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The sniping and infighting between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority hasn’t yet reached the levels of throwing each other off the rooftops again, or even knee-capping, but it is getting there.

The Palestinian Authority is publicly calling Hamas corrupt (talk about the pot calling the kettle black) and says Hamas is stealing foreign aid money, and even charging Gazans to migrate from Gaza (pointing out that they then die in sinking ships).


Hamas, for their part are hitting back and calling the Palestinian Authority non-patriotic and non-Islamic.

In the above cartoon published by Hamas, discovered by Khaled Abu Toameh on multiple Hamas websites, Hamas describes their Palestinian Authority brethren in Judea and Samaria as drunken (non-Islamic) slobs, who are too busy to liberate “Palestine” from the Settlers (non-patriotic).

Them be fighting words.


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  1. The Palestinians have finally woken up to the fact that they mean nothing to these demons who have taken over their country. My daddy always said if you lay down with fleas you wake up with fleas. The people who are so willing to arm these radical Muslims and expect them to do the right thing with them should have their heads examined. That’s why America should not arm the Syrians to fight terrorism. They are terrorist to. Every country in the world should be alarmed that they have allowed them in to their countries. The middle east is on fire and its going to burn itself. Every thing they have accomplished over the centuries is being destroyed by the terrorist. They who have any common sense should be able to see the outcome after seeing the oldest country in the world destroyed by it’s own people. Iraq’s spoken of in the BIble many times and it is a land that should have been preserved for future generations. Now it’s a wasteland.

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