Photo Credit: IDF
A rocket from Gaza hit a Sderot factory this summer, burning it down to the ground.

On Saturday evening, a rocket launched from Gaza hit a paint factory in Sderot’s industrial zone, causing a massive fire.

The paint storage containers inside the building exploded.


The factory was burnt to the ground.

There are 10 firefighter crews fighting the fire, and firefighters have been called in from Ashkelon and Be’er Sheva to help the Sderot fire department put the fire out, which is still blazing.

Four people who were inside the factory were rescued or managed to escape, and firefighters are checking to see if anyone else is trapped inside.

According to MDA, one man was lightly burned on his hands, a second suffered minor injuries to his body, and a third has a leg injury. All were taken to Barzilai hospital.

A second rocket landed in an open area outside the city.

A Gazan Rocket hit a factory in Sderot, causing a massive fire.



  1. bring back the buffer -zone and this time make it a permanent security measure , the trust and return measures don’t work with the untrustworthy , they are just seeking to test more deadly rockets to reach further into Israel , that’s it , shouldn’t give them the slightest opportunity to do more damage or to kill or maim even one more person….

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