Photo Credit: Moshe Shimon via "Uncensored"
A Jewish man rammed a terrorist in action in the Shomron - Nov 22, 2015

Former head of the Samaria regional council, Gershon Mesika purposely rammed his car into an Arab woman at the Hativa square in the Shomron, near the IDF Shomron Brigade headquarters, just after 9 AM on Sunday.

The Arab woman had pulled out a knife and was chasing after a Jewish girl to stab her.


The quick thinking driver rammed his car into the terrorist, damaging his car in the process.

A civilian (possibly Gershon Mesika) and nearby IDF soldiers then opened fire on the terrorist.

No civilians were injured in the attack, though Mesika was lightly bruised from the crash.

Initial reports say the terrorist is either dead or seriously wounded.

The terrorist and her knife – Nov. 22, 2015


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