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Hillary Clinton. July 7, 2015

The previously secret emails of former U.S. secretary of state and current favorite to be the Democratic contender for the U.S. president Hillary Rodham Clinton are a bonanza for those seeking to discern her non-public face and those of her closest advisers with respect to Israel.

With more than 30,000 emails released, drip, drip, drip since December, 2014, there’s a lot to plow through.


But one omnipresent correspondent of Clinton’s, her former advisor Sidney Blumenthal, stands out as he harps away at two issues close to his heart: one, Israel, the object of deep hostility, and the other, his son Max, a source of immense pride. That one’s son is a source of pride to a father is neither surprising nor shameful. But most of what Blumenthal promotes about his son Max is the never-ending fusillade of hate screeds written by the son in frequently obscure outlets which are directed at the other Blumenthal obsession: Israel.

In the batch released over the weekend, several Blumenthal emails attacks on Israel stand out in particular.  One offers advice to Clinton on how to make both the Jewish State and the largest American pro-Israel organization, AIPAC, bend to her will.

In an email dated March 21, 2010, Blumenthal tells Clinton how she should optimize the speech she was about to give to the American Israel Public Action Committee. It is all about bringing the dog to heel.

First, Blumenthal admonishes Clinton to “[h]old Bibi’s feet to the fire.” He suggests that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must be reminded that “Israel has no oil,” all it has it values, and by failing to pursue peace with the Palestinian Arabs, Blumenthal urges Hillary to tell the Jews, Israel is squandering that.

Blumenthal also has his needle stuck on the Wye Plantation Agreement, and he  is convinced that only one person is responsible for the breakdown in the peace process:  Bibi Netanyahu. Blumenthal cannot find a single fault on the Arab side worth identifying as even one cause among many for the lack of a resolution to the decades-long conflict.

He sees the U.S. as the creator of peace between Israel and Jordan, and Israel and Egypt, and he actually believes and writes Wye was a success. He urges Hillary to build on it so the U.S. can make peace really happen this time with “Palestine.”  But, he insists, that means overcoming one obstacle:  Bibi.

Blumenthal’s emails reveal a conviction of Zionists (he thinks they are all Likudniks) in control of American policy-making organs that would shame Lindbergh, while at the same time he instructs Hillary to fight back against this monster by threatening it with recognition for a more pliable competitor:  J Street.

He urges Clinton:

remind [AIPAC] in as subtle but also a direct way as you can that it does not have a monopoly over American Jewish opinion.  Bibi is stage managing USJewish organizations (and neocons, and the religious right, and whomever else he can muster) against the administration.  AIPAC itself has become an organ of the Israeli right, specifically Likud.  By acknowledging J Street you give them legitimacy, credibility [one wonders why they didn’t have these things before being given a bracha by the U.S. Secretary of State’s advisor] and create room within the American Jewish community for debate supportive of the administration’s pursuit of the peace process. Just by mentioning J Street in passing, AIPAC becomes a point on the spectrum, not the controller of the spectrum.

There’s a good deal more in this treasure trove that the Jewish American public should know about, and the will continue publishing on this important topic. Our grandmothers warned us (or was it that famous TV commercial for an insurance company?) that people are known by the company they keep.  Hillary kept company with Sidney for a very long time, and paid him for years to send her emails just like this one. His views tells us a lot about hers.



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Lori Lowenthal Marcus is a contributor to the A graduate of Harvard Law School, she previously practiced First Amendment law and taught in Philadelphia-area graduate and law schools. You can reach her by email:


  1. Thank you for this excellent piece . Please do keep summarizing so we dont have to ,each one of us, go into cardiac arrest from reading the full batch of backstabbing agendas Head Kapo Jew Blumenthal has been advising Madame Commandant to put into practice.

  2. It just sickens me that so many of these brainwashed leftist liberal commie democrat Jews who voted for that dirty Anti Semitic muslim black bastard Obama will run and vote for that pathological lying, Anti Semite Hillary Clinton. What is wrong with these liberal Jews? They would vote for Hitler if he were running as a democrat. Make no mistake about it, the commie democrats are no friends of the Jews or Israel. But these pathetic Jewish liberals must vote democratic no matter what. Hillary Clinton is evil, through and through and must be kept out of the White House or else we can kiss America good bye. Clinton has the blood on her hands of those brave Americans murdered by the scum of the earth in Benghazi. Clinton will get what's coming to her in due time.

  3. No scruples or integrity in Washington? What a surprise. AIPAC is an easy target, in part, because they refuse to abandon protocol where the audience is limited to a nuanced response to speakers. If attendees would have thrown shoes, (as I suggested in 2009) Hillary and the press would have gotten the message. Instead, they just nodded when Biden told 10,000 supporters of Israel 'the settlements have to go'…For sure, there's a special place in Gehenum reserved for the likes of Blumenthal….

