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Soldier shoots terrorist in Hebron - March 24, 2016

An IDF soldier from the Kfir Brigade was jailed today after he killed one of the two terrorists in Hebron that wounded an IDF soldier on Thursday morning.

The wounded terrorist, wearing a jacket, despite the warm weather, was lying on the ground, as soldiers and medics were busy dealing with the wounded soldier and terror scene.


As the ambulance began to leave, one soldier then shoots and kills the terrorist.

The soldier was thrown in jail, and his actions were criticized by Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ya’alon and others in the Knesset – saying the soldiers actions didn’t represent the ethos of the IDF.

Only MK’s Oren Hazan (Likud), Betzalel Smotrich (Bayit Yehudi) and Avigdor Liberman (Yisrael Beytenu) defended the IDF soldier.

Peace Now’s Yariv Oppenheimer went as far as to criticize the MDA medical personnel who did not endanger their lives to physically examine and treat the terrorist.

Family members of the soldier said he feared the terrorist was wearing a suicide belt under his jacket.

There is an ongoing debate in Israel as to whether or not terrorists should be killed at the scene of their terror attack, or if wounded, be allowed to live, to eventually be released from jail.

What do you think?


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  1. I think the soldier did the right thing from his point of view. He thought the terrorist was still a threat. What's up with our system. You are placing our own soldier in prison for doing his job. Our system is to defend us and to stop terrorism. When I go to fill up gas in my car, I have to turn my head to see if this arab lady behind me is planning on attacking me. or when I am shopping in Zara, I feel as if one of the arabs is going to stab someone. Or walking in Rami Levi where this store is infested with arabs, the feeling is like wow, is something bad going to happen now?
    Come on guys. Our leaders are sureley protected from the ugly truth of terrorism. They are sorounded with guards. They don't know how it is to be a simple citizen whom is watching is back all the time. Now you are puting in prison a soldier who tried to do his job. Stop defending the lefties media. who cares about them. They don't care about our country. They want to ruin our country.

  2. In tears on Purim to hear of this. Yidden, wake up! A terrorist is always a threat, that's why they're terrorists! To jail a brave soldier, who made an executive decision that safety was jeopardized, is abominable. He deserves more than a medal. He deseves to be treated with respect for saving Jews. And Jewish Lives Matter. Read the Megillah in the Knesset!

  3. it's slightly sickening when our brave fearful leader, Bobo
    jumps the gun and attacks our own people before any investigation is done. so many times, when our enemies
    make claims through their 'angle', many in israeli positions of authority buy into our enemies claims and only later through thorough objective investigation, we find out that we did no wrong.

    our dumb leaders are so caught up with public opinion,
    they let their hangup get in the way of common sense and defending those who defend us!!

  4. This soldier was a heroi! " I prefer to receive criticism than condolences " . He did what must have done. Not send them to receive medical treatment and after go out side and make a new terrorist atack. He are in peace with 72 virgens. But the self esteem of the soldiers are down. he did the right thing. One less to hurt us on the streets. SOLDIER YOU ARE MY HERO!

  5. Madness!!! And people wonder why the Arabs
    are murdering us! Insanity, drunk empty suits
    A real incentive for our army! Shame shame in
    these enablers they are responsible for every
    Jew who is murdered! Publish the names of
    every evil person who put this hero in jail. Jail?
    Wtf is wrong w this Goverment !

  6. If there was concern that the terrorist was wearing a suicide belt why were soldiers, first aiders and civilians permitted to mill around in close proximity to him? If you think someone's got a bomb on them the first thing you do is put distance between you and him and isolate him so he can't harm anyone. On the face of it this looks like a pretty clear cut case of murder.

  7. A terrorist never stops being a threat. If he is jailed, his comrades take hostages or kill others to get him released. When in jail, they have attacked guards. If he is released for whatever reason, he continues killing. It can only be stopped by stopping him permenantly, preferably on the spot.

  8. Rivky Rokeach What's 'brave' about shooting an injured, defenceless man in the head? My love for Israel and the Jewish People doesn't mean I've lost the capacity to reason. Sometimes Jews behave badly/incorrectly/mistakenly. On the face of it, that's what happened here. It is to the IDF's credit that it has launched an investigation and placed the soldier in question in custody.

