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Is Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz still a friend of Prime Minister Netanyahu?

Florida Jewish Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, one of the most senior Democrats in the party and Democratic National Committee chairwoman, has come out in favor of the nuclear deal with Iran, the Miami Herald reported Sunday.

Her district includes a large number of Jews, and she has been under heavy pressure to oppose the agreement. Last week, Vice president Joe Biden met with her and with Florida Jews and apparently helped sway Schultz.


Her support is a blow for opponents to the deal, who were given an uplift last week when Maryland Jewish Sen. Ben Cardin finally announced he will vote against the agreement but proposed an alternative.

Schultz issued a five-and-a-half page statement to the Herald, in which she wrote:

I have subsequently come to the conclusion that the agreement promotes the national security interests of the United States and our allies and merits my vote of support…

This agreement is not perfect. But I join many in the belief that with complex, multilateral, nuclear non-proliferation negotiations with inherent geopolitical implications for the entire world, there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ deal.

Like most other Democrats supporting the bill, she voiced concerns and specifically stated she worries about Iran getting “additional resources to divert to their nefarious activities.”

Schultz added:

Initially sharing those concerns propelled me to thoroughly explore the viability of an alternative agreement… [but] analysts across the academic and political spectrum agree that if the U.S. walks away from this agreement, it will be impossible to maintain a robust sanctions program against Iran.

She expressed little worry about Iran’s holding to the agreement’s requirements for monitoring systems and inspections, saying:

Even if Iran cheats, with this agreement in place it is clear to me that we will know much more about their nuclear program than we do now, which will give us the ability to more effectively eliminate it if that ever becomes necessary

The statement is an incredible admission of one of the plan’s biggest holes because by the time the P5+1 powers “know much more about their nuclear program than we do now,” Iran would already have a bomb. That would make it even more difficult to “effectively eliminate it if that ever becomes necessary.”

Even more worrisome for Jews is her statement that her decision was partly based on her being “a deeply committed member of the Jewish community. Schultz said last week she would announce her decision on the Iran agreement with her “Jewish heart.”

Schultz thinks she is supportive of Israel and stated:

The thorough, pragmatic, and factual analysis I have done and my fervent desire as a Jewish mother to ensure that Israel will always be there — l’dor v’dor — from generation to generation — leads me to the conclusion that this agreement provides the best chance to ensure America’s, Israel’s and our allies’ security today and tomorrow.

One of the mistakes of opponents to the nuclear deal with Iran was focusing on its danger to Israel. Their argument should have centered on the agreement’s being a danger to U.S. citizens, whether they are Jewish or not.

Anyone deciding with a “Jewish heart” to support the deal while maintaining that she or he is committed to Israel’s security has not been able to explain why almost every Israeli leader, including Opposition leader Yitzchak Herzog, is against the deal.

Most Americans also are against it, including those in Florida.

A Quinnipiac poll last month showed Florida voters oppose the pact 61 percent to 25 percent.


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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. Given schultz’ background, she’d be the first on line helping obama tattoo numbers on the arms of Jews as they are forced on to Iran Air cargo flights to the official Barack Obama Presidential Library and Nuclear Fired Crematorium in Tehran Sq – all Jews invited to enter

  2. Ironic, that Congresses limits to sanctioning industry goes to 3rd party participants of the sanctioned contract (as with NFL vs. Union recently), is a similar violation to Justice Roberts analysis of Williams-Yulee v. Florida Bar, yea? In a case where the distinction of role within the constitutional balance of powers clauses et al, is discussed, Roberts conflicts the roles between Judiciary and Legislative roles, by accepting a role for Congress that conflicts with each member’s Oath of Office. To ‘uphold’ , is not the same as to ‘commence’, and to ‘commence’, but when contrived so, becomes to not extend to 3d party participants within all the voting citizenship that each legislator represents..
    …….as you might recall from what was written about NFL vs. Union-labor, we learned that: Congress can, and has, created industrial monopolies through ant-trust contracts (exceptions), in an effort to benefit its citizens by creating quality industry. But, by itself, Congress cannot sanction the absolute charter of any monopoly, that could deny the due process in contracts to all the citizens that are socially and financially effected by the industry that the charter creates…….I wonder if some small fish would think that’s funny…??
    If you want my advice while it’s still free, have the Hague declare that ‘Child Soldiering’, is a prosecutable offense as a ‘War Crimes’….

