Photo Credit: MFA Norway / Per Thrana
Obama receives Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway, 2009, by Thorbjørn Jagland, Chariman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

( Former secretary of the Nobel Peace Prize committee Geir Lundestad says in a newly published memoir that the 2009 award to then freshly elected President Barack Obama was a disappointment when comparing the president’s later record to the committee’s expectations.

Lundestad, who served at the Nobel Institute for 25 years, wrote that the decision to give Obama the award was unanimous, and was intended to help him achieve his ambitious goals, but the US president’s record since receiving the prize showed it had been a mistake.


“In hindsight, we could say that the argument of giving Obama a helping hand was only partially correct,” Lundestad wrote.

Lundestad’s memoir, “Secretary of Peace — 25 years with the Nobel Prize,” about his experiences with the Nobel committee, reveals the complex details of relationships among committee members and between the committee and the peace prize winners.

A major culprit in the decision to award Obama the prize, according to Lundestad’s, was the committee’s former chairman Thorbjørn Jagland, a former Norwegian prime minister whom Lundestad describes as exhibiting “surprising shortcomings in knowledge,” being “very disorganized,” and “not willing to learn from others.”

Lundestad writes that “even many of Obama’s supporters thought that the prize was a mistake,” and that Obama’s advisors inquired discreetly if it would be possible for the President to refuse the award.

“His cabinet had already asked whether anyone had previously refused to travel to Oslo to receive the prize,” Lundestad writes. “In broad strokes, the answer was no.”


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  1. I knew that it was a mistake from the moment it was announced. He is working against Israel & the interests of the United States.
    He & his administration should be removed from office & tried for Treason. I just pray that Our Country & Yours can recover from the damage that he has caused in 8 years. His closest advisor is an Iranian & the Church that he attended for 20 years preaches fiery rhetoric against Israel & the United States. They obviously hate America & Israel. He is not finished yet. He is now trying to import terrorist to the United States & Europe with no checks whatsoever, just throw the borders wide open, let them in, & put them on government assistance. We must take a stand before he totally destroys us from within.

  2. This is one of the most inappropriate displays of public unprofessionalism..Get over it, the award was given and I feel it was an appropriate award for a well deserving President who in my opinion has brought America out of the worst recession and has done a good job especially what was given to him by the BUSH administration..They are the ones who really put world in danger when we went into an unprovoked Iraq and left the terrorists to flourish in Afghanistan.

  3. Huge Mistake! He couldn't even bring the house together on very important issues – instead he made himself King of America by Vetos so the American people had no say in what happens here at home. Huge error – the Iranian Deal! Biggest ever and we have to live with supporting Iran the same who gave us 9/11.

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