  9. I do not think the soldier is a hero however he did what was/is
    right. The other is going to sit in jail for a few years(and no virgins to keep him company) and soon will be released or another prisonner exchange and then he WILL come back.
    Bullets do not cost much. How much does it cost to train a soldier? lot more than a bullet

  10. I actually know someone from Oppenheimer's group who thinks that the death of a terrorist is worse and more tragic than that of his victim, because the terrorist is, in his opinion, a "good person who is only fighting for his home and his freedom."

  11. Shimon Chaim Ben Michael On the face of it the soldier is innocent until proven guilty. His defence is he saw the guy move and suspected he may be wearing a suicide vest due to his heavy clothing. In the current climate its a very brave IDF soldier who takes action he or she considers necessary to prevent further threat to human life. It's also pretty plausible to consider a palestinian terrorist who has already attacked Israelis could be wearing a suicide vest.

  12. Dead terroist=no trial, no incarceration, no prisoner exchange and no recidivism. A bullet costs 25 cents. The aforementioned cost tens of thousands.
    If the terrorist was wearing a jacket in warm weat her, how is the soldier to know if he does not have a bomb strapped to his chest? Better to go to jail, than being blown to pieces.

  13. In principle sounds wrong but, common sense tell us, why spend ten of thausands of Dollars saving a TERRORIST when the Gov, deny many benefits to Israeli Jews? Why take that risk and let that terrorist come back and murder Israelis again?
    Proven fact, terrorists Obama released from Guantanamo are now Killing people in Yemen and Syria, it more sounds like Israel is run by American LIB/RINO politicians. ( like an American DoJ Fiasco, where the murderer has much more rights and protection than, the victims )

  14. Have you noticed that everytime Israel gets favorable PR, it condems itself, its soldiers, destroys its shuls and communities?How can "Moral Correctness" be authenticated when a soldier who saves another soldier is prosecuted. Why is anyone siding with an attempted murderer? First our soldiers. When our soldiers and country are not first, the UN and others do Jew bashing following the lead of the Israelis who bash themselves. As I ride the tunnel road to Efrat, I remember when there were only four illegal houses. Now it looks lkie there are thousands. As there is illegitimate Arab building on JNF land, terrorists throwing rocks behind Kever Rachel, from the Tzvi Hirsh Kalisher property bought with the pennies of Jews who may have died in the Holocaust, respecting illegalities shames Israel.. If this Jewish property was not behind the wall, there would be fewer HAMAS there.
    Can you imagine protecting squatters and bulldozing down synagogues and communities on Jewish owned land. Being on the defensive to protect the criminal and being wrong handed to the patriotic Jew doesn't show self respect. Someone is paying for the Jew bashers. A proud Jew believes in justice, not self condemnation to placate the unjust giving credence to anti-Israel opinions. Shame on the self denegrating. Praise to the IDF who defend Israel and their fellow soldiers. They are our sons who are the most honorable and self sacrificing. They gave their lives in Gaza; If the war were finsihed Jews wouldn't be rushing to bomb shelters still. If Israel wasn't giving the terrorsits cement there would be no tunnels. Bless the IDF. A Terrorist who goes to kill knows he is risking his life. A soldier who confronts a terrrorjst must have the full support of those he protects. Stop criminalizing our finest.How many policemen were murdered in America because other lives matter. Innocent lives matter. Release this soldier and stop shaming those who fight against pan-jihad. Stop making Israel a laughing stock to get mocked more.
    Like · Reply · 1 · 6 hrs

  15. You are a blind lowest scum of the breed and probably a TERORIST and are you so angry at capable Israeli soldiers who do such a grat job.They are on the scene and are well trained and one of the best army in the world.Eliminating TERRORIST have my full support.This is a MITZVAH.AM YISRAEL CHAI.

  16. What is very sad and depressing is that people even have this discussion. I am sick and tired of the sheer lunacy of the Jewish Left.
    It is right to kill any terrorist. If it were me, not only would I kill the terrorists but I would drive the ambulance over him. Or throw gasoline and put him on fire!
    What's wrong with you people, coming to the defense of a TERRORIST?!