  3. Ken, you wish given your preferences.

    But admit it Kenny, you’ve posted incessantly declaring no issue if a million Jews are massacred “for the greater good.”

    But then, knowing how many Gay kapos Hitler had, you’re just trying to fit in.

  4. Usung a tabloid like Economist that has in the past yr printed scores of diatribes against Israel usung canards from the Protocols to “interpret ” the Talmud kenny? But then Jew haters always use bogus Talmud “quotes” to legitimize their hate

  5. How dare she say a Jewish heart. Disgusting. She is a Court Jew who supports her master rather than her fellow Jews. No different form the dirt who did the same in Europe but still died in the death camps. A Quisling who is a Jew in name only. What she will get out of the treachery I hope is the same as how the South Africans treated their traitor, Goldstone, after he fronted for the anti- Israel tribunal. Boos, hisses, shunning, derision, and no friends.

  6. She is the congresswoman from my district here in Florida and I hope her constituency of majority of Jews will finally see her for the Democrat lap dog that she is. She is supposed to represent her district that overwhelmingly has asked her NOT to support the Iran deal. She has thumbed her nose at those that elected her to represent us, and instead, decided to blindly follow her leader Obama. Well, she wasn't elected her to follow her leader. Anyone could do that. She was elected to represent our district and once again, she has shown us she couldn't care less about her district, only about her career. Enough with loser career politicians. She must be removed.

  7. Carol Mizrahi – Debbie Wasserman-Schultz represents a very heavily Jewish populated district and is well aware of what risks she has taken. Therefore her decision was based on the real facts that are best for the US and Israel. Unike you she knows what the deal is and why it is actually not only a good deal but the best that could ever be reached. No matter what you may think and what the repubs are drilling into your head, the only alternative to this deal is war with Iran and maybe a nuclear war in about one year and by agreeing to the deal Iran will not get a nuclear weapon now or possibly ever. That is why she is voting to support the deal!

  8. I'm going to say this in as many venues and to as many people as possible.
    This is not about being Jewish or supporting Israel
    Suppose you wanted to buy or buld a house, or buy a car … you would read the contract BEFORE signing the deal.
    Here we have an entire polical body (Congress) NONE of whom have read the whole deal (since parts are not available to ANYONE, and yet they're being expected to vote on it.
    This is a repeat of ObamaCare (regardless of on which side you stand about that deal) in which almost no-one read the details before the vote.
    Regardless of on which side of the deal you stand, you CANNOT and MUST NOT vote on it unitil ALL the detalls are available and revealed.
    It's just that simple – no details, no vote (or vote no until the details ARE available).

