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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu used the visit of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Sunday to promote new markets in the Far East to reduce dependence on what he called the “wave of Islamization, anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism” sweeping Europe.

Decades of European condemnation of Israel, from allowing Jews to live in Judea and Samaria to Europe’s parallel financial prop for a failed Palestinian Authority, reached the boiling point with the announcement by the International Criminal Court that will begin to examine if there are grounds to investigate Israel for war crimes in the counter-terror war against Hamas last summer.


Netanyahu said that the visit of Abe and a huge delegation of 200 officials and businessmen from Japan will boost Israel’s economy while the Europe is being overrun by a wave of hate.

Netanyahu added:

 These waves are washing over it and we would like to ensure that the State of Israel will have varied markets around the world. We would also like to decrease cartelization.

He noted “that the Japanese economy is the third largest in the world and there is a common desire, which found expression in my visit to Japan several months ago, to tighten relations, increase trade and increase investments between Israel and Japan. This fits in with my clear vision to vary our markets. This found expression in my trip to China one and a half years ago and in my meeting at the recent UN General Assembly with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as well as in the current visit. This is part of Israel’s opening to eastern markets.”

Israel Is not boycotting Europe or ignoring its marketers but is “also advancing the development of Israel in other areas.” In his welcome to Prime Minister Abe later in the day, Netanyahu said, “The future belongs to those who innovate. Japan is a country of innovation; Israel is a country of innovation. Together we can do a lot more and gain a lot more….

I believe that Israel, in turn, must diversify its markets to include Japan and the other great economies of Asia.”

Cyber security is one of the biggest strengths in the Israeli hi-tech industry and is sought by countries all over the world.

Israel has opened a trade office in Osaka in addition to operations in Tokyo.

Abe said, “Bilateral ties between Japan and Israel are now deepening in every field….It is said that hundreds of world leading global firms featuring cutting edge technologies now have their R&D bases in Israel…. We are now positioning ourselves in the major trend of marking a turning point in our economic relations.”





  1. The sooner Jews eradicate their emotional attachment to their European tormentors, the sooner it will die, and the sooner Israel will free itself of the malicious leech of that Jew-hating, blood-soaked continent.

  2. Boker Tov! David Pinchas, your hatred caused me sadness. Because hatred is a bad counselor! Hatred was the reason for the recent attack in Paris !!! Your enemies are not the Europeans! Your enemies live in your area, they were already living there forever. And these enemies use European democracy as the democracy of Israel to push us all a stamp on. Wake up and do not insult the wrong people, you insult friends of Israel. The fact that many Jews have an emotional attachment to Europe, is simply a fact that you can not ignore. No matter what reason you had to leave his home, the emotions remain for a lifetime. And when you speak of blood-soaked continent, we are all equal! Region it is! In addition, Japan too!

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  4. Europe and all those Countries, who think that the BDS is doing a “Good” job in promoting Israeli Boycotts, could not be further from the truth.,, Israel has given to Our society more Science and Technology and PROTECTION,than just about any other country on this planet. So if These countries are willing to listen to A “Palestinian”Antisemitic founded SECT, called the BDS, that is their problem,
    Israel will continue to work for Peace, and good relations with the countries that will not fall into this Antisemitic Conspiracy that the BDS are trying to build.,,,,
    There is a JUSTICE on this Planet and it will be served.
    And although not every country that Israel is doing business with is Perfect,,,At least Bigotry,and Hypocrisy is not part of the deal.

  5. Very good move. As Europe is absorbed in playing faulty moral games while it watches itself burn to the ground….israel stands strong and shows that it’s intellectual capital is king and she doesn’t need any validation from Europe.

  6. Judah Glogauer
    Judah Glogau, I also have in my private area not claim that all are my friends, I have a friendly interaction, Tributes, tolerance and acceptance important. And just so I'm going with everyone around, no matter where he comes from. And you do not see the Europeans as friends, the Europeans among themselves are also not all, and always! But the eternal hatred and enmity sicken and kill all the positive feelings. I learn Hebrew for some time because I want to do in Israel vacation times, but every time I wanted to go, was war. That makes me sad. I wish you all peace at last, and please do not ever all be lumped together. I think every single friend of Israel you should give a chance to be a friend. Shalom!

  7. Toby StuppToby Stupp
    Thank you for your kind reply. Israel's friends are friends that sometimes recall the friends on the floor of the facts, as do real friends too! True friends fight sometimes, and then to make amends. You're right, addiction is not a good way. You wonder why I'm here? I read the Jewish press? I was appalled at the beginning how much negative thought is to read here. Well, it was not known to me. I wonder if I should ever travel to Israel, it will make me very stressed out? Where I really like to once again would like to visit the Holy Land! If I'm not welcome, because I am a European and German, I'd rather it. But, I'll give up hope! Shalom!

  8. Monika-Josefine Thömmes – it is good of you to speak up, but, in truth, greater Europe doesn't look and sound too pleasant at the moment. Possibly the media – as usual – has a good deal to do with it … however – as they say – 'where there's smoke, there's a fire somewhere'.
    Personally, I am very saddened by this development – but if I were Jewish, I'd be very wary.

  9. This union will be a class act, both countries have substantial histories and both show a strength that is to be reckoned with, yes there were the attrocities of WW11 and all the abominations that went with such a vicious regime but as long as we can all remember the sickness, we can temper the new idealism of the future. Good luck to both countries.

  10. Monika-Josefine Thömmes It seems to me that you are a genuinely caring person. The events taking place in the Israel are predicted long ago by the ancient prophets. People have many opinions related to these events along with hatred. Wisdom comes from God alone and it is not acquired apart from His word, the Bible. For more insight on this subject read "The Everlasting Hatred The Roots Of Jihad" by Hal Lindsey. God bless you and your family and friends 🙂

  11. Bravo Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, you obviously realize the blessings that come from the God of Israel when you bless His people & the Most High God Almighty, the God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob will richly bless you & your country when you bless the people & the country of Israel.

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