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Looking at the Temple Mount

Several dozen rabbis, many of them Haredi and Hasidic, on Sunday attended an emergency conference at the study hall of the Bostoner Rebbe, Rabbi Meir Alter Horowitz, in the neighborhood of Har Nof in Jerusalem, Kippa reported. Dubbed “emergency conference for the security of Israel in the Holy Land,” the assembly ended with a uniform call against a national unity government with the Zionist Camp (Labor) or with any other politicians who declare openly that they want to hand over areas of historic Israel.

Besides the host, the Bostoner Rebbe, the conference included Haredi “celebrities” such as the Chief Rabbi of Bnei Brak, Rabbi Moshe Landau, the Chief Rabbi of Tsfat, Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, and the head of the Temple Institute, Rabbi Yisrael Ariel.


The statement the assembled rabbis issued after their conference said in no uncertain terms that there must be no negotiations over territory across the “green line,” nor any mention of the “two state solution.” The announcement suggested that “the only way to uproot the wave of terror by Arab murderers in the Holy Land would by through a firm stand of the Israeli government that there will never be a negotiation over parts of the Holy Land, by expressing regret for past withdrawals and regret for the ‘miserable declaration’ of two states for two peoples.”

The assembled Haredi rabbis also said that “the areas of Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem are all part of the Land of Israel and we must continue to build there in accordance with the needs of the population without interruption. The rabbis have ruled according to Halakha that maintaining the security forces’ deterrence is more important than any holy object.”

The Haredi rabbis also mentioned what they called “stupid” statements by senior officials in government and the military which, they said, dishonor the nation of Israel and the IDF soldiers—referring to Deputy Chief of Staff General Yair Golan who compared the behavior of some IDF soldiers to that of German Nazis in the 1930s.

The rabbis added that every Arab terrorist must be executed. “Every Arab terrorist who leaves his house with the intent to hurt Jews has lost his right to live and must be shot without needless calculations,” they stated. They noted that whomever refuses to follow their directions should not be placed in charge of the security of Israel, citing Deut. 20:8 — “What man is there that is fearful and fainthearted? let him go and return unto his house, lest his brethren’s heart faint as well as his heart.”



  1. Kill all the terrorists? Why would the Israeli government want to kill any, let alone all terrorists? The world may be angry at them if they do. Who cares if the terrorists murder jews, christians , yarzdi and other muslims? As long as the IDF looks like they are good guys that is all the Israeli government cares about, not protecting your citizens from terrorists.

  2. The Lubavitcher Rebbe speaks to Mr. Moshe Katzav, Yud Shvat 1992..Part 2. ON THE GOVERNMENT OF ISRAEL DECLARING OPEN WARFARE AGAINST G-D AND HIS TORAH.
    "You understand Arabic; so ask the Arabs who live there and you will see for yourself that their intention in their negotiations of autonomy in five years in fact means that they are being given portions of Eretz Israel to set up a Palestinian State. It is irrelevant how the Jewish People explain this, because the main point is how the nations regard this.
    The mere speaking of a program of autonomy is a desecration of G-d, and a desecration of Holiness. If there are in Eretz Israel Jews who are non-observant of Torah and Mitzvot, this is relevant to them on a personal level. But in this instance we are talking of the government of Israel declaring open warfare against G-d and His Torah!” For full talk go to

  3. Marsha Roth You self hating jews humiliate yourself unceasingly. You make me sick. You love turning the terrorists into victims and vice versa. And you are also a filthy liar since i never once said to throw anyone into a hole except the terrorists. You make me sick. Go boot lick a muslim and screw off.

  4. That has nothing to do with the situation at hand.
    The Jewish commandment regarding enemies trying to harm innocent people within or from outside Israel is to gather & take up arms, even on the Sabbath and Holy Days and defend yourselves.
    I commented on your posted video as follows:
    Your children 18 or at least from age 20 should do the mitzvah, the Jewish commandment, to protect their country from its enemies from within and outside. They should sanctify God and not desecrate His Holy Name by excluding themselves from doing their part alongside their brothers and sisters.
    You make sure they have their own religious battalions.
    You're totally wrong & it isn't Jewish to state that they would have to serve only because of the secular ideas of language, state, & culture. They have to serve because it says that when an enemy comes even saying it's for straw, Jews must take up arms on Shabbos & defend.
    Millions of overwhelmingly genocidal mythical so-called Palestinians on the same tiny strip of land west of the Jordan River are an ongoing threat to life, limb, & money.
    They don't want you for culture wars. They want you to pull your weight. Why should only secular young people have to protect everyone and not you?
    When you say that for 2,000 years the Jewish people scattered around the world never protected themselves as per the Jewish duty to do so, you're wrong. We survived as Jews because of Torah, but we had to protect ourselves, with or without a state.
    Show me where our sages say it's because we had no state that we survived as Jews.
    To separate yourselves, saying they have an army and you, the Jews have an army, is not at all a Jewish thing to say.
    No one should be saying that all of the religious young people should just be sent to the secular army.
    Protest against that, but I, as an observant Jew, protest vehemently against continuing to create a desecration of God by refusing to participate as citizens in the protection of your country. It isn't in any way Jewish to support that.
    It's great you're not waving a white flag about drafting observant youngsters into a filthy sex-filled Israeli army.
    It's very bad that you've gotten away with separating them from national service. It's also horrible that poverty is rampant and a huge desecration of God's name has gone from bad to worse with no end in sight, i.e., your youngsters get no job skills other than teaching Judaism.