    There is nothing wrong in murdering a murderer!
    "injured, Defenseless".. he is a terrorist. He is an enemy! You kill your enemy.

    I'm surprise that only 1 shot was heard. I would expect that someone would empty the entire clip of bullets in anger.

    Also, as other have pointed out, if he's imprisoned, sooner or later he will be released for an exchange of prisoners (or dead Israeli bodies, or as a gesture of good will or other non-sense.)
    Killing him is the right thing to do. Morally. Yes, MORALLY! You kill insects, cockroaches and terrorists.

    "My love for Israel and the Jewish People doesn't mean I've lost the capacity to reason."
    Yes you lost your reason! Or never had a brain to use reason!
    Injured or not, wearing a suicide belt or not; you kill any terrorist! Period.

    You must have your head examined if you think otherwise.
    May a Terrorist wipe out your entire family! Amen!

    Muslims fanatics say "we love death as much as you love life!"
    They love to die (Martyrs, the 67 virgins, etc. … it 67? I don't care to double-check).
    So the IDF soldiers did him a favor! He got what he wanted!

    The solution is very simple.
    Why was he only injured? If he's injured it means the IDF shot him once and then waited to see the result. He fell, injured, and they stop shooting. So the solution is: Don't shoot only once (Bang!) Shoot 3-4 times (Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang!) It takes only ½ seconds more. With four bullets he dies. One bullet injured someone but 4 bullets kills. So don't shoot once and wait. Shoot numerous time and the terrorist is dead! And we won't have this ridiculous discussion.

    Also to avoid jail (Only in Israel can such insanity happen) let all IDF soldier shoot at him. If they are 6 IDF let all 6 shoot at him (once or several time., it doesn't matter). What will the government do? Jail all 6 IDF? And next time (there will be a next time unfortunately) if there's 10 IDF let all 10 kill him. What will the government do? Jail all 10 IDF? And the next time… So what will the government do? Jail ⅓, ½ or 75% of IDF soldiers? Jail ALL the IDF soldiers? Let the government talk like insane people, the IDF will do what they must do. There should be a revolt. "We don't follow your stupid orders! We don't tell you how to behave in politics and you don't tell us how to behave in the army. Anyone can kill a terrorist, a soldier, a police officer or just a citizen. Anyone!

    The terrorist is not a human being! Why do you think he's a human being? Because he walks on two legs and can talk? A parrot do the same!
    They are animals and it's OK to kill animals (God knows I kill dogs if they make my life miserable with their stupid barking). Dogs, cockroaches, terrorist, what's the difference? Answer: none!

    Shame on Bibi to support jailing this soldier! It's time for Bibi to resign and let a NORMAL person like Avigdor Lieberman lead the nation!


  17. This is not good, but the soldier was only doing his job, with all the stress and I believe him for what he says. If it was so that the terrorist was a suïcide bommer, it would be to late now. Let the innocent soldier free in GODS name please.

  18. The soldier had to make an INSTANT decision. It is wicked, but worse than that, to imprison the soldier. The soldiers and police will Lehityaesh – become totally discouraged, and paralyzed, and AFRAID TO ACT DECISIVELY IN THE FUTURE. Yes, this is being done to be politically correct towards the West and Obama. It it injustice to this soldier who did what is right. It will also crippl future elimination of terrorists and endanger more Israeli lives.

  19. It is amazing and shameful that such question discussed by Jews. It does not exist for enemy – terrorists are ready to die just for chance to kill Jews. So let him die. If terrorist will be saved and will be healed by Jews – he still will want to die and kill more Jews. Those who kind to Arab terrorists – do not care about life of innocent Jews. This is upside – down moral. Let's Left "humanists" arm terrorists and expose themselves to them. Let see how such experiment will end.

  20. I think it is wrong to jail this soldier. In fact we have here a
    psychological dilemma.Every human has survival instincts in Hebrew: יצרים deep in the ancient part of his DNA.Society says:'control your instincts and do not kill. Tsahal says: 'Here is your gun, shoot to defend your fellow soldiers and to defend the state of Israel.

