Photo Credit: Free Kurdistan /
Kurdish Female YPG Fighters

Instability for Iraq might mean more violence and conflict, but some Kurds see it as a sign that Baghdad is crumbling, and that might create opportunities for the Kurds. Some point to the corruption and waste of the Iraqi government. Hemin Hawrami told the Guardian, “Our friends in the West should get used to the idea that Iraq as a federal entity is finished. The new Kurdistan would be bigger than the old one, having gained 40,000 square kilometers. It would include Kirkuk, with its oil wells, and disputed territories occupied by Kurdish troops. This area is de facto ours. Geographically and historically it’s ours. It is going to be de jure as well.”



  1. I hope Israel will help the Kurdswho are fighting for their much as possible. It make sick that the Jewish Organization buy the name of HIAS that is using Jewish donations to resettle Iritrinians to settle in the USA in Idaho for a better life instead of helping the Kurds, the Yazidis and the Christians who are being slaughtered.

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