Photo Credit: Hamas / Muhammad Alostaz
Ismail Haniyeh

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh told reporters Wednesday that for now, “The resistance has said its piece, and Israel has understood the message.” Haniyeh currently leads the political bureau of Gaza’s ruling terrorist organization.

“I congratulate all the parties who helped end the Zionist arrogance,” he said.


“I call on all the Palestinian people, inside, outside and in the West Bank, to go out on Land Day and participate in the million man marches,” he declared.

Land Day, which falls on March 30, commemorates the decision by Israel to declare tracts of land within its territory as state land – a decision that outraged the Palestinian Authority and some Israeli Arabs as well.

Politicians in the Palestinian Authority seized the opportunity to expand and enhance Arab rage against Israel from within as well as without.

The day of the decision has since been marked as “Land Day” and encouraging activities in Israeli Arab towns from the north to the Negev, in addition to those in the PA and by Arabs around the world, and is used as a political wedge to build hate against the State of Israel.