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Ayelet Shaked, Chair of the Jewish Home Knesset faction is accusing Secretary of State Kerry in a letter of foolishly putting Israel in an impossible situation.

The Jewish Press has obtained the following letter, sent to Secretary of State John Kerry by Ayelet Shaked, Chair of the Jewish Home Knesset faction:

To: United States Secretary of State John Kerry

Dear Sir,

In light of the current situation that you have brought about, I feel that I simply cannot be bound by the restraints of “politically correct” wording, and I therefore will allow myself to convey my following message to you in the most straightforward fashion:

Mr. Secretary of State – by forcing Israel to capitulate to terrorism by releasing murdering terrorists with so much blood on their hands that the United States would never dream of releasing them if it was their own citizens whom they murdered – you are not only being extremely hypocritical, but are actually dabbling in experimentation and gambling, by putting me and my children’s lives at risk.

Your forcing us to release these terrorists with actual blood on their hands is made all the more absurd, cynical and vicious by the fact that your country refuses until this day to release Jonathan Pollard from jail, despite the unprecedented term he has served thus far.

Mr. Secretary: the price of releasing over a hundred convicted murders will be borne by my family & my people, not by you.

How will you carry the burden of the terrible price towards which you are leading us?

You have forced us into peace talks during a period of time that the entire Middle-East is in chaos, without realizing that by doing so, you have foolishly put us in an impossible situation, in which we cannot and will not make any concessions. By your own hand you have raised expectations to a dangerous level – one that might cause the whole region to spin out of control once those expectations are proven unrealistic, like so many times before.

The past four years in Israel have been as quiet and peaceful as ever. Therefore, I suggest to you that you perform your job in a much more effective and relevant fashion by focusing your attention on Syria and Egypt, where people are actually getting slaughtered.


Ayelet Shaked, Member of Knesset
Chair, HaBayit HaYehudi Knesset Faction


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  1. This woman deserves a medal. So wonderfully polite and yet so direct. More importantly, the absolute truth. Unfortunately, Kerry and his ilk will shrug this off if they even bother to read it. For most of these people, the truth is not what they want to hear. They have written their own truth and will ignore reality. I know this though, Godd will call each and everyone to account one day. I also know this. People like Kerry, Obama, Abbas and co will also ignore this age old warning, until it is to late for them to change. It is written that this will happen.

  2. correct. John Kerry is pushing my country and the whole region to chaos.
    The coward administration of Obama cant solve the REAL problems of the middle east, so he comes and bullies the only truly US friendly contry in the Middle east.

  3. So articulate and to the point. Kol hakavod Ayelet! I sent a similar letter to John Kerry last month and received confirmation that he had received it. If only our words could burst the bubble of illusion that so many are stuck in!

  4. Please don't judge all Americans by the unmitigated stupidity and arrogance demonstrated by the Obama administration. We're not all idiots, believe me… Israel has been a tried and true friend to the United States, and I, for one, am eternally grateful. Thank you — and again, please don't judge all of us by the actions of a few.

  5. So articulate and to the point. Kol hakavod Ayelet! I sent a similar letter to John Kerry last month and received confirmation that he had received it. If only our words could burst the bubble of illusion that so many are stuck in!

  6. I noticed that Pollard was not released. Are the Jews in Israel and the United States this insane to release murderers with real blood on their hands as a gesture to the Palestinians to get them to talk peace? Why is Israel bribing the Palestinians? Why can't the Palestinians come as equal partners to the peace table? Bibi Netanyahu should have told Obama and Kerry F..K you. Israel is its own Nation not a satellite of the USA. That's if Netanyahu and the rest of Israel had some real balls, which obviously they do not have.

  7. people who wants killers out of jail and makes them there celebrity do not want peace. they are makeing an isalamic radical state that honor death.
    give me one arab kindergarten wich the kids in sing a song for peace?
    in Israel they all do. and that's the all story.

  8. An excellent letter to a 'man' held in disdain by everyone who actually knows anything about this coward, liar and dishonorable individual who is a willing and compliant agent of US duplicity and ignorance of the facts, the Obama administration. With such leadership in Washington Israel has never been in greater danger.

  9. Very true. I do not agree with about Pollard. If any person living in Israel was found guilty of stealing secrets, I would say let them rot in jail. Anat Kam should spend the rest of her life in jail, as one example.

