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Meir Ettinger's family protests in Jerusalem demanding he be allowed to attend his son's brit mila

Meir Ettinger, the grandson of Rabbi Meir Kahane, has been sitting in jail for the past 8 months, and hasn’t been charged with a crime.

He is being held under administrative detention rules, and most of the time in isolation – after prison services claimed he was influencing other prisoners with his political ideology.


The bris (circumcision) of Ettinger’s firstborn son will be held on Monday, and on Sunday at 10 AM a Be’er Sheva court will be decide if Ettinger can attend or not.

Ettinger’s family held a protest in Jerusalem on Saturday night at the Bridge of Strings (Chord’s Bridge) demanding Ettinger be allowed to attend to his son’s brit mila.

Ettinger is being represented by a lawyer from Honenu.

The Israeli prison services are against his release.


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  1. ok. I agree that if he went, it would be an issue, but if he’s going to be prohibitted, he at least needs to have a charge. No-one, no matter what circumstance, should ever be held without a charge. Israel is supposed to be a light to other nations and in technology, education, well-being and medical advancements they are, but they should at least put an applicable charge on him so that his detrimental ideals would not pose a threat.

  2. As much as I agree that it would be detrimental for him to go, he still needs to be charged. The law is there for a reason and should be used to its’ fullest extent. The moment the law is not or cannot be used, there are no grounds. Perhaps there are some child welfare charges that could be brought into effect with what he is like? If it would be detrimental to the child, surely a provision could be set into place that would then make it illegal for him to go?

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