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Inside an Israeli prison.

The Israel Prison Service is conducting new prisoners’ rehabilitation programs aimed at teaching prisoners life skills, providing them with positive experiences to build confidence and knowledge that can help them with coping with life after prison.

The country’s national correction authority is the only organization that handles detainees and prisoners in Israel.


One of the goals of the IPS is to prepare the inmates for reintegration into society after being released.

Both research and experience show that different programs work for different people, so the IPS says various rehabilitation programs offered in order to ensure that any prisoner who wants to be treated will be given a chance to find his or her match.

The newest programs being offered at present are:

“Shalhevet” (ember) – Drug-addicted prisoners learn to tell and write their life story including what led them to start using drugs and what drugs have brought into their lives. During the process they give lectures in high schools and share their regrets and lessons learned in order to educate teenagers on the dangers of drugs and addictions.

Community Theater – ongoing community theater groups. Prisoners who join the group learn acting and expression. Every few months, group members write their own play based on their lives and backgrounds and experience performing on stage in front of a live audience.

“Alei Negev” – Prisoners giving back to the community and volunteering every other week outside prison in a home for disabled people. The “Tzur” unit – supervising sex offenders in the community by ensuring that they honor their release terms and assisting them in order to prevent recidivism.

Home for elderly dogs – IPS security dogs that need to be retired are moved into a special care facility where IPS staff members treat them and meet their needs. While at the home they are engaged in different rehabilitation programs for prisoners (involving training and caring the dogs).

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