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A Jewish bride visits the Western Wall next to the Temple Mount before her wedding. (archive)

Just after 11 am this morning (Thursday, July 30) Israel Police arrested a Jewish bride who ascended to the Temple Mount for a contemplative moment prior to her nuptials scheduled for later in the day.

The reason for the arrest is not yet clear.


Police on the Mount are known to arrest Jews for “infractions” as specious as moving one’s lips, and whispering words which might appear to be prayers — or even might actually be prayers — even though the Supreme Court legally upheld the right for visitors to the site to pray.

Only Muslims have actually been allowed by security forces at the Temple Mount to pray, however, regardless of what the law says.

Authority over the Temple Mount, although technically overseen by Israel, is actually controlled by the Kingdom of Jordan via the Islamic Waqf Authority.

Rehavia Piltz, attorney for the bride, is allegedly on the way to the police precinct to request an expedited release so the bride will make it to her chuppah on time, according to

The police have continued to routinely violate an Israeli law guaranteeing “freedom of worship” which is declared in the Declaration of Independence and among the nation’s set of Basic Laws.

Israel’s Supreme Court recently upheld the right of Jewish visitors to pray on the site, considered the holiest of all in Judaism. It is the third most holy in Islam.

Jerusalem Magistrate Court Judge Malka Aviv ruled in the first week of March of this year that the Israel Police ban on prayer at the site has been implemented “without appropriate consideration, was arbitrary and only out of concern for the consequences of the broadcast.” In addition, she wrote, “Police must make sure that Jews are allowed to pray on the Temple Mount.”

The decision was handed down in the case of Temple Mount activist Rabbi Yehuda Glick, founder and director of the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation. Glick was the target of an assassination attempt that nearly succeeded last October; he was shot by a radical Islamic terrorist four times at point-blank range after speaking at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center. He was shot for his continued activities in bringing the Temple Mount into the forefront of Israeli politics.

The rabbi challenged a two-year ban by Israel Police that barred him from entering the Temple Mount after he had been spotted on a Channel 10 broadcast praying on the site. He was represented by attorney Aviad Visoly.

Glick was awarded half a million shekels in compensation for losses to his livelihood – he leads tours on the Mount – and another NIS 150,000 in damages, to be paid by police.


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. WHO DOES THIS AND THINKS IT IS RIGHT AND PROFFESSIONAL? No-one!No proffesional law enforcement or peace officer does this- it is SICK! IT IS EVIL! It is an offense to GOD! No policeman or soldier offends God, only mercenaries and thugs! The accursed! So stop them already! Cast them down and stop this crime! Hire real policeman — TRUSTED AND TRUE men and women who believe in peace and RULE OF LAW!

  2. How shameful is our example of proper social relationships?!
    We Jews need to rise to a new level of thinking and feeling towards each other and that can be done through the sort of social change found in unity. We shouldn’t want to unify selfishly meaning, just for our own satisfaction or benefit. For example, ridiculously unifying for the sake of preventing another wedding day mishap, without doing it to be a template of integral unity, will damn us into failure. Without a good enough reason to rise above self-interest we will succumb again to our egos, worsening our troubles. If on the other hand, we are consciously trying to unite because, it was the task we were given by G-d when we first became a nation, to be a light for the rest of the nations by sharing the knowledge of unity found in Abraham’s wisdom of connection, we’ll again become holy and have every reason to succeed.
    I feel that, deep down, all human beings sense the practicality and thus the need for realizing the verse, “to love thy neighbor as thyself” and that the unity it provides is the key to happiness, prosperity and security in life. But, as Jews, only we were given the Torah and the responsibility to teach it’s sublime message in order to bond society into a workable and happy unit. We must prove this to ourselves again by carrying it out among us, with His help. Then, this G-d given method of peace will be seen by all and understood as true and viable. If not, the world will continue to accuse us as the cause of their pain and suffering through their anti semitic behavior and rightly so.
    As Jews, we were meant to be role models with a worthy and sacred purpose, one that requires our solidarity and unity with G-d. By remembering this, we will be able to rise to a higher level of social development, where we won’t be selfishly working for ourselves but for the health and security of the world. Then, in the connection, He will allow all humanity to be transformed, to be holy, as He is holy and then, there will no longer be such a trifling thing as praying in the wrong venue.

  3. There are no extant remains of the temple on the Temple Mount, just paving laid down by Moslems.

    Hashem is omnipotent and His presence simultaneously universal. Therefore where we pray to him is irrelevant to the prayer itself.

    The belief that when we pray at the Western Wall of the Temple the Goy King Herod built has any special significance to Hashem is akin to idolatory.

    A heap of stones is a heap of stones and at best serves as archeological proof that our ancestors were once there. Tefila has replaced Temple sacrifices and ritual and it will not be restored until the coming of Moschiach according to the teachings of latter day Rabbis and if you want to believe it which requires a real act of faith.

  4. I will not apologize for what I am about to say. The only persons who have a right to pray on the Temple Mount are those who believe in the true G-d Hashem/Elohim etc etc. Christians also have the right to pray on the Temple Mount since the Christian faith is an offshoot of the Judaic faith. Islam is neither Judaic or Christian influenced (but plagiarized) – or any other peaceful religion. In the Christian Bible the book of Revelations and the Hebrew prophecies – Islam is the religion of the beast, the one who fell from heaven, the beast Dagon (dragon/serpent/lizard). The mark on the forehead is acquired from endless prostrations toward Mecca from early age, paying homage to an idol (silver vulva surrounding the black meteorite stone housed in a cube, draped by a black Burqa inscribed with gold and brass symbols) five times a day! The mosque of Omar currently referred to as the Al Aqsa is hardly ancient, prior to this stood a Byzantian Orthodox Church. Before Byzantium the place of the first and second Temples.

  5. I like that TV series "EXTANT" with Halle Berry.

    The Temple Mount is the location chosen by H'Shem as the point of unification of 'heaven and earth'. The Sage teach that from that specific location he gather earth to create Adam.

    The same location where Avraham nearly sacrificed Yitzchak… and on and on we go.

    We do not pray to the Western Wall, but to the Creator from that most Holy locale.

    Support a Western Wall praying Jew/Jewess and it will be like you are there in person.

    Moshiach will come when Jews love Jews, Torah and the Temple Mount unconditionally.

  6. ridiculous, sinful, absolutely an blatant and horrible..I just cannot see how this injustice is being carried out against the people of Israel, and the Christians who wish to go to the most holy place in the WORLD, given by God…and promised for thousands of years..unbelievable!

  7. Jews should stop condoning the murder of and oppressing other religious groups if they want God to help them and to stand up for them, that's what I think. The attrocities committed in the past, and continue to be continued to this day against groups who never hurt you, that blood is on your hands. I wish peace for Israel, but I also wish Israel would stand up for peace of other nations as well.

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