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Ashton and Friend

In direct response to the EU’s directives against Israel’s sovereignty over Judea and Samaria (as well as over Jerusalem and the Golan), Defense Minister Moshe “Bogie” Ya’alon has given the order that the IDF and other relevant government bodies under his control stop all cooperation with EU representatives. This includes any assistance that the IDF may have been providing the EU in infrastructure projects, according to a report in Ma’ariv.

Other steps the Defense Ministry have taken include no longer renewing special EU travel permits nor issuing new ones. Permits for projects in Gaza and Area C are not being granted. Furthermore, the relevant government offices are not taking phone calls from EU representatives.


Ya’alon has also given the order to block the direct transit of EU officials between Israel and Gaza. If EU officials want to go in or out of Gaza, they’ll have to go through the Sinai. Already the transit of three EU groups have been blocked.

On the EU’s part, they are not yet convinced that this is actually a new Israeli policy or just a temporary retaliation, and they plan to wait a few weeks to review if the restrictions are still in place.



  1. I am just wondering whether Ashton wears Blue and White when she meets with Israeli politicians? I think she doesn’t need to wear the Green and Red to show her real colours, she displays them in her every action.

  2. The European Union needs to be taught a lesson and that lesson is that they can't go around telling sovereign nations what to do. Obviously the European Union is trying to bully Israel into doing whatever they (the EU) want…only they picked the wrong nation to mess with.

  3. Brilliant! It is time for us, Jews, to show who we are. Not the broken people who left Europe on sinking ships but, a proud nation. Thank you Defense Minister Moshe “Bogie” Ya’alon. YOU are a true Jew and a proud Israeli We stand behind you. Shabbat Shalom. May Hashem bless and kjeep you.

  4. EU are just another generation of Nazis, why even consider them relevant.
    21 countries killed their own Jews I consider those Europeans murderers and thieves. Ashton return our homes to us who you stole from us. Who are you anyway to tell us what to do. Shame on the EU forever. Holocaust survivor.

  5. Who is Asheton?
    She has always shown her anti Semitic and anti Israel bias.
    With that woman as head of EU, is it no wander that these Christian countries have turned against the Jewish country?
    But they have nothing to say when Christians and their churches are slaughtered and churches burned.
    The only country in the ME where Christians as well as Muslims are free and protected by Israeli law.

    The sooner that woman is FIRED from her post, there may be peace.

  6. It's about time to deal with those spineless nincompoops!
    By the way, during the 70's that despicable lowlife Ashton was the treasurer of an organization for nuclear disarmament that was financed by the KGB through the British Communist Party, and whose goal was to undermine the British and American nulear deterrent against the USSR. Another lowlife (this time from Portugal) Manuel Barosso is a former Maoist. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Tells you what kind of scum are running the EU.

  7. I'm from the Netherlands just wanted to let you know that there still are a lot people over here who love Israël and who hate the EU with a vengeance. The majority does not want to be in the EU, but our politicians sold us out. And it is true, Europe is on its last legs. We are being completely destroyed from within, we are forced islam immigration and our social security is in shambles because of it. Economically we are in very bad shape. And sliding fast down hill. Believe me when I say that there are still people over here which enjoy this message (in the article) just as much as you do. We want the EU gone a.s.a.p.. Just read today by the way that is was Obama who instructed the EU to boycot.

  8. I can only echo all the majority of comments here. I especially loved the comment," Without Jewish brain power there, those mindless fools will only starve". Thank you Defense Minister Moshe “Bogie” Ya’alon.

  9. Tis is the same mentality that existed when the Nazi's took over Europe. Now it is the Terrorists. "On the EU’s part, they are not yet convinced that this is actually a new Israeli policy or just a temporary retaliation, and they plan to wait a few weeks to review if the restrictions are still in place."

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