Photo Credit: Kobi Richter/TPS

The Border Police’s elite undercover operatives, supported by the IDF and police, tracked down and arrested a wanted terrorist in the Palestinian Authority (PA) city of Tulkarem, in the Shomron (Samaria).

Riots ensued during the operation, during which Arabs attacked the Israeli forces with rocks and firebombs who responded with live ammunition and means to disperse demonstrations.


The operation ended without any Israeli casualties, and the wanted terrorist, in his 50s, was taken for questioning by security officials.

The WAFA agency identified the wanted man as Adnan Khader Al-Husari, 56, the Hamas commander in the city.

“The Border Police, together with the other security organizations, will continue to work to prevent terrorism and arrest detainees who are engaged in planning and carrying out actions aimed at harming civilians and members of the security forces,” it stated.


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