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Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Jan. 20, 2014.

Unlike a similar effort which was blocked in the U.S. senate, the Canadian government announced that it will invalidate the travel documents of any Canadian who travels overseas with the intention of joining an extremist group.

Chris Alexander, Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister, told CTV News that if Canada obtains “substantive, incontrovertible evidence” that someone left Canada with the intention of committing what would be an indictable offense in Canada, such as terrorism, “then we cn revoke, suspend of invalidate their passport.”


Such action is permitted under Canada’s Passport Order, and Ottawa has already begun revoking the passports of Canadians who travel to other countries to fight alongside ISIS or other terrorist groups.

According to Alexander, Canada has already terminated the passports of several Canadians who evinced a clear intention to serve as foreign fighters.

Canadian authorities are clearly worried about citizens who have trained alongside bloodthirsty, genocidal terrorists in places like Iraq and Syria, and who then return to Canada with the intention of using tactics learned abroad against Canadians and Canadian institutions.

There have already been several well-publicized instances of Canadians who went overseas and engaged in wildly violent and grotesque activities. One, Mohammed Ali of Ontario, wrote online about “playing soccer with severed heads.”



  1. I'm Canadian and also a fan of Stephan Harper wish the world had more like him.Did anyone notice the names of these so called Canadians I think they start with Mohammed .Just to let you all know real Canadians don't do this .

  2. Invalidating a passport is not the same as revoking citizenship. We are evidently doing the first but revoking citizenship is entirely different. If you were born in Canada, to Canadian parents, you are Canadian – and if this is the case, how would revocation work?! It could work only for someone who assumed Canadian citizenship after having been a citizen of another country, and then deportation would likely follow.

  3. It was said it is already permitted under Canada's passport order they should read what is written in the passport order,it's terms and condition upon acquiring a Canadian passport,it's not new so upon signing it they accepted the passport order..

  4. The US needs to terminate the citizenship of anyone who goes overseas to train or fight with any terrorist organization, and put them on a 'non-entry' list. Once they choose to engage with these organizations, they become enemy combatants and should be dealt with the same as any enemy of the state. Their goal is the overthrow of our government, so if they were to return, they could be charged with capital treason. Letting them come back to live among humans would be like knowingly injecting ourselves with cancer cells.

  5. I am praying that our Australian Prime Minister will be as wise as you, Mr Harper! You are worth your weight in gold, you and your government. God bless you for taking the stand and protecting your citizens. Let's hope and pray many other countries will follow your example.

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