  5. The Shulchan Oruch (the Code of Jewish Law) states:
    Non-Jews that lay siege to Jewish cities: If their intent was financial gain, the Shabbos laws should not be violated because of them. If their intent was against Jewish lives, or if they lay siege without any stated intention, or if there is a sense (chush) that they are coming for Jewish lives, then even before they come – and are only mobilizing themselves, it is a mitzvah to go out and attack them with weapons of war and violate the Shabbos laws. And if it is a city located near a border – even if they are only demanding hay or straw, we attack them and violate the Shabbos, lest they conquer the city, and because of that conquest it becomes easier for them to conquer the rest of the land.

    There are those (rabbinic authorities) who say, that at this time, when we dwell among non-Jews who are murderers and slayers, that even if they come only for financial gain, we violate the Shabbos. Because, if the Jews do not allow them to plunder and pillage, they will kill us. And it is a chazakah (a given) that no one stands-by idly, when his money is being stolen. Thus, a thief coming to steal will worry whether his victim will kill him, so the thief comes from the outset with an intention to kill first. So also, in this case [where we are dealing with only financial attacks] we violate the Shabbos [to defend ourselves]. Nevertheless, everything is according to the context. But an individual, that comes to take money, we allow him to take as much as he wants, and we do not violate the Shabbos, for this is a case of financial loss only.

    Shulchan Oruch HaRav 329:6,7. And almost the same wording can be found in the Shulchan Oruch of R. Karo, and also in the Mishna Berurah (same siman). See also Eruvin 45a including the Rashi. The Rambam adds:

    It is a mitzvah for every member of the Jewish people who can come [to their assistance] to go out and aid their brethren who are under siege and save them from the gentiles [although it is the] Shabbos. It is forbidden to wait until Saturday night.

    After they have saved their brethren, they may return home with their weapons on the Shabbos, so that a dangerous situation will not be created in the future.

    Rambam, Mishna Torah, Hilchot Shabbos, 2:23.

  6. Why not just exercise Israel's legal and moral right to repatriate the overwhelmingly genocidal mythical so-called Palestinians back to Jordan & Egypt? And, include all Orthodox Muslim Israelis to Jordan. Leave only the heterodox.

  7. Moishe Sachs Because crybaby. liberal garbage who ass kiss muslims like Marsha the cowardly Roth are the kind of people running (ruining) Israel. People who need to understand and rehabilitate the hitlers of the world instead of killing them.

  8. Moishe Sachs Thank you, you are truly a truth teller, if the enemy of Israel is not completely destroyed using any means available…then it will be they, the islamics, who murder us all whether on the battle field or in our beds. "They Must Go!"

  9. Marsha Roth We Jews have an obligation to survive our enemy and their intent…even if it means that we Jews must exterminate the murderous vermin, all of them…noting less is commanded in Torah & Tanach, sniveling weaklings opposing such a defense will on receive the reward they deserve, but stay out of the way lest your intent be misunderstood for treason against Israel is must be a capital offense as well.

  10. Says the jewish traitor who has her tounge firmly planted on the boots of anyone who hates her lol. You are truly of the dna of thpse jews who screamed i am not a jew, as hitler drove them off to the camps. What a filthy jew you are. Licking muslim ass is perfectly befitting for someone like you.

  11. Calm down, this isn't about killing people who attack apartheid security check points. It's about killing poeople who walk out of their doors. (Although in all seriousness as stupid a comment as this was, you notice they did make sure not to kill them until they're in the open to avoid innocent casualties.)

  12. Marsha Roth!! How can you take that away from their statement that Israel should kill arab terrorists!?? How is that nazi like! Any Jew that in any way compares Jewish behavior to that of nazis , is a very sick self hating Jew!!!! And, the kind of Jew that has prevented Israel from killinfg their enemies off, since 1948!! See where that got them!!??

  13. Michael Falcon, you are a very sick human!!! You hate the greatest nation on the planet and love the most violent and useless arab peoples! You are an intellectual midget who refuses to believe real history, while belching phony arab propoganda!!

  14. Kol hakavod ( high regard) to these esteemedRabanim ( chashuvim) on their their declaration that there should be no negotiations over the relinquishing of any part of Eretz Yisrael& the importance of maintaining the dignity of Israeli soldiers, etc.
    Rabbi Eliakim J. Schwarz

  15. Tell me who are your friends and I will tell you who you are! when you encourage people to kill for it tells me you do not TRUST hashem to protect you or to warn you or at all; you also take it upon yourself to gudge others as you "think" your G-d tells you. you must be a member of the killers clan not waiting for any G-d to tell you what to do ! worse yet you think you are it! if any one is not a real Jew its you! (your clothes are from central casting

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