  9. As a local, I have watched Debbie Wasserman Schultz for her entire career. First, last, and always, forget that she is a Jew. Remember that she is the consummate Democrat. She sat with Joe Biden as he explained, it would be easier to deal with Iran if nukes were off the table. His terms were too simplistic. We KNOW it would be better if they were off the table, but he did not explain how they would come to be off the table. But, whether she buys it or not, she is selling it.
    Local Jews trust her because she is one of them. But, she puts her political life in front of her cultural life. She marches in lockstep with her party, right or wrong. Most Americans oppose this so called "Deal." But, we have an anti-Israel president who would rather talk about the sorry state of race relations then do something that the world needs to have done.
    There is no good reason to open Iran to the world. Certainly, there have been sanctions. Those sanctions were largely ignored by Europe, but without the US, Iran was still sinking. The oil they produced was still reaching the market. So, the US government failed because it did not know how to do the right thing. And, the Democrat party led the charge.
    Wasserman Schultz is an icon in her community. That community is largely elder, and Jewish. They consider themselves lucky to live in a great land. They do forget sometimes, that they are one of the things that make this country as great as it is. It is Jewish, not Christian, morals that are the backbone of the laws in this country. It is Jewish to have a moralistic outlook on life. The others borrowed it, but always make a distiction that it is theirs, even if it originally came from a Jew.
    Wasserman Schultz is very committed to her politics. It is her life. If she sees something obviously wrong, she still won't call it what it is, if it hurts her party. That's politics. Right or wrong, I am right. If I say it is good, it is good. Her ego, and her political drive make me want to call her a whore. If she was my wife, I would get a divorce. Jews can do better, and the reason she is popular is because she is a Jew.

  10. The senator doesn't worry about her constuents because
    she knows that they are used to betrayal.
    Her phony rationale is all about keepintg her job.
    Why not band together and tell her you will no longer vote democrat. CALL HER BLUFF

  11. Debbie Wasserman Schultz does not now the Aleph Bais of Judaism. She is assimilated not keepng,kosher,Shabbat etc. Wasserman – Schultz is a JINO(J-Jew,I-In, N-name,O-Only). Watch EXPOSE of gentile and Jewish anti Semitism on Judaism every Wednesday 10:00 AM & 6:00PM New York time go to scroll down to Community Media then click on Brooklyn Public Network then click on arrow in channel 2 In addition,every Thursday go to scroll down to 4 Judaism then clik on Watch now/live

  12. Pirkei Avot. Perek Aleph. #10. A Jew should abhor political office. Do not put your trust in a munificent benefactor, for he willl desert you in your time of need.
    Debbie Schultz is an "airhead", where Judaism is concerned. She is a "court Jew", serving the Muslim WH. Self respecting Jew's should vote her out of office. I would prefer she be replaced by a gentile who loves Israel. The Cuban community in Florida love Israel, more than this assimilated Jewess.

  13. Edward Lobel You are a progressive lap dog. There are ways of stiffening the sanctions to bring iran to its knees . Why do u think they negotiated now. Their economy is hanging on a thread. They are worrird about a uprisiing against the regime.. You are a fool and all your posts prove it. Get yuor head out of that trattors rearend and see what he has done to this country.He as turned it upside down . He has set race relations back to the 60's .

  14. Arie, wtf are you talking about? Cite one article that does that. All of their articles are on the net. Show me where the economist is antisemitic. You are either thinking of another magazine or You are a liar. You are a drama queen and just don’t care about facts.

  15. Why can't you have a better deal? Do you really think that this deal will stop Iran from building a nuclear bomb? Who is going to do the inspections? China and Russia have already agreed to sell weapons. They will be paid for by the sanction monies that will be released. Maybe if you got your head out of Baraks butt you will see what is going on.

  16. You can think that the “deal” is good for the US and Israel and at the same time be worried about it. It isn’t logical, it isn’t believable, it does not inspire confidence in the “deal”, in President Obama who pressured her, and in DW-S as any kind of leader. She is a follower. Not impressed.

  17. Edward Lobel She knows enough about the deal to state it is not a good deal wheras you already declare it is a good deal. Anyone with half a brain knows it will guarantee that the US will support Iran getting a nuclear bomb because there are time frames that evaporate the prohibition and Obama has pledged in the deal to prevent any attack, militarily or cyber against Iran. This deal enables Iran to increase it`s intercontinental ballistic missile arsenal, some of which is reputed to be installed in Venezuela where it can reach the south east portion of the US. It allows Iran to continue to support arming terrorist proxies against America`s allies and if anyone thinks it is the best deal that could be achieved they are sorely wrong. Iran is arming for war and Obama, Wasserman Shultz and you are supporting them. Obama threw Iran a lifeline months ago when he released sanctions because they were suffering badly and he reinforced their obstruction to getting a better agreement.