  21. One of my men was killed under very similar circumstances when a seemingly dead enemy pulled out a weapon from under his body and fired. Since the Palestinian was wearing a heavy jacket the IDF command was negligent in letting him be so near other potential Israeli casualties. SINCE HE WAS ALIVE AND COULD HAVE BEEN WEARING A SUICIDE VEST THE SOLDIER'S ACTIONS ARE DEFENSIBLE AND his arrest is a calculated blow to IDF morale.

  22. No, it is not a clear case of murder. The photograph is telling the story. He is alive, he is wearing a heavy jacket which usually means a suicide vest is underneath and he is in the proximity of Jewish personnel. He is a clear threat. It is command competence to permit your personnel to be that close to a possibly active threat. I would have disciplined the commander on the scene for negligence.

  23. In the armed forces, you are taught a shooting procedure for close quarter battle which is called “double tap”. This means that that you fire 02 rounds at the body to maike sure the assailant goes down. One round may not be enough. An attacker, fired up with adrenaline may continue his attack even after being hit once. Hence 02 shots (double tap). If, after going down, the enemy makes another move, you fire a head shot to finish him off.
    As for the specifics of this case, it is difficult to judge when one was not actually there on the scene. On the other hand, it is very easy to judge (and condemn) military personel for those not facing any danger, sitting in a confortable room in front of a PC screen.

  24. Any terrorist attempts must be treated as mass murder and destruction attempt and it must be justly answered by multiple bullets firing only, hence Israel must value every life and property of Israel and hence release the IDF Soldier. The moral never works with wild donkey type foolish terrorists and their aims

  25. Another example of liberal insanity. The soldier was quite right in fearing the terrorist might have been wearing an explosive belt since he was wearing a jacket in warm weather. But to the deranged liberals the soldier should have waited until the terrorist detonated the bomb.

  26. Davies Llelly Lesley Like I said above, if that was a genuine concern in this instance then why was everyone allowed to mill about him casually for so long? As a matter of course such concerns should be investigated as soon as possible and you don't let people wander about a terrorist in the meantime.

  27. This is an outrage. To punish a soldier for doing his job to the best of his ability. A law should be enacted in Jerusalem whereas if a terrorist try to stab, kill or maim an Israeli citizen , the terrorsit should be executed on the spot, and he or she is wounded they should be eliminated. No reason for a trial and incarceration. It would only cost the Israelis money and worse, he/she would be freed eventually to commit another crime. That soldier should be free to continue his duty as a member of Tsahal without prejudice. Imagine what would have happened if it was the other way around. That Israeli soldier at the hands of Arabs would be butcherd without mercy.

  28. In the Times of Israel, this individual (Vikas Bansal) wrote about what happened to the Israeli soldier, a real hero to me:

    "Murder. Execution. Zionist monsters." Vikas Bansal

    This was my answer in The Times of Israel also:

    "Murder? Execution?…you better think twice before you pass judgement on this soldier you moron …

    What kind of moral authority do you claim to have, when in the name of your well known phedofile muhammad, a sick bastard who loved to “marry” and little girls, (and maybe goats too) and a follower of an evil book known as quran, that only preaches intolerance and the killing of “infidels?….why haven’t you condemned what your fellow sick scum muslim brothers have done all over the middle east and the rest of the world, like for example the senseless killings in France and in Brussels? Or the coward killing of the Fogel Family? You better think twice before you pass judgement you moron, try to think with the head that you have on your shoulders, not the one that you have between your legs (if any…)



    Attached, one of the thousands of coward attacks on innocent people (The Fogel Family)

  29. Imagine you are an 18-19 years old boy, you get day after day images and news of Jews killed by Muslim terrorists, you suffer an attack and, in the precise moment you have to decide weather to shoot or not, meaning you may be killed if you take the wrong decision, you are allegedly supposed to choose to take the risk!!!!!! It is crazy! If I was a Jewish mother sending my son to the army, I would tell him "In case of risk, if you doubt, shoot, because you can get out from a jail, but not from a coffin"

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