Fatah leader Sultan Abu Enein wrote in a Twitter message in Arabic that the Palestinian Authority should arms Arabs in order “to defend themselves against the occupation and settlers.”



  1. And where did they get the arms? Part of them are the high grade weapons the American Consulate in Jerusalem illegally gave out to newly hired Palestinian guards after the US fired the Jewish one so as to show recognition of a Palestinian state, and the arms given by the US to the American trained police of the PA.

  2. Someone show Bibi this article, then ask him why Israelis are not given the tools to defend themselves. Although it has not been officially declared, it seems that the third intifada is underway.

    I live in San Francisco, and because of the laws here, it is nearly impossible for anyone to own a gun in this city. Meanwhile, the criminal element is armed to the teeth, basically holding law-abiding citizens hostage.

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