that they want to support. As for the newspaper Israel Today, Adelson has competed with the leftist rags in Israel and today it has the largest circulation of any paper and is making a profit regardless of the fact that it is handed out for free. Just goes to show that when there were only leftist rags out there, they were ripping off the little guy by charging outrageous advertising rates as well as subscription rates and over $2 for a weekend paper. This is the face of the left in Israel. Thieves and liars. So glad Adelson's paper is making a profit and still free!

  2. We are ashamed that Bibi as a representative of the Jewish people and the Jewish State of Israel does not maintain kosher and a Kippah in public and expect the non-Jews to take him seriously as the Israeli leadership and saying Israel belongs to the Jews when he acts publicly as a goy! Did he have any advisers to guide him where to eat kosher or Sarah pack him a lunch from Israel? Even the arabs wouldn't do such a horrible act!

  3. The writer implies that Bibi ate ham (prosciutto). It may be on their regular menu, but it does not mean that is what he ordered. Maybe he ordered pasta with butter and garlic and grilled salmon. Many would call that trayf because the restaurant is not a kosher establishment. Others would say it is just kosher fish, pasta and tomato sauce, and there is no problem. Did he eat mamash tray? If not, this article is loshon hara.

  4. That is why he could not care about our inheritance in Judea and Samaria, the Temple Mount, etc. Erev Rosh Hashana he arrived home after the siren in Jerusalem had gone off alerting the population to the commencement. He is a disgrace and his supporters in Likud lack the guts to sling him out -always compromising

  5. What's the purpose of this article? What's the importance of what Mr. PM Netanyahu & friends eat? He's Jewish & eats traif so what, I'm Jewish too & I eat traif , And if he were to the restaurant with 30 body guards is because He's a important man, so don't be ridiculous and malicious with your own PM he is a free man who runs a great country

  6. After giving such a moving speech he ruined it all by eating at a treif restaurant – and right before Yom Kippur. There are plenty of excellent kosher restaurants in NYC where he could have eaten.

  7. There are Jews of all kinds when it comes to their levels of observance or lack of observance but that does not make any kind of comment about the kinds of people they are. Instead of talking about something worthwhile, like what Bibi said, someone gets his kicks by telling us he is or isn't Kosher or how Kosher he is or isn't. OK, so you got my attention and I even read the article. So well done if that's what you were trying to achieve. As for your choice of how to get the reader's attention – you succeeded once – I did read it after seeing the headline – but you have also made me take note of who not to read, next time!

    Happy New Year to the entire House of Israel, orthodox or non-orthodox alike (and no, I did not mention the Ultra-Orthodox, intentionally).

  8. Sorry, I disagree – I think that Bibi eating treif IN PUBLIC says a great deal about him. More important than what a person says is what he does. It shows he thinks it is OK to pick and choose what he personally thinks is important and what is not.

  9. First of all, I respect your right to agree and my own son also disagreed but we corresponded on my timeline and not here. The gist of my complaint here is not that I personally get any satisfaction from a Jew eating non-Kosher food but that what he does in private is his own business. I accepted the point my son made and which you too appear to be making, which is that while Bibi was having a private lunch, his privacy while in NY is very public and the result of that is that the world's press was there to deride the importance of his speech to the UN by wasting lines talking about what he ate and not what he said. Gmar Chatima Tova

  10. Jeremy Wallach One of the major lessons of the Baal Shem Tov is that everything which brought to our attention is guided by G-d. It has a reason and a purpose and a message. Personally I take from this story that as much as Bibi has the ability to speak brilliantly in front of the world, he still cannot be trusted to DO the right thing in that same arena. For me, this tends to pour cold water on the enthusiasm I might feel from hearing him say the right thing. That if ensuing his great speek I also expected him to DO the right thing, I should not be too disappointed if my expectations are left unfulfilled.
    Having said this, I absolutely take your point that perhaps Bibi "thought" it was a private luncheon. And this definitely goes in his favor as a mitigating circumstance for the shame of this public act. BUT he should have known better. גמר חתימה טובה Good news!!!

  11. Shlomo Rifkind I was taught that "derech eretz kadma latorah" which I understand to mean that behaving like a decent human being comes before counting up the number of mitzvot that a person keeps or does not keep. Of course, if he has derech eretz, then by definition, he keeps a good many of those mitzvot although many will be "bein adam lachaveiro" (between man and his fellow man) and just possibly, less "ben adam laMakom" (between man and God).

    Again recognising your right to disagree, I do not feel that Bibi's level of religious observance or lack of it, as perceived by others, makes any credibility issue here in terms of whether he can or cannot be trusted. He is a proud Israeli and Jew and his decision of how he enacts his Jewish side remains something that belongs to him.

    Were he to walk around wearing a yarmulka, I think I for one, would see a very serious case of "mar'it ayin" here in which he said one thing with his yarmulka (I'm whatever you interpret as a yarmulka wearing guy – but minimally, you can expect that to mean that I eat in Kosher restaurants only) on his head and did something else that was contradictory, by walking into an unkosher restaurant (and yes, then, walking in would be enough to be offensive, even if he had not eaten a thing). Gmar Chatima Tova

  12. Jeremy Wallach Actually, I agree with most of what you said. Again, I was pointing out the insight that this obscure story about an seemingly private moment brought to my attention. It was not to judge him – that is up to G-d and certainly not me. The message I was hearing was that we just cannot count on Bibi to do the right thing. If we become impressed by his truly laudable speaking ability, we should know that ultimately we will be very disappointed by his actions. גח"ט

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