IDF cancelled jail time it ordered for three battalion commanders in the Hetz unit – one of them an officer – who participated in the “David Hanachlawi” Internet protest, according to a report in Nana10.

Many, many thousands of IDF soldiers have participated in the protest, and over 115,000 Israelis have Liked the Facebook page.


The cancellation came just one day after the decision was made to arrest them.

The army is beginning to realize that it is pointless to fight this massive grassroots protest, and they hope it will die down on its own.

A protest in support of “David HaNachlawi” and against abandoning soldiers in the field, is planned for today (Friday) at 12 PM in Tel Aviv.


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  1. The IDF must no longer tolerate Palestinian Arrogance such as we have recently witnessed. Unfortunately This Violent Arrogance is not only a Palestinian Trait, it is also applied to ALL BIASED ISRAEL TROLLS,, Be they Politicians, Reporters, or just plain Ignorant Anti Israel protestors.
    They are aware of the fact that IDF soldiers have been warned not to “React” to Provocation,, this makes them bolder to defying the IDF in their Faces. Such Humiliation Must stop. And those trying to Humiliate the soldiers should be Arrested and Punished for their arrogant “Psycological Aggression” they so so Enjoy.
    There is absolutly No reason why the Soldiers have to endure this Violence.

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