  4. Hillary has along history of anti Semitism. When Hubby Bill was Governor of Arkansas she was first lady(she is no lady)she mae anti semitic remarks to a Jewish worker F g Jews, Jew Bas………. Hillary was very invlolved with Arab organizations that were funding Mid East terorrist organizations. Clinton pointed her finger into the face of former Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdore Lieberman saying Israel has no right to build in Jersualem and terroitories, thereupon she broke that hand!
    Blumethal is a JINO(Jewish In Name Only)!
    Watch every Wednesday 10:00 AM & 6:00PM go to then scoll down to Brooklyn Public Network then click on arrow in channel 2

  5. Dear Lori, I’m sitting in my studio lamenting your words of truth. Decades ago I tried to warn my friends and associates about the duplicity of Hillary – no one listened. Ten years ago I led a mission to Israel in an effort to combat the sentiments of self hating Jews on the left – the desertion of Gush Katif and Ganei Tal. This is probably the greatest sin of the twentieth century committed by Jews against Jews. We drove to the outskirts of Gaza, on a plain manned by an IDF outpost overlooking a valley and the barbed wire of the new frontier. There was a beautiful sunset as we looked west to the Mediterranean on a land that was once Israel’s slip into the rubble of history. This was the outcome of the treachery of men like Sidney Blumenthal and his minions and the Jewish Left as personified by entities like J Street.
    Blumenthal’s calumny vi a vis his sage advice to Hillary re AIPAC speaks directly to traitors like Blumenthal who compromise the security of the United States and the State of Israel soleyl for self advancement. Any Jew who calls himself or herself a Jew should not vote for Hillary. Hillary is the embodiment of what we are warned to look for in Parashat Zachor. “Remember what Amalek did to you on the way when you left Egypt” (Devarim 25:17). Amalek is the embodiment of evil in this world, the inventor of terrorism, attacking the weak and defenseless from behind—for no reason other than pure hatred.

  6. Barbara Shabo One day in October, when I was far from sober, my feet began to stutter, and I fell into the gutter, A pig came laid down by my side. Two ladies passing my way, Was heard to say, You can tell a man by the company he keeps and the pig got up and walked away. 🙂 just commenting on that you can tell a person by the company they keep. G-d bless

  7. Unfortunately, Blumenthal is correct. Without the US
    The peace with Egypt and Jordan would never
    Have happened. We also know, that Bibi has squandered
    The opportunity to build on those achievements
    With the Arab peace initiative. This is well-known
    By all not blinded by those who care more about
    land and biblical prophesy than security and Jewish

  8. Bernard Swierszcz ..When bill and hill were in Israel on a visit (1998?), hill remained mute when arafat's wife soha said jews were posioning arabs children and she even kissed her afterwards. If nothing else, that proves hill is not a friend of the jewish people.

  9. Hillary has the public face and the private face and they are totally different. I wish that American Jewish voters would wake up and realize that the Democrat Party is not a friend to Israel. Sometimes I wonder if American Jews even care?

  10. To all of you lemming Jews who contribute to a person who listens to the anti-Semitic Blumenthal family, you have my sympathy and scorn.She is no friend to Israel. Most of their money comes from oil interests, and their actions show it!

  11. Clinton is a proven liar, going all the way back from Benghazi to the Watergate inquiry and has enabled her serial sexual predator husband to get away with abuse and rape.

    You want a female slimeball like this running the show?

  12. Bernard Swierszcz You are a fool! Israel is the legitimate homeland of Jews who have a 3000 yr history there. Arabs are the interlopers. Benghazi will come back to haunt Hillary. She abandoned the ambassador and other brave Americans to die at the hands of Islamist murderers. Shame on you!

  13. Clinton is bought and paid for by Saudi Arabia withlarge payments going to the family for speaking engagements and even larger payments going to the Clinton slush fund aka Clinton Foundation. Her closest aide, Huma Abedin, has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. During her tenure as Secretary of State she was not a friend to Israel, fortunattely she was so incompetent that it did not matter. No Jew should vote for this woman.

  14. I love Israel. I love the Jewish people and count many as friends & close neighbors. What I do not understand is an apparent knee jerk obeisance to the American Left and instant dislike of anything of the American Right. That so many Jews unthinkingly support such an obvious liar and scoundrel as Mrs. Clinton or Berney Sanders is confusing.

    Could it be the nomenclature and definition of "Right" and "Left" as defined by the Left ? Hitler was seen as "Right" and Stalin as "Left" on the political spectrum–yet both murdered millions of Jews. Still, the "Left" has a better reputation amongst my Jewish friends, why ?

