Published by Jewish Business News

By Lilach Weissman


George Soros has donated $9.2 million to create a network that will dispense funds to grassroots liberal campaigns, as reported by Newsbusters.

Soros’ contribution is funding SIX or State Innovation Exchange, which is the combined entity formed from American Legislation and Issue Campaign Exchange, Progressive States Network, and the Center for State Innovation. SIX said in a statement on its website that it is, “building the legislative wing of the progressive movement. SIX aims to encourage cross-pollination among states, providing a platform for the best ideas to spread and grow,” according to Newsbusters.

SIX has an advisory board with members from liberal organizations such as the ACLU, the AFL-CIO, Sierra Club,, and ProgressNow.

These smaller organizations are reeling from the GOP victory in the last Congressional elections and have formed SIX to become the liberal equivalent of ALEC, the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council.


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