Photo Credit: Moshe Shimon via "Uncensored"
A Jewish man rammed a terrorist in action in the Shomron - Nov 22, 2015

Former head of the Samaria regional council, Gershon Mesika purposely rammed his car into an Arab woman at the Hativa square in the Shomron, near the IDF Shomron Brigade headquarters, just after 9 AM on Sunday.

The Arab woman had pulled out a knife and was chasing after a Jewish girl to stab her.


The quick thinking driver rammed his car into the terrorist, damaging his car in the process.

A civilian (possibly Gershon Mesika) and nearby IDF soldiers then opened fire on the terrorist.

No civilians were injured in the attack, though Mesika was lightly bruised from the crash.

Initial reports say the terrorist is either dead or seriously wounded.

The terrorist and her knife – Nov. 22, 2015


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  1. I wish that would happen, Fizza Batool. But in the meantime, extremists on social media are inciting Palestinian youth and others to randomly kill ordinary Israeli civilians on the streets with knives. Sometimes guns are used to and cars to ram into people at a bus stop, after which the driver got out and started attacking the injured with a hatchet. The Palestinian Authority is complicite in this incitement. Please talk to them !!

  2. What happened is a tragedy. For the girl who is traumatized by the persecution; for mr mesika who was forced to hurt someone; and for the palestinian woman who could have done so much with her life and instead was wasted because others callously brainwashed her with lies in order to get their political agenda.

  3. Mr. Mesika should be awarded a hero's medal. Nevertheless, I'd like to see widespread use of neck-guards (as in hockey) and stab-proof vests, by Israelis. It wouldn't address dealing with the problem of these murderers (terrorist sounds too glamorous for these murdering cowards), but protective gear might save some israeli lives. Pepper spray, and even tasers should be more readily available, as well as guns. A terrorist's family house should be demolished, as it presently often is. But further, the Israeli government should cancel the terrorist's family citizenship and/or residency, and the entire family should be deported. To leave them in Israel or in Judea and Samaria is to invite further attacks from the same family which has been enabling and inciting terror.

  4. That "Palestinian" woman had the same free will that the Almighty gives to all of His children. She made a bad choice and paid for it. Don't pity her. But it is unfortunate that Mr. Mesika and the girl whose life he saved had to have such terrible experiences.

  5. Poor Islamofascist supremacist terrorist. Ahhhh. It's a shame there are over a billion more that support & or act like her out of strong conviction that this is EXACTLY what Mohammed did, whom they are taught over 90 times in the Koran to emulate. For so many reasons, Islam calls for & applauds this. So, please, go read a koran, learn about, & extract yourself from misplaced compassion. Those kind to the cruel are cruel to the kind.

  6. Sylvain Assouline No the Nazis didn't. They murdered 11 million non-combatants and,killed I don't know how many enemy soldiers, but nowhere near 59 million. I doubt that it was even a tenth of that. I haven't a clue where you came up with that figure.
    Adherents to have murdered around 300 million, but that isn't the point.
    The point is that the Nazis got some of their anti-Jewism from Islamofascism & what it had done to Jews & Chrisians over the centuries, i.e., Dhimmitude, severe persecution, which they called tolerance & decency.
    Comparisons to the Nazis are academic, while Islam is at eternal war, an open-ended war to make the world one Islamic nation via Jihad, as per Chapter 9 of the Koran, the Verses of the Sword, which supersede all previous temperate verses regarding non-Muslims.

  7. I am happy that he was able to do this and save a Jewish girl or any girl!!!
    I think that knife should be placed on a platter and saved with the other weapons that they used, and use. Perhaps to prove to people that even women can not be trusted.
    It is a very sad world that we have to bring our children up in today. I pray that it will soon get better.

  8. It is sad that anyone should have to die. But, if someone is to die let it be those who seek to kill the innocent and may the life of the innocent continue to prevail by the protection of Hashem. Thanks be to Hashem the innocent is able to go home to their loved ones. Praise Hashem.

  9. Markus Brajtman The world doesn't complain when otherr ountries do all kinds of things, which if Israel does them, the world complains. The present bombing of ISIL targets is killing thousands of innocent civilians. Hence the big migration of Syrian refugees. But nobody criticizes the US, Britain, France, Russia or others with reckless collateral damage. Conversely, Israel goes out of its way to avoid harming Palestinian civilians, even to the point of putting IDF troops in harms way as boots on the ground among booby traps, and the world accuses Israel of crimes against humanity, war crimes against civilians etc. it's a giant antisemitic DOUBLE STANDARD against Israel.

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