Photo Credit: IDF
Combat soldiers from the Golani Brigade's Egoz unit. (Archive photo)

The IDF conducted a surprise training exercise on the Golan Heights Sunday morning, including a call up of reserve units.

Despite being previously unannounced, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said the exercise had been planned and was part of the scheduled training calendar for 2018. According to the spokesperson, the object of the exercise is to maintain the preparedness of the forces stationed in the area.


The maneuvers followed a large scale exercise by the air force last Thursday to simulate a scenario in which Israel finds itself engaging adversaries on multiple fronts. Hundreds of IAF planes and helicopters rehearsed the bombing of hundreds of targets in the Gaza Strip in short periods of time, both during the day and at night, as well as providing assistance to ground forces.

“Over the past 24 hours, our squadron exercised an attack on targets in the Gaza Strip, as part of an air force drill simulating the break out of widespread fighting,” said IAF Squadron Commander Maj. G. “We assisted ground forces as they maneuvered in combat. The planes are carrying precision bombs, making it possible to attack a large number of targets in a short amount of time,” he added.

Another squadron commander, Lt. Col. R. added, “our squadron returned from a sortie over Gaza today. We met all our objectives, in full coordination with the Southern Command and with the IAF’s coordination and command bodies. We successfully met all these challenges and we are ready for any operation we may be required to carry out.”