  18. I never doubted Debbie would be supportting the Obama Iran agreement. She has displayed significant amounts of ignorance in the past and on many issues and has kissed Obama`s butt so often that is was only natural for her to do it again. The US gets nothing but trouble from this agreement and has enhanced the tyrants in Iran to continue to smother democratic reform desired by many Iranians. The benefits accrue to Russia, China and Iran. Obama policies are anti Democratic and anti American.

  19. Kevin. You’re reputation precedes you. The Gay Kapo who would like nothing more than what every other kapo strives for: the demise of Jews to please the fuhrer, trolling Jewish pages to push your agenda. I hear tell you’ve signed up for tattoo school with obama providing “educational subsidies”

  20. She wants to keep her job.So she throws her religion and israel to the Wolves !! Iran will get nukes now or 6 mos. With the billions and sanctions being reinstated.They are well on the way. Protected by Obama against Israel as well. That is something we Americans definetly would Not agree to. Kerry is an IDIOT. He sold the US out to dry just like he did to Israel. May he have the worst kind of Karma.

  21. She wants to keep her job.So she throws her religion and israel to the Wolves !! Iran will get nukes now or 6 mos. With the billions and sanctions being reinstated.They are well on the way. Protected by Obama against Israel as well. That is something we Americans definetly would Not agree to. Kerry is an IDIOT. He sold the US out to dry just like he did to Israel. May he have the worst kind of Karma.

  22. September 6, 2015

    A Response to Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz

    I am a constituent living in Miami. I would like to respond to your statement as to why you are choosing to support the deal with Iran. I appreciate the time and effort you put into reviewing this deal and all of your astute concerns about this agreement, but I am baffled by your conclusion to support the deal with Iran.

    You are correct in stating that this vote “will be the most consequential” that you have ever made.

    Ask yourself if this deal accomplishes the goal of ensuring that Iran does not become a nuclear state ever. It does not. To the contrary, this deal will actually give Iran a legitimate path to become a nuclear state plus billions of dollars to support this quest and all of their global terrorism.

    Presently Iran is a member of the NPT, the Non-Proliferation Treaty and any development of nuclear weapons is a violation of such treaty. While we are aware that Iran is working to develop a nuclear weapon despite this treaty, they are in violation.

    I applaud you for acknowledging that “Iran’s leaders routinely call for the destruction of the United States” and are “virulent anti-Semites and call for the destruction of Israel.”
    Your concerns are valid. You say that Iran cannot be trusted. True. You say that Iran is one of the world’s leading sponsors of terrorism. True. You say that everyone feels that Iran will cheat. True.

    You are concerned with the “scope of vigilance” and rightly so. I think that where you have trouble rejecting this deal is in discussing an alternative deal, a better deal.

    You have to be willing to have no deal before you can have a better deal. If you remember, the Administration and President Obama himself made it clear that NO deal is better than a BAD deal. A deal that is ineffective and does not accomplish any of its goals is a bad deal.

    The Iranians are getting everything that they wanted. They are getting a legitimate pathway to nuclear weapons. They are getting billions of dollars into their coffers. They are getting the lifting of a full spectrum of sanctions including against conventional weapons. With the freedom and money that Iran will have as a result of this deal they will be able to finish developing the intercontinental ballistic missiles, the ICBMs, which will be able to reach us here in the U.S. We got nothing.

    We should not be agreeing to a deal that obligates the United States to defend Iran’s military sites, even against Israel. Our closest ally in the Middle East is the democratic state of Israel. This deal leaves her at the mercy of this terrorist dictatorship and their radical Mullahs.

