IDF soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian Authority Arab overnight Tuesday during a riot in the village of Burkin, near Jenin.

The 21-year-old rioter, Muhammad Ahmad Alawneh was picking up a rock to attack the soldiers when he was shot.


Alawneh was taken to the hospital in Jenin with a chest wound and later died of his injuries, Ynet reported.

Security sources said the riot broke out as IDF forces were arresting a wanted PA Arab fugitive in Burkin.

The soldiers arrested 22-year-old Muhammad Ali Atiq in Burkin. They also detained 22-year-old Yasser Ghaleb Abu Ja’afar in a separate operation in Jenin.



  1. THE REPORTER ERRED IN REFRRING TO THE TERRORIST AS A VICTIM. IT is those he aimed to maime as the victims.
    The shooting was not enough since to rid this cancer, bulldoze his home and send his family back to Arabia or to hell where they came from!

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