Photo Credit: Courtesy of Alefbet Planners

( A large-scale aquaculture project to be constructed off the coast of Ashdod in Israel will include, for the first time, a fishing rig, which will serve as a logistics center management of fish farms. The innovative project will cover an area of ​​6,000 hectares and will enable a significant expansion of fish growing at sea.

The project plan was prepared by the architect Uri Harel from AB Planning, a multidisciplinary design company of architects, engineers, designers and consultants who specialize in projects in agriculture and industry.


The off-shore project uses cages which are set some 6 miles from the coast, to minimize the environmental impact. The cages will be operated via advanced technologies, and in case of stormy weather they can be lowered to a greater depth, to avoid harming the fish.

The new project bodes good news for Sea fish enthusiasts in Israel, who have in recent years endured the decline of local stocks. It is expected to add thousands of tons annually, mainly of Sea Bream, to the Israeli market, reducing the need for imports from abroad.


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