    You speak about the sanctions and acknowledge that it is what brought Iran to the table. You are worried that even if we reject this deal, sanctions of the other countries will be lifted. This is where leading from strength comes into play. You are afraid that we will lose some of our leverage. Don’t be afraid to say no. Our sanctions will continue to cripple Iran and they will still be accountable under the NPT. If Iran wants to make a real deal, a mutually beneficial deal, then they will.

    You needn’t march behind the President no matter where he is leading you. This is not what our democracy tells us. It is your job to speak up and not allow yourself to be pressured into a decision with which you are obviously not comfortable. Your obligation is to vote for what is in the best interest of America and all of your constituents who have voted you into office.

    Let President Obama’s legacy be that he had the gumption to stand up to Iran and recognize this deal as ineffective to achieve its goals, not in the interests of the United States of America, and ultimately catastrophic.

    Regarding the proponents of an “alternative deal”, a “better deal”, you state that “if Congress rejects the deal, our sanctions would stay in place, and we could force our allies to choose business with Iran or the United States. They argue that the United States, as the most significant economic power in the world, could force our allies in the P5+1 countries and Iran back to the negotiating table to get a better deal.” This is true. The fact is that the United States is the world’s largest national economy and I am sure that our allies would prefer to continue doing business with us instead of with Iran.

    The diplomats of our allied countries with whom you had discussions do not want to conceive of a “what if” situation, an “alternative better deal”, because they are all champing at the bit to do trade with Iran as well as negotiate lucrative arms contracts for their countries.

    Your alternative to this deal, the “better” deal that you seek is to first say no to this deal, to keep the sanctions in place, to add more sanctions, to keep the pressure on Iran and then to start renegotiating. The next better deal will be from strength. No caving in, no excusing Iran, no fears about complicating the deal. We can start by making our demands as a precondition to lifting any sanctions. We need to demand that Iran stop their global terrorism. We need to demand that they renounce their chants of Death to America and Death to Israel. We need to demand that that they recognize Israel as a Jewish State who has the right to coexist in the Middle East. We need to demand the immediate release of our hostages from Iran as a good faith gesture. This is a Terrorist Dictatorship. We need to deal from a position of strength.

    Then we can begin discussing the dismantling of centrifuges and all the various aspects of total disarmament of nuclear materials, anywhere anytime inspections, in exchange for the gradual easing of sanctions based on merit. As of now, we don’t have enough control in this deal.
    Iran should never be allowed to possess nuclear weapons. The sanctions will continue to hurt them economically. If they want trade and ultimately to grow their economy, they have to become part of the world of civilized nations. That will ultimately be up to them.

    This is a pivotal time in history. There is an unprecedented voice across America against this deal. Hear the voices and listen to your heart and your conscience. These voices are of everyday Americans that fear for the lives of their children and their children’s children. This has nothing to do with parties and politics. We are watching history unfold and not in a good way.

    Be courageous and have faith that your concerns are real and valid. Your instincts are spot on.

    This deal does not achieve its objective and conversely delivers to the world a legitimate nuclear Iran.For the sake of America, for the sake of our children, say no to this deal.

    Alice Eve Sardell, Esq., Miami, Florida

  23. After crying on TV about how much she loves her Jewish heritage and Israel so dearly, she now decides to hand the world's #1 terrorist state (IRAN) over $350 billion dollars ($100 billion in sanctions relief and ~250 billion in upcoming oil revenue). Congratulations Deborah. Next time, please don't love us (YOUR PEOPLE) so much.

  24. Propelled by U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s support of the Iran agreement, Miami-Dade School Board Member Martin Karp says he may challenge the national Democratic leader next year.
    I hope he does, he will have my vote!

  25. As a Communist, Statist, liberal, progressive, totalitarian tool, how can she even be considered to be truly Jewish? Ir is my opinion, that no Statist can ever be considered to be Jewish, as any fully organized, fully intrusive, fully controlling state is anathema to the freedom of the individual before Hashem. Statism denies the very Presence of Hashem in the individual's life, pure and simple.

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