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DEAD Terrorist and his knife.

Knife-wielding Palestinian Authority terrorists wounded a woman at Gush Etzion and tried to stab and kill a soldier in Hebron Wednesday afternoon. The woman, around 30 years old, suffered moderate wounds in the attack outside the Roza Restaurant, located several hundred yards from the Gush Etzion junction and next to the Rami Levy supermarket. Several people nearby were treated for shock. The terrorist was arrested.

Less than an hour earlier, Israel forces in the Jewish neighborhood of Tel Rumeida in Hebron shot and killed a terrorist as he tried to stab soldiers.


This was the third straight day that terrorists tried to kill soldiers in the area between Hebron and Gush Etzion. In all cases, the terrorists were killed.

Yesterday, two knife-wielding Palestinian Authority Arabs stabbed a 19-year-old soldier guarding a hitchhiking station at Gush Etzion.

On Monday, a soldier was serious wounded with stab wounds in his neck before security forces shot and killed him in a village adjacent to Hebron.

A new pattern has emerged in stabbings, with attackers trying to kill soldiers even though it is clear they have no chance of escaping and not much more of a chance of escaping alive. In one incident, an Arab teenager who was selling chocolate-covered marshmallows to drivers lined up at a Jordan Valley checkpoint, suddenly stopped hawking the snack, pulled out a knife and started making a 200-foot run at guards. He immediately was shot and killed.


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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. May the Almighty take out anyone who claims the Holy Land without proper birthright…..which solely belongs to Israel.Palestine doesn’t exist…. get educated and get a map. This is the 21st century, not 700 ad. You guys are humping to many camels and goats.

  2. In all fairness, the land of Syria-Palaestinia was created / named such by Hadrian in / around 135 CE. So, technically, Palestine has existed for 1880 years or so, but its history is not rooted in Islam. Do remember, please, that Islam was not invented until after 610 CE by a lunatic called Muhammad and fanatic followers of his, based on “visions he believed to be from G-d.” The land in question, before and through various invasions and until the Roman occupation, was known as the Kingdom of Israel (and had been so for nearly 1,000 years before). Also important to note is that the term Philistine is one used in the Hebrew Bible (which was recorded and published 1700 years or more before the invention of Islam and creation of the Qur’an) to simply / generally refer to all non-Israelite residents of the Holy Land. Palaestinia / Palestine was a term used by the Romans to refer to the Southwestern coastal area of the Levant. The term has been appropriated for other use in more recent years. Not until very recently did any variation of the term ever refer to a Holy Land of any location or value.
    How soon and conveniently do people forget. Whatever serves whose agenda, right?

  3. Have been saying this for over 25 years -The west needs to learn about Islam -Islam says " do not discuss Islam with Infidels " – that's why the west (besides Obama). dont know any thing about the teachings of Islam –ie. Taqqiah or Hudna and the introduction of " halal" in any western country is the beginning of " take over" or Islamization Realistically learn about Islam and it's intent.. Politicians only attend. Islamic function to get votes-while through these "vote getting politicians" gives freedom to the mosques to practice the Islamic agenda to. Their ultimate goal
    Beware learn about. Islam – its followers are very fanatical
    Remember there is no passive Islamist – Islam of itself is radical
    Learn and study Islam and its true characteristics and purpose in the West
    Beware study Islam not from Islamic authors but from those who have come out of islam

  4. Islamic disinformation, deception and intentional lies are permitted and in fact promoted under the Muslim Qur’an and Sharia law.
    Therefore, we should be suspect of any and all information coming out of any Arab-Muslim sources. All statements by Arab-Muslims must be held suspect until thoroughly verified.
    Deception, fraud and gross exaggeration are a way of life for the Muslims. Promises are not kept. Terror and violence is a fundamental premise. Their leaders subjugate the masses by inciting them against non-Muslims, and even against their own Muslim people.
    In the past 1500 years the Muslims have eliminated over a half a billion people and the death toll is increasing daily. Muslim promoting, financing and supporting terrorism is endangering the safety and security of the entire world. Muslims at large bring instability and insecurity to the non-Muslim people in the world. Over 90% of world conflicts today involve Muslims.
    The Muslims promote death and destruction and destroy any remnants of previous history which factually disproves their false teachings, and which contradicts their beliefs and agenda.
    When will the world-at-large wake-up and realize that all non-Muslims are in danger of losing life and liberty if we do not take immediate, proactive action to stem, and eliminate the growing terror and violence?
    A unified world with allied forces implementing full intelligence gathering and sharing, and security cooperation must be set-up to confront and end the unbridled Muslim terror and violent, genocidal Muslim activities.
    If the silent Muslim majority does not act to curb the extreme, radical Muslim agenda, they must be considered as complicit in all of the extreme Muslim activities; and thus, be held accountable. Fundamental “Common Law” dictates such “complicity” as guilt.
    The Media, which is always looking for sensationalism is only adding fuel to the fire, and is in fact accelerating the increase of terror and violence. Any media found guilty of such incitement should be held accountable.
    Muslim extremism has constantly made known its’ intent to kill, and subjugate all “non-believers”. World domination is the goal of Muslim extremism. As such, it is time for the world to unite, and finally put an end to this insidious nemesis once and for all. To do otherwise is to simply kneel and wait for the Muslim sword to fall and to behead us all.
    YJ Draiman

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