    Are both wings so mercurial in their views on Israel that neither can be trusted ? Then look at what both are saying NOW and figure out which will support your culture better the other and vote accordingly.

  15. Steve Brown hits the nail on the head. Take Obama's Israel Bashing and BiBi Bashing public and private going light years beyond anyother Administration. Releasing her top secret, nuclear secrets that were supposed to be iron clad shut forever, Iran Deal, bringing Hamas 'technocrats' into the PA government, and countless examples. In spite of all of this after 4 years of the big O, 70% of American Jewry voted for him. Why? If isn't my Jewish friends who ask, it is my non-Jewish friends who ask why would we vote for someone who wants Israel destroyed at some point in the future. The also wonder why we as a group, vote for the extreme Left. I point out that 1/4 of us don't.

  16. Unfortunately now like in the past Jewish Kapos will always exist, some Jewish Billionaires go to israel to give a donation and dance Hava nagila to prove they are Jewish but, the moment they leave they won't hesitate to back satab Israel, Hillary is no different, she and Billy went to Gaza to inaugurate their airport to speed up the delovery of weapons from Iran, well the threat was deadly and the IDF destroyed the airport, Joy you are right she is a 2 face EVIL HILL.

  17. Any Jew who votes for Clinton is signing their own death warrant..
    There is not much by way of members to vote for – Mad Max Trump also alienates himself to Jews, maybe uses and then abuses but technically no friend of Israel – So, at the end of the day, not much to choose from in a country of plenty.

    By the way, Israel does have oil…!

  18. how can anyone vote for this woman who is suspect in the Benghazi situation..she's a criminal, a felon and this is what American citizens want..and the wife of a former president who disrespected the office of the president certainly shows the mind set of the socialist happened here in Canada..evil is flowing out of Ottawa..

  19. I think jews don't understand politics they think it is not important and unfortunately the medias are in the hands of antisemites in pareticular jewish antisemites who probably do the Israel bashing for MONEY. If they defend Israel they lose their jobs. Of course they could find other jobs but they won't bother and maybe they are not sure to find another job since they are such good for nothing cretins. Also probably they think democ-rats are better for their pockets…of course they are not in particular when they will bankrupt America.

  20. The fault to the medias's LIES! hitler was not rightwing he was a socialist even the party's name is national socialism. He himself used to say he was a socialist. The medias succeeded in confusing people with little political culture.

  21. My family, who I dearly love and support are vehement democrats and would sacrifice their own simply tro remain on the left. I cannot understand their lack of understanding of the antisemtic world in which we live and which presently governs our country. Nor can I understand Jewish multimillionairs putting their money into what will bring down one of the greatest nations in the world, namely Israel. What the hell is wrong with them I DON'T UNDERSTAND. How did I escape from this self sacrific in which I see them all involved.

  22. It was neither Protestant evangelicals nor the Catholics, which the left loves to libel (incuding Miller). Hitler was a paganist, a product of his belief in the pre-Christian era of Scandinavia. Hitler hated Christianity, because it stood in the way of the warlike nature of his pagan ideology.

  23. I feel your pain Mort, unfortunately in a too comfortable and segmented world, where some of the sections cannot comprehend the bitter anguish of the holocaust, those lost to material and surface euforia. Taken away, these same personnel will still question why, just like the pre-war Jews of Germany. It will take, literally villains of the peace to remind a Jew who and what he/she is exactly. Sadly in times of peace, Jews are quick to assimilate and every generation is reminded in some form or another. It is taking a tsunami of migrants and those sympathisers of these enemies of the whole world, to test the waters of religion whether or not one can get away with going against Gd.

  24. Basha : NO Trump is not mad max and he is a friend of Israel. What does "technically he is not…" mean? technique has nothing to do with supporting Israel and Trump cannot talk as the grocer around the corner because to prevail he must seduce a lot of people. You must read in between his words, "à la marge"…

  25. George Williams You're right hitler was a pagan who worshipped a…tree bigmansul! Yes miller and the rest of these nazi socialist lefters love to blame evangelists as much as Israel and recently also jews although what they call "progressive" is only aggressivity and provocations which will lead to ww3. Hitler was a pagan all right but also a socialist even if the latter don't want to admit it. Both are fond of islam.

  26. Mort : I understand your questions and I ask myself the same questions to which it's difficult to reply. However I think these jews have weak minds and need to be "understood" by the majority which gives them a fake sense of security. Of course most of that majority will drop them at the first opportunity under any pretence but weak minds do not even want to think of it. We live in 2 worlds and it is OK for us but I suppose they cannot do this small effort and prefer to pay the blackmailer thinking they will be safe this way. Of course they will not but I think that even psychologues cannot find the words to persuade them, only life will unfortunately. Meanwhile they cut off the branch of the tree on which they are seated.Perhaps these are the words to tell them?

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