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We urge you to consume the following article with a good size grain of salt, but, according to Kikar Hashabbat, a Haredi scholar who went looking for biblical codes that would offer a coherent clue about the US elections found something. In fact, he discovered that when reading the Torah with at regular intervals—giant intervals at that, starting with a verse from the story of the binding of Isaac (Gen. 22:4) and the commandment to execute mediums and necromancers (Lev. 20:27), the resulting letters combine to form the phrase: Hillary Ne’siah (Hillary President).

The Bible codes, or Torah codes, is a purported set of secret messages encoded within the Hebrew text of scripture. This hidden code is a method by which specific letters from the text can be selected to reveal an otherwise obscured message, which is often relevant to the narrative of the same verses. Bible codes have been popularized in modern times by Michael Drosnin’s book The Bible Code and the movie The Omega Code, and one can purchase computer programs that hunt for coded messages in holy texts.


One such tireless hunter is D Chen, the Haredi scholar who approached Kikar Hashabbat with his discovery. He said that as soon as it became clear that Donald Trump was the presumptive Republican presidential candidate, he plugged varieties of his name in Hebrew into his program, but the program yielded nothing. Then, just to make sure, he entered Trump’s arch rival and discovered that the Torah sides with the Democratic party this election round.

Chen said he was truly surprised by the discovery, because he had honestly expected Trump to be the chosen candidate, seeing as his meteoric rise to the top, without the benefit of any experience at all in public service, made his race appear to be divinely guided.

“I read the news and I’m interested in the race for the US presidency, but I don’t personally favor either candidate,” Chen said. “I’m neutral, but these are the results I found.”



  1. It is clear and confirmed that everything is in the Torah, since it is the blueprint of the creation. Astrology is also a legitimate science, however, when using these methods to predict the future makes it misleading, dangerous, and forbidden. The future is quantum, and never black and white.

  2. This certainly goes even further to discredit the silly notion of "Bible Codes" abd hidden messages. Which version of the Torah did he use? Maybe he would get a diferent result from Yemenite version. There are others with enough differences as to make code finding a ridiclous enterprise. Personally I prefer reading tea leaves or coffe grounds.

  3. One must not search for Bible codes nor believe in it, because it is a kind of divination, and it is written in the Torah, in Deuteronomy 18:10-12, that God commanded us not to practice divination. And to use the Torah for practicing divination is a greater sin than to practice divination through other methods, because it is also a profanation of the Torah.

  4. No credible Jewish scholar believes that the 'codes' are predictive and no human has the ability to use them to predict the future. The codes at the very best can only used for 'corroborating' past events since no one has the ability to pre-confirm what they might think they see in the codes. Predicting future events with the codes is nichush (divination) and anyone who does it and publishes and promotes his 'findings' before an event transgresses this prohibition, leads people astray and is IMO an outright charlatan.

  5. The Codes are most certainly not a 'silly' notion. The 'frequencies' (the interval of letters between the specific letters that make up a word or sentence) are highly likely (you can do it yourself) not withstanding the objections of a number of experts who have never been able to explain the 'coincidental' appearance of thousands of words that fit the pattern.

  6. The bible code for idiots. Once it was written and sold to idiots by a smart not so fool who made bundles of doughs and nothing happened of what he predicted. This predicator is a speculator of transmitting bull as his predecessor did. Whatchout guys and keep your doughs in your safe and your mind sane.

  7. Wow! The comment section today is hotter than You-Know-What. "O-Bummer"? That's one I haven't heard. How loverly, another testament to our Human-Ity.
    Ah, The Mysticism of the Bible. Let's throw some bones on the deck of the Pequod and declare our impending doom as did Queequeg.
    "The Bible is a book. It's a good book, but it is not the only book." ("Inherit the Wind")

  8. The Bible codes are not prophecy, despite the massive publicity. A study was done on several long novels – one was by Dostotevsky. Predictions of the knd found in te 'bible code; were found with similar frequency. Let us not makw this a self fulfilling prophecy

  9. Steven Sodar You are incorrect. Oddly, nobody ever conducted a statistical analysis of the odds that these were not a cincidence, ow any unearted incorrect predictions. A study on novels yilded bible codes, A replicable method for finding them was never published.

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