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Citizens of Lebanon have begun burning ISIS flags since Saturday, to protest against the Islamic State, and in particular the alleged beheading of a Lebanese soldier by ISIS.

The protest began yesterday when 3 youths posted pictures of themselves burning the ISIS flag in Sassine Square in Ashrafieh.


The concept is starting to go viral in Lebanon, and it has some Islamists worried.

The website Al-Akhbar reports that Lebanon’s Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi is now demanding the arrest of anyone who burns the ISIS flag.

Rifi reportedly backs the Islamists, and claims the flags are religious symbols, which one may not desecrate according to Lebanese law.

The flags say on them, “There is no god but Allah, and Mohammad is the messenger of Allah.”

You can see the flags in the background of the videos when then ISIS beheads its victims in the name of Allah, which clearly makes it a religious symbol to them.

Other Lebanese parliament members have had varying responses, according to Lebanon’s Daily Star.

MP Nabil Nicolas said that the youths are burning the flag of ISIS, but they don’t mean to insult Islam.

Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil has asked Christian Arabs to stop equating ISIS with Islam, though clearly Rifi would disagree with that statement.

MP Ibrahim Kanaan said he would represent the group of three boys in court, who were the first to burn the ISIS flag yesterday, if the prosecutor charges them.

They burn the Israeli flag in Lebanon all the time. So what’s the big deal if they switch up for a change?

Feel free to post your photos below of burning ISIS flags.



  1. Now there it is a way to do something NORMAL against the barbarian that want the destruction of others…..Let see what the cowards of FB have to say about this…..get me one of those silly flag and I will burn it on national TV!

  2. Don Robinson haha i don’t need to threat, you already know that u are living in a danger zone the could blow up in any minute , we saw how israelirselfin 2006 were crying like babies, losing a war , you’re all simply a bunch of losers and u can’t deny it , even you’re politicians were amazed and said that they lost, so don’t bother defending uself u stupid Zionist, hahaha

  3. Give me crates full of that demonic flag, and I will gladly burn it in public. It’s time we, as decent human beings stand up and show our contempt for these evil creatures.

  4. MR. ASHRAF RIFI i am a LEBANESE ARMENIAN and i was the first soldier in MOUJAW2ALE AIRBORNE ,IN 1983 , currently i don't live in LEBANON I WILL BURN THE ISIS FLAG can you come and get me ? or judge me? , you are prejudice MR. ASHRAF RIFI your one of the ISIS IN LEBANON , MY SUGGESTION to you give your resignation and go join your savage friends the ISIS , i will burn their flag and their QURAAN .. AND GOD FORBID ISIS DO NOT FREE THE LEBANESE CAPTURED SOLDIERS I WILL BURN YOU TOO ……… BRG. GENERAL SETO MALATIAN

  5. “If you promote any foreign religions..your permission to comment may be revoked”. I don’t think there is much to worry about. I doubt we are going to lose many members of the tribe to or bra…

  6. How silly, altho jewishpress.onlineweb are probably targeting trolls/more illiterate “commenters” who think Judaism is a boxing bag in the way between them and their own religion, which they mistake for an exclusive party. Obviously, wearing a cape with the best foreign ideas is the healthiest form of sexercise, anyway, so I can’t help thinking that, unless they help with your group dynamics, there’s always something inherently idiotic about rules…

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