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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with Prime Minister Netanyahu in 2012.

Hillary Clinton has promised that Israel will have her as a better friend than President Barack Obama if she is elected President next year.

She also exclaimed that Iran poses an “existential threat” to Israel, as if any serious presidential contender thinks otherwise.


While strongly supporting attempts for a “good” deal with Iran, she is trying to reassure wealthy Jews that they can safely contribute to her campaign coffers and can sleep safely last night knowing that she will be good for Israel, even if Israelis spend the night running to bomb shelters.

That is what President Obama also said in 2008. That is what every presidential candidate says, but American Jews lover to hear because they want to believe it.

When it comes to the deal being negotiated between the P5+1 and Iran, Clinton is playing both sides of the fence, and it is not clear where she stands. Politico interviewed 10 donors and fundraisers and reported:

Donors who see a deal as important to world peace have come away thinking that Clinton shares their perspective, but so, too, do donors who oppose any prospective agreement as compromising Israeli security.

Clinton is no different from Obama and every other politician. “No deal is better than a bad deal,” she said, but what is a bad deal? Is it possible to make any deal with Iran can call it “good?”

Since no one yet knows if a deal with Iran will be reached and if so, what it will contain, Clinton can safely hedge her bets.

At stake is $2 billion that Clinton’s aides hope to raise for her campaign and super PACs.

in the meantime, she is boasting that her personality and experience as Secretary of State are guarantees for Americans Jews that she will be a lot friendlier than Obama when it comes to relations with Israel.

She started name-dropping, referring to former Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren as “Michael” whom she said she knows well.

The penchant for American Jews to buy assurances that the American-Israeli relation will be just fine and dandy was summed up by Politico’s report on a fundraiser last month at the home of Democratic party donor Jay Jacobs. An Orthodox rabbi asked Clinton about threats to Israel, and Jacobs told Politico:

She did stress in no uncertain terms her full and fervent support of the state of Israel and the defense of the state of Israel. And the people in the audience who heard it seemed to be comfortable with her answer.

Good grief!

What did the rabbi think she would say? Did he really believe that Clinton would say, “Well, you know all the talk about threats to Israel is just talk to get more money from the military-industrial complex. Israel can fend for itself. Let’s talk about the economy and immigration.”

Of course she fervently supports Israel. That is what J Street also says.

At least she was honest when she stated, “I’m going to do what’s in the best interest of the U.S.”

That is what any president of the United States should do. He or she should be “pro-American” and not “pro-Israel.”

The kicker is that being pro-Israel usually is the best thing for the United States, even if presidents can’t admit it.


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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. And Obama said Jerusalem was the undivided capital of Israel in his first campaign speech and the gullible American Jews fell for it.
    She was no friend of Israel in Obamas administration, but the rich Jews will still support her. American Jewry is fulfilling Hitlers wishes.

  2. Hillary has so many faces, what is a good JEW supposed to think? Don't trust anyone that is so wishy washy she blows in the wind, because the winds of time blow in many ways. Hillary wants the American Jews money so she won't have to spend her own. The American Jew, for the most part is a sectarian Jew and not a faithful follower of the TANACH. Much like the hollywood bunch that say one thing and yet do another. Oh they will beg for your money for some charity yet won't give their own.

  3. So Hillary Clinton says she will be a better “friend” than that abomination currently sitting in the Oval Office. Big deal, considering she is a virtual clone of Obama, who clearly is an enemy of Israel, a man who was plotting feverishly for its downfall from day one.

    It is amazing that the majority of American Jews will still no doubt vote for this woman, whose only claim to fame is that she is the wife of the last Democratic President who commanded a degree of respect in the US and around the world. A President who did not spit on the Constitution he was duty bound to uphold, a President who was also pro Western in his outlook and not a Marxist or Muslim.

    American Jews in overwhelming numbers voted not once but twice for Obama and the fact that they are contributing millions to Clinton’s Presidential campaign is an utter disgrace. They are, in the MAJORITY a lost cause, regarded as the fools of the Diaspora. They are defined first and foremost by their leftist ideology beyond all else, a group who has lost all sense of their heritage.

    A Hillary Clinton administration will simply continue the disaster that is the Obama legacy. American Jews, it’s time for you to wake up out of your collective coma.

  4. Tad, there’s money in it alright. I believe wealthy liberal/leftist ill-informed Jews (I’m trying to be as diplomatic as I can as my real opinion would be unprintable) have already coughed up millions to this woman’s campaign fund. Apparently Debbie Wasserman Schultz in particular has been very active in Florida especially, rounding up donors for the next abomination of a Presidential candidate.

  5. Ms Clinton is a she wolf clocked as a lamb bearing rhetoric she hopes will pacify the Jewish voters. NOT! Clinton hopes the average American voter will forget all of the scandals' that happened with this administration & previous during Bill's tenure. Let's hope the American Jew doesn't fall prey to the deception.

  6. Why don't Jews (who think they're so smart – do some research – she – Hillary sat on a pro Palestinian Board) why are some of our shevatim so dumb – you'd think they were all progressives – when the grim reaper comes from the left they'll be the first to go! What a bunch of schmos!

  7. No James Baker stated : : "F the jews, they don't vote for us anyway…" But Hilary was caught on tape in the 90's stating " F…ing Jews…". Check your facts. So the writer is not confusing the two different instances, in the case of Baker it was in the heat of the loan guarantees issue, in her case it was in connection with a professional matter when she was a lawyer in Arkansas…One must admit she must have changed since both her brother and her daughter married Jews…but obviously not the kind of Jews that that maintain their identity since in both cases they intermarried with no conversion of the spouse…,,,

  8. Before Obama was voted in to the WH, I phoned two of my American cousins to be wary of Obama s he will be the worst president regaring friendhip with israel.i warned them that Obama will try to detry Israel. That Obama is a liar. I sked them to remember that Obama told AIPAC that Jerusalem must never be divided. The the next day, he said, "that is not what I meant"
    The one cousin in NY said I must never contact him again, and he blocked my emails, Th other one, gave me an apola (blasting) ion the pone and said she will vote for Obama. That is two of the millions of US Jews. IDIOTS>

  9. When someone has blotted their copybook, there will always be a stain! – Hillary Clinton is only out to feather her nest. Jews will always be a useful tool but one that she will allow to become rusted in the tool box and I cannot put my faith into someone who eats with two spoons, one for each face.

  10. Gil Solomman – You are obviously a mentsch – ein richtiger mentsch! Very well said! Everybody make sure you copy and paste what Gil has said and send it to everybody you know – send it to the White House – let them know we're on to them and especially the D N C!
    Join J A! What's J A? 'Jews Anonymous' Society for the recuperation of Jews gone Liberal – but totally meshuge!

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