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Photoshopped French President François Hollande, for #TousAvecUneKippa campaign

Following recent attacks against Jews in France, some Jewish supporters have called for Friday, Jan. 15,  to be “#TousAvecUneKippa,” or “Everyone With a Kippa” day, in solidarity with French Jews.

The idea was motivated by the announcement by the president of the Jewish Community of Marseille, France, who was understood to tell Jews in France not to wear their kippot in public, following an ISIS-inspired machete attack against a Jewish teacher, Benjamin Amsellem, in that town on Monday, Jan. 11. Amsellem was wearing a kippa when he was attacked.


The teenager who attacked Amsellem came to France from Turkey. He praised ISIS and reportedly told the French authorities, “I don’t represent DAESH (ISIS), they represent me.”

The same day as the attack on Amsellam, a French Jewish politician was murdered in his home.

Zvi Ammar said what he actually said was taken out of context, but in any event, the incident gave rise to a movement of strength in the face of an apparent suggestion to hide one’s Jewishness. Ammar himself is supportive of the “#TousAvecUneKippa” movement.

In addition to encouraging all Jews and other people of ever religion to don a kippa in solidarity with the embattled Jews of France, a photoshop frenzy has broken out, with people posting photos of celebrities or national figures with photoshopped on kippot, along with the hashtag. Some folks have even begun posting obviously “kippa-shopped” famous artwork, such as the Mona Lisa.

Chabad in France have been distributing kippot for all those interested in participating, who don’t yet have their own kippot.




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  1. Sounds like a nice, romantic idea, and no doubt it would provide for some viral, frentic social media activity.
    But will it have an effect?

    Do we really need French or others showing solidarity with is, pretending to support us for a day or more?
    Why would a Nation that was built on national unity and absolute responsibility, surviving empires, whole civilizations against all odds for centuries need such a support?

    Why don't we try first of all rebuilding our Nation on the same foundations and then see what happens?
    The whole world is drowning in crisis, showcasing desperate helplessness causing even more crisis with every new "solution".

    The "supernatural" – above inherent human nature – Jewish unity and mutual responsibility is not only the "survival ticket" for Jews but the only remedy for everybody else.

    It is not Jews that need "French to wear kipot" showing solidarity it is the whole world that needs Jews to behave like Jews, as a Nation of "one man with one heart" where "all of Israel are responsible for one another".

  2. Yes we have to do whatever we maximum can do to support the Jewish cause not only wear Kippa but otherwise also. It's God promise "And I will bless them that bless you, and curse him that curses you: and in you shall all families of the earth be blessed". That's the way we invite God blessings upon us, our family and nation.

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