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Sweden's new Prime Minister Stefan Löfven

Israel has ordered its ambassador to Sweden to return home and has “invited” the Swedish envoy to Israel for a “talk” following Stockholm’s decision Thursday to recognize the Palestinian Authority as a country.

Lieberman stated flat out that Sweden’s new prime minister, Stefan Löfven, “acted before he had time even to study the issue in depth.”


He said Swedish Ambassador, Carl Magnus Nesser, “will be invited for a talk at the foreign ministry in Jerusalem,” but there was no indication when that will happen.

Lieberman lectured Löfven from a distance and said the prime minister “must understand that relations in the Middle East are more complicated than the self-assembly furniture from IKEA and must be dealt with in a responsible and sensitive matter.

“The only way to reach an agreement is honest an negotiation between Israel and the Palestinians and not steps that only reinforce the unreal demands of the Palestinians and move an arrangement further away.”

Löfven took the helm of the country after last month’s general election.

Sweden was the first western European country to recognize the Palestinian Authority, following a similar move by Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, Poland and Romania. Iceland, which is not in the European Union, also has recognized the Palestinian Authority as have more than 110 other countries.

The United States said that Sweden’s recognition was “premature.”

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström , showing how far Stockholm is detached from reality, insisted that the recognition might “facilitate a peace agreement by making the parties less unequal, supporting the moderate Palestinian forces and contributing to hope at a time when tensions are increasing and no peace talks are taking place.”

Diplomacy is being played out on the stage by pro-Palestinian Authority countries, but they have not noticed that there is no one in the audience. Sweden figures that if enough countries join the cast, Israel will be forced to take a seat and agree to meet all of Mahmoud Abbas’ demands.

Sweden also has not noticed that Abbas is not interested in taking a seat anywhere except behind the intifada.




  1. What country? Palestinians are squatters, have no claim to Gaza or any land belonging to Israel. Israel should take back Their land & kick their nomad a** out. Even Jordan doesn’t want them back. They can go to Sweden & let’s see how long they last terrorizing Swedes.

  2. No words can express how delusional the West has become to recognize a bunch of Holocaust denying, human rights violating terrorists as deserving a country when they have stolen billions of dollars of aid provided by the citizens of these very countries. Apparently neither logic, morals nor intelligence have any place in the world today.

  3. What makes Israel think recalling every ambassador from nations that don’t agree with it’s policy towards Palentinian states hood is going to change opinions around the world. Israel needs to recognized coexistence is the only viable solution. While Israel’s security worries are legitimate, it’s approach towards alleviating the problem only exaserpate the threat; therefore, Israel needs to craft a policy that is visionary.

  4. How about all the anti semites stop lying about whose land it is. It's particularly ironic considering that the people who actually committed the worst genocide known to man and stole land from neighboring countries turn around to blame the victims of said genocide for the crimes that they themselves have committed just recently. Europe has clearly shown itself to be anti semitic to the core by committing atrocities against Jews and telling us to go home for millennia. Now that many Jews have done just that Europeans claim that Israel is not our home. Which is it? I guess Europeans will take whatever side is necessary to kill Jews. The notion that Europe is somehow impartial shows an astounding arrogance!

  5. No, I've seen Jews in Iran. The subject isn't about Saudi Arabia now is it, so why would I mention it? Stay on the subject rather than deflecting the reality of the situation. Israel is a racist apartheid state.

  6. Alex Storino , first of all, the majority of Jews in Israel never ever even got close to Europe — they are refugees from the Arab countries who fled in 1949. Second, that you've seen Jews in Iran doesn't mean anything — they are a tiny remnant of what used to be a flourishing community in place since the Babylonian exile spoken of in the Tanach (Nevi'im). Third, Iran isn't even Arab. Have you ever heard an Arab, and particularly a so-called Palestinian, agree that their country would be open to anyone but Muslims? They're busy killing Christians, and they would LIKE to kill Jews, and ergo, the apartheid and racism that exist are practiced by Arabs, not Jews, whose country, Israel, has citizens of all religions, although I'm supposing Hindus and Buddhists are few and far between. But if one of those married a Jew, they COULD live in Israel; they're not de facto excluded from Israel.

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