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"Drudge Report" headline last May on ISIS threat to kill Geller.

A tweet from a man in Britain believed to be a senior member of the Islamic State (ISIS) posted the home address of anti-radical Islam activist Pamela Geller, who is Jewish. The Jewish is not re-posting the information even though we have no ISIS readers, as far as we know.

She was targeted for beheading in a plot that was smashed two weeks ago when Boston policemen arrested two men who had planned to decapitate her but then decided to make policemen their first victims because they were “easier targets.”


The Twitter account “#GoForth,” from which the tweet was sent and which now has been suspended revealed Geller’s address and apartment number in New York City.

Geller rose to be U.S. Public Enemy No. 1 for the ISIS after she staged a contest in Texas in May for drawings of the Prophet Mohammed.

She may soon have company in the form of New Hampshire resident and ex-marine Jerry DeLemus, who plans another “draw Mohammed” event in August.

He said last week:

I’m not worried about taking a risk. It’s more important to defend our way of life in this country, our constitutional rights, for everybody.

DeLemus told Maine’s WMTW:

I guarantee if there weren’t Muslims actually in this country actively trying to kill people for drawing pictures of Mohammad, I’d never have an art contest to draw Muhammad.

I’m not forcing anyone to come. That’s Sharia law. I’m sure they’ll know with the news media coverage there’s a risk involved.

He declared that he won’t allow offensive drawing and added:

It’s a political statement that we’re America, we’re free. And we can do things that offend one another.

As a Christian, they do all kinds of ugly things about my faith. But I’ve never wanted to kill someone about it. So I’m hoping it comes out peaceful. But I just want the dialog to be had.

Plenty of security will be on hand, and Geller now walks around with personal bodyguards because of death threats.

One of the suspects in the plot to behead Geller was killed when he pulled out an 8-inch military knife as he approached policemen who were preparing to arrest him for questioning.

Two others were charged on Friday for the plot. David Wright was arrested shortly after his co-conspirator Usaamah Rahim was killed, and the third suspect is Nicholas Rovinski, who was arrested on Thursday. He also goes under the name Amriki aka Nuh al Andalusi.

“Beginning at a date unknown but no later than May 2015, Wright, Rovinski and Rahim conspired to commit attacks and kill persons inside the United States, which they believed would support ISIL’s objectives,” according to a Dept. of Justice statement.

Rovinski and Wright face a maximum prison sentence of 15 years for conspiring to support the Islamic State.


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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. So coward, jihadis considers you enemy number one, this is approval of jihadis yours fight is real fight against sadistic-jihadis, shame on you Obama, you’re not threat to sadistic-jihadis Pamela is, they have posted her home address on twitter not yours.once there was great country called America?
    It was defending freespeech , were is it now? Obama has sold it to sadistic-jihadis.
    Obama you have bought shame on founders of A great country called America.
    “God save America, not from sadistic-jihadis, but Obama”

  2. Today is Pamela Geller tomorrow another Jew. Or another Christian. Murder goal difference Islam justifies the death. None of Ha examined what weapons are inserted into mosques. I understand that Obama does not want to, but no one checks the goods they bring. Wake FBI, CIA, you will not believe where they stash weapons.

  3. Well Pamela Geller is an American on American soil. Americans have the right to bear arms and defend their lives. So, considering this threat, I hope her security team is armed with and trained to use automatic weapons, including machine guns. Should she have to do this? Does she have to? Yes, in this political atmosphere. Do whatever it takes to remain safe Pamela G.

  4. In the meantime, those "supreme" people have not done one thing to contribute to the world, oh, except for broadcasting misinformation, hatred, pedophilia, rape, pillaging, land theft and murder. In any case, Islam is not a race. It is an ideology, and there is nothing wrong with discussing or ridiculing an ideology, especially a very evil one at that.

  5. In the meantime, those "supreme" people of Islam have not done one thing to contribute to the world, oh, except for broadcasting misinformation, hatred, pedophilia, rape, pillaging, destruction, land theft and murder. In any case, Islam is not a race. It is an ideology, and, no matter what they or anyone else says, there is nothing wrong with discussing or ridiculing an ideology, especially such a very evil one. Just because it masquerades as a religion, it does not make it one. It is a cult created by a mad man in order to set up theocracy by terror and by force.

  6. 1,400 years’ war
    “the 1,400 years’ War”, the First World War – Islamic extermination war against non-Muslims, in order to Islamize the all world.
    The real First World War, 1,400-year-old – continues.
    Throughout history of about 1,400 years Islamic culture has conducted a global cultural war which continues unabated since the year 610 or so to this day.
    A war which was declared and started by the founder of Islam, war against the world of non-Muslims, jihad, holy war against the infidels, which is Performed by jihadists, according to the Islamic ideology. This war will come to its end, and peace will prevail in the world, only when, Islam will dominate worldwide through Sharia law, until then Muslim warriors will be conducted a global war and it will not end before.
    All the wars that we experience includes the conquests of the Islam in the Middle East (forced Islamization through Sharia law and the sword, the Islamization of the Middle East the Christian, Jewish and the all other non-Muslims), in Africa and Europe, and the counter reaction of the Christians, who only asks to defend the holy places, by Crusades, including all the wars which took place between the Western world to the Islamic world, including the war of the ISIS which performs the ‘final solution’ of the Ethnic cleansing of all non-Muslims from the Middle East region, including all the wars of the Jewish state of Israel. All of these wars and more wars those that were not mentioned, all those wars these are a big battles and the a small battles in a big war who belong to “the 1,400 years’ War”, the first world war – Islamic extermination war against non-Muslims, Which are carried out under the shadow of the during World War, war which was declared by the founder of Islam, a war between those who believe in him against those who do not believe in him. According to the Islam, the world divided into two parts, those who believe in Islam and those who unbelievers. According to the Islamic ideology this global war will come to end, and peace will reach into the world just after that Islam will dominate all over the world. Until that time the Muslims are commanded to fight against the nonbelievers by all means (the means include, among other things: deception, terrorism, war of armies, a political war, a culture war by applying laws by means of which are taking over the non-Muslim population groups, Sharia law, war on women and more) without any limit, in one way or another.
    Islamic wars against Israel are actually small battles, in historical terms, in “the 1,400 years’ War”, the First World War, the Islamic war against non-Muslims, which was imposed by the founder Islam on his own believers, to do it continuously until the victory is achieved. Until that Islam will dominate in the world and just then will be peace in the world. Anyone who does not supports in Israel and those who supports its enemies ( in a militarily, politically and moral support), each one of these is essentially a soldier in the armies of Islam which is in a world war, “the 1,400 years’ War”, the First World War – Islamic extermination war against non-Muslims, in order to Islamize the all world.

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