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Drexel Hillel Rabbi Isabel de Koninck (Left), with Noam Chomsky (center) and Drexel President John A. Fry (2nd from Right)

Also, according to Chomsky, the United States is not a democracy, it is a “plutocracy” in which most citizens are disenfranchised.

De Konick is a part of the Hillel of Greater Philadelphia, but Rabbi Howard Alpert, the chief executive officer of HGP does not share de Koninck’s apparent enthusiasm for Chomsky.


When asked to comment on Drexel awarding Chomsky the honorary degree and Drexel’s Hillel rabbi gushing over him, Alpert was unequivocal:

“Noam Chomsky has criticized Israel in the most vile, vitriolic, and hate-filled terms for many years. He should be shunned, not honored, whatever his academic achievements might be in areas of his technical expertise.”

Alpert refrained from directly commenting on Rabbi de Koninck’s enthusiastic and public position towards Chomsky, despite repeated requests to do so. The Hillel CEO also did not respond when asked whether HGP made its position known to Drexel University when the honorary degree decisions were announced back in April.

Chomsky spoke on June 12, at the ceremony for master’s graduates in art and design, education, business and professional studies. He was described by the university as a “professor emeritus at MIT, linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, logician and political commentator.”

One former Drexel student shared her views with the

I was extremely saddened to see my alma mater give an honorary award to an individual who does not embody the university’s morals in the slightest. As a Jewish Dragon I am deeply offended that the university would associate itself with such an unabashed anti-Semite. The  beliefs and virtues of the current Jewish student body are threatened by this overt display of approval for Chomsky’s hate speech.

To see the Hillel Director proudly post a photo of herself with Noam Chomsky represents the ultimate betrayal to the Jewish population at Drexel. How can we allow someone with such extreme views to shape the minds of university students? There is already enough anti-Israel and anti-Scemetic hate speech on campus that college students must work tirelessly to combat, now we are allowing the Hillel director to add fuel to the fire?

The Israel Project, a U.S.-based educational non-profit organization, created an online petition calling on Drexel to withdraw the award.

The leadership of Drexel’s Dragons for Israel, which describes itself as “Drexel University’s pro-Israel organization,” declined to comment on the award, although they said they were aware of it.

Niki Gianakaris, the university’s director of media relations, refused to return a phone call from the


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  1. chomsky is such a firbisin self hater that if he were the opposite, frum he would say that only his kashrus is correct. i am very reluctant to call any yid a j h j(jew hating jew) but chomsky’s obsessive , misguided unending attacks on eretz yisroel makes it hard to believe that he is not a j h j. on yom kippur he has plenty of alchates.

  2. Noam Chomsky is not a critic, he’s a psychopathic, obsessed hater. Decades ago, he was a great scientist, however his propaganda work for worst totalitarian ideologies and regimes in the world must totally disqualify him from any institution or community that has little respect to itself. Academy hunt down best scientists for things like sexist jokes, while this friend and supporter of mass murderers awarded with honorary degree? Sick, totally sick.

  3. Rabbi should be fired immediately. If you are anti Israel and you are a self hating jew, you have no business being a rabbi and certainly no business around jewish college kids who hear enough of that bs on campus already. They need a Rambo rabbi, an adult, a teacher, a leader, who will have their back, support them, defend them, and roll up his sleeves and fight back. ..not a wimpy sell out, self hating jew who wants to stab these kids in the back.

  4. "If you promote any foreign religions, gods or messiahs, lies about Israel, anti-Semitism, or advocate violence (except against terrorists), your permission to comment may be revoked."……..i'm surprised and disappointed that would place this disclaimer at the bottom of one of their articles. to be a public advocate of ANY kind of violence is irresponsible and takes away from "meaningful responses and debates in a civilized manner." which were also called for in the disclaimer… sad

  5. There is nothing more to say here. Another self-loathing Jew. He should have resigned and he should be fired. There is no other people who turn on themselves at the rate our people do. When will they realize that as much as you try to be loved, to “fit in,” when the next Holocaust comes, Noam Chomsky will be on a cattle car next to the most right-wing Israeli?

  6. What a disgrace to the Hillel community know wonder Jewish students don’t feel safe on campus df this fraud of a Hillel whoever is funding this particular Hillel close it and fire this person who does not dignify the title Rabbi

  7. Chomsky is a tummler and knows it. His line should have been" landing at Barack Obama's compound, assassinating him and dumping his body into the Atlantic" ; but Chomsky is careful not to offend what he believes is part of his audience. Many would be shocked by the Obama parallel . Many , if not most, happily applaud anything painful Chomsky imagines being done to George W. Bush.

  8. I do not really know how many people know the names of mamzerim that Chomsky openly supported. He has been a big fan of the late Pol Pot, the Cambodian dictator that slew more than a million intellectuals in his country. Chomsky also supported Mao Tse Tsung's slaughter of 35 million Chinese in the "Great Leap Forward." Chomsky has never met an anti-Zionist that he does not like. He is a disgrace to the very designation of being called Jewish. By the way, his theories of psycholinguistics have been largely discredited. Do not bury him in a Jewish cemetery.

  9. You must understand that psychologically this is a person who has never grown up and is living out the anger in his subconscious mind. He is not aware of it and dismisses this but it is a fact and so in rebellion as an expression of his anger, he does the opposite of what he grew up in. Like any child ages 2 or 3, they will try out their parents by doing the opposite. Here he loves the world renunciation of his mouth as it expresses for him what his subconscious mind has repressed. Those who support him do him no favor because they do not allow this deep anger to surface and play along with the game. Most self hating Jews such as these, function at that level even though they may have a PhD. Being intelligent and having a high IQ and getting degrees etc have nothing to do with one another. Here we have those who have good IQ's but lack intelligence. So in a nutshell they are all pre-kindergarten kids playing but capable of a lot of damage to those who watch them unless those observing make their own choices in life and separate from really screwed up people such as these.

  10. Nauseating. Who on earth can support or fund Hillel on campus when they have someone who supports the destruction of Israel mentoring Jewish students? Are American Jews that stupid to not realize that, just like the assimilated German Jews who thought they were safe because they were not like the "bad" Jews Hitler talked about and landed up just as dead, they are identified as Jews and will suffer the consequences of aiding in destroying Jews, because they, themselves, will be destroyed. How the American Jewish leadership has been utterly useless, hiding in their million-dollar houses while the Jewish community is under extreme threat, and has been allowed to get away with inaction, tells me how in twenty to thirty years, there will be no American Jewish community left. The decent ones will have made Aliyah or moved to another country, and the rest will have joined the Christian community or more likely, the Muslim one. Sheer self-hatred.

  11. It is very interesting that as I troll through many different comment pages, I notice that all the typical zombie haters have Anglo-Saxon names. There are no Italian names, nor Spanish or Chinese, just Anglo-Saxon. Well, Disraeli stood up in the British Parliament after some racist comments were uttered and did mention that you Anglos were still living in caves trying to figure out how to make fire and dancing naked to the gods, while his ancestors had prayed in a city with the Great Temple of Jerusalem. The description certainly fits even today when Anglo-Saxons feel the desperate need not to think but to follow the racist chanting of the sand people.

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