  10. This Game has been played for the last 65 years, and will go on until, we Jews wake up and see that we have no one to trust but G-d. I just wonder how long that will take, and how many more Jews will have to die for Peace.

  11. מר מזכירת המדינה – על ידי לאלץ את ישראל להיכנע לטרור על ידי שחרור מחבלי רוצחים עם כל כך הרבה דם על הידיים, כי ארצות הברית מעולם לא הייתי חולמת משחרר אותם אם זה היה האזרחים שלהם שהם רצחו – אתה להיות לא רק מאוד צביעות, אבל בעצם מתעסק בניסויים והימורים, על ידי הצבת אותי ואת הילדים שלי בסיכון

  12. the terrorists will never be satisfied, they will always want more and more from you no matter what you give them…the only thing this regime knows how to do is bow to terrorists…why are the terrorists never asked to compromise of give up something, it is always Israel.

  13. I think she got it all wrong. She is part of the government that is doing this. If she does not like it then quit the government. Why is she addressing John Kerry, talk to Bibi , lady. She is implying that we are not grown ups that are being shoved into irresponsible danger against our will. Sorry, this is willingly, people voted you IN last time we had elections. If people did not want garbage like the present government there were alternatives but the people chose YOU Mrs Shaked and got what they wanted. Please stop crying. You don't like it. Sit with the opposition.

  14. Dear Israel, I have found that it makes no difference if we wright our elected officials and make sound reasonable arguments against the policies they have chosen. Once they have taken a course, no amount of logical reasoning can change that course. I have prayed many times that our leaders would follow God's will and offer only peace for peace, but they won't. Instead they continue to demand that Israel give up the land of God. Wars and rumors of wars are raging all over the world today just as the Bible stated that they would in the end times. Now we have trouble in Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, N. Korea, Libya, and on and on the list goes! Iran continues unwavering on it’s march in the development of nuclear weapons and Assad the dictator of Syria is still in power. Current intelligence seems uncertain of when Iran will get the bomb and Israel cannot afford to gamble with this. Assad of Syria has allegedly used Chemical and Bio weapons against his own people and has threatened to use them against other nations in the past. If this situation does not drastically change soon for the better, I believe the war in Isaiah Chapter 17 will likely take place. Damascus Syria would be destroyed. The worlds economy would likely collapse as a result and could usher in a one world government movement. I wrote a small 6 page book that outlines what I believe the Bible states will take place soon as well as the potential trends I see at this time. I don’t accept donations and it’s free. It’s a short read. I encourage you to have a look:

  15. Yes, Ms Shaked:  The last 3 years have been peaceful for Israel but at the cost of oppressing the Palestinians under your rule.  You may find this satisfactory.  But the US will not stand for this continued oppression.  So make up your mind to make peace, or you will surely suffer the consequences down the road.

  16. Netanyahu should have told Kerry and Obama ok you think they are safe to release we will be more than happy to release them inside the belt way in Washington D C and you can live with them.

  17. Declaring that Israel is the best friend of the present U.S.
    administration and at the same time turning the pressure on Israel at full
    power with threats of isolating Israel is the typical double crossing. Dealing
    with enemies could be easier than with such friends.We are on a dangerous path that may lead us to surrender. Israel
    should not pay the cost of Obama’s failing foreign policy We have to stand strong
    and send Kerry and Obama a resounding NO. To achieve any meaningful results,
    sending hundreds of thousands of signatures in support of Ayelet’s letter will
    get the attention of media around the world.

  18. Declaring that Israel is the best friend of the present U.S. administration and at the same time turning the pressure on Israel at full power with threats of isolating Israel is the typical double crossing. Dealing with enemies could be easier than with such friends. We are on a dangerous path that may lead us to surrender. Israel should not pay the cost of Obama’s failing foreign policy We have to stand strong and send Kerry and Obama a resounding NO. To achieve any meaningful results, sending hundreds of thousands of signatures in support of Ayelet’s letter will get the attention of media around the world.

  19. Dito! When our wonderful Presidanta releases Pollard to you then he can judge.
    When he gives back to mexico California or Texas then he could maybe convince you that you need to give something that is yours to someone else. But I don't for- see any of that happening. There won't be peace in Jerusalem until G-d comes back. At that time every knee shall bow down and worship HIM. Him who has the "Rights" to sit "in" the throne. To His Name be honor and Glory. My Lord Jesus Amen.

  20. It's about time somebody other than Moshe Feiglin started saying what needs to be said. Kol Hakavod MK Shaked. Now if you and three other MKs would have joined Moshe Feiglin in stating that you would vote against the budget if these 104 prisoners are released, Bibi would never have put releasing terrorists on the table. No budget means new elections and that is the last thing Bibi wants right now. It is time to put actions with your words and put Bibi in his proper place.

  21. Ayelet Shaked is truly courageous (far more than her male colleagues!), not afraid to call it as it is.

    As for Kerry and the current American administration, it is obvious they sold their souls for a few silver talents (barrels of oil, that is). It's incredible how their greed, has succeeded over every shred of human decency (if ever they possessed any!). To those of their ilk, truth must be ignored, it's too inconvenient otherwise.

    The love of human rights they claim to have stops at the Middle East. But… they will all account for it, just like every single of us whether mighty or lowly will have to account.

  22. האמריקאים נשארו אותו דבר ,לא מבינים כלום מה זה ערבים ומכתיבים דברים לאחרים שהם בעצמם לא היו עושים. מתנהגים בטפשוט ונאיביות פושעת.ראה פרס,שהם העלו את הנציאים החדשים לשלטון ,חאמס ,בחוסר מחשבה והבנת עולם הערבי נתנו והכתיבו "דמקורציה לערבים " זה כמו לתת לקופים מחשב ביד לחישובים ( מאמין שהקופים כן היו מצליחים ). לשחרר רוצחים עם דם על היד? ומה עם פולרד? אל דאגה ,זה יחזור אליהם כבומרנג בפרצופם! רק עינין של זמן.שנהיה בריאים.

  23. the world needs to reaffirm hat money talks. Hypocrisy prevails. the US says one thing and does another. Let us fACE IT. Obama is pro islam . He will sell down freedom in one hearth beat. Israel must not trust anyone. and I mean ANYONE. there must be an Israel, because, for sure .there will be more hitlers . Yes, I agree, our secretary of state is a hypocryte , and the arabs want “peace{” on their own terms only. They wanty everything and eventually convert the entire world to Islam. ISRAEL WILL FIGHT THAT.iF ONLKY iSRAEL HAS EXISTED WHEN hITOLER TOOK OVER.L gERMANY WOULD HAVE BEENH PULVERIZED/

  24. BS"D Emes, Truth and Reality… So many cloud what is the or are the real issues in the World to try to be a Hero in another place that has issues as big as crumbs while others are destroying the fields of grain that feed the world.. Ill May Hashem(G-D) have mercy! May Israel have eternal / Internal peace infinite!

  25. Are really surprised?!!!!! It is time for Am Yirael to wake up and recognize that the only one we can and should trust is the ONE ABOVE…Who do you think is orchestrating everything that happens in the world? And for what reason? To show us the true way.

  26. As an Arab Israeli I agree with every word that Mrs.Shaked have saied. the real peace is the peace in which both Arabs and Jews and especially Arabs will raise their children to values like love of mankind and love of life, not hatred. in the moment this happens, the real peace will come.but to release people who has murdered other innocent people, no matter if they are Arabs or Jews, is really insane.
    most of my friends are Jews, by the I'm a Muslim, and I think that most of Jews are great people, I think all Arabs need to know this.

  27. On the face of it, I agree with what she said. But she obscures a deeper problem within the Israeli leadership.

    Israeli leaders have got to be able to make their case to the U.S. leadership, and the world, in such a way as to prevent this type of situation from occurring in the first place. Israel is a sovereign state. She is the 26th largest economy in the world, and has the 6th most powerful military in the world (and I'm not talking about man-for-man, unit-for-unit terms, I mean in absolute terms). She is integrated into the world economy today like never before. Countries as diverse as China, South Korea, Singapore, Mexico, Romania, and Italy have and continue to benefit from trade with Israel as well as her cutting edge technology. And that list would also include the U.S., for whom Israeli intel is a vital part of the national security apparatus.

    With all of that in mind, Israeli leaders are derelict in their duty by permitting U.S. leaders to "force" Israel into anything against her interests, as this prisoner release and these pointless "peace talks" clearly are. Israeli leaders need to have the confidence and courage to say "NO!" to such demands. We need to stop with these plaintive "…the big bad U.S. made us do it" kind of excuses.

    It is not hard to imagine what kind of "threats" Obama/Kerry made to Israel.

    Maybe Obama/Kerry said they won't help deal with a nuclear Iran, and perhaps even hinted that if Israel tries to do so on her own, then the U.S.- effectively acting as Iran's early warning system – will tip off Iran and deprive Israel of tactical surprise. The response to this should be that Israeli leaders should tell Obama/Kerry that Israel will then attack with such force – with WMDs of her own, if need be – so that this would make no difference. And post-strike, Israel will make it clear that U.S. duplicity left her with no choice but to take that route.

    Maybe Obama/Kerry threatened to back up the PA's bid for statehood that was submitted in September of 2011, and still not voted on to this day (gee…wonder why?). And Israeli leaders should respond to this by stating flatly that in response to this blatantly illegal action – that would violate both UNSCR 242 and Oslo – Israel will crush the PA/PLO outright, no matter the consequences at the UN. Sure, there would be sanctions, and maybe even Israel would be expelled for a time from the UN…but Obama won't be around forever, and many countries would still trade with Israel anyway.

    In short, Israeli PM Netanyahu needs to stand up to Obama. There is no substitute for this. If he can't find in himself the courage to do so, then he needs to be replaced with an Israeli leader who will.

  28. My question is how can Israel have any serious "talks" with an adversary that has refused to accept it's existence as a Jewish state, when all its neighbors are Muslim states where most non-Muslims have been driven out, and are REQUIRED by their founding charters to wipe Israel off the map and kill Jews.

    What is Israel's compromise position supposed to be in any such talks – does agreeing to let HALF of Israel being wiped off the map in perhaps TWICE the time sound like a reasonable compromise?

  29. I have only one small point of difference with Ayelet Shaked: in point of fact some of these terrorists DID murder Americans, and Kerry and Obama insisted that they be released.

  30. Very well said and I am sure it is the opinion of many. Israel must watch out for herself and stop bending to world pressures. No one else cares about Israel besides Am Yisroel.

  31. יישר כוח איילת. כבר ראינו את העזרה האמריקאית במלחמת יום כיפור. רק אחרי 8 ימים. 2500 הרוגים איבוד חצי סיני ורמת הגולן ואחרי בכי ותחנונים של גולדה מאיר,הואילו בטובם נאמריקאים לשלוח לנו נשק ורק אז החלה התפנית במלחמה. בקיצור אמריקה- משענת קנה רצוץ. אל לנו לבטוח בהם אלא רק על עצמנו.

  32. Moishi Cohen Good thing I kept on scrolling. I didn't think of finding you here. Wish we could have her running next term instead of Hillary Clinton. That's for sure. Hey, I just made two peach pies, welcome to come over and eat anytime. 🙂

  33. bernadot Tovia Singer used to say that he likes Hizb’ullah, Fatah and Hamas better than the guys in their suits and ties. At least they make no qualm about what they are up to while the others use language disguising their real intentions.

  34. It's the government's fault. Not Kerry's. This bull government is trying to have it both ways. They tell everyone they want a peace agreement, but when the negotiations begin and the hard choices come, they start whining.

    If you don't want Kerry or Obama to bother you, just say: "We don't want peace. Leave us alone."

    But that might cause the Americans to cut foreign aid to Israel, and Bibi doesn't want that. He wants the Americans to give him the money without strings attached.

    That's why he and his entire right wing lunatic government all suck.

  35. Israel brought this upon itself by banniong rabbi Meir Kahane. Rabbi Kahane warned 1,000 times that with an enemy nation in your midst there will never be peace.
    What fools crying to Kerry…
    What did they really expect when they banned normalcy and decided to keep murderers in Israel. When they have a law that forbids the death penalty even for terrorists.
    Why are there living terrorists in jail in the first place?!
    Real bravery would be for them to publicly admit that Rabbi kahane was right and to immediately remove the laws that forbid anyione from exposing the real threat which is the Arab enemy living in the midst of Israel.
    Our rabbis teach us that one should not have pity on fools – and these leaders are fools.

  36. I only hope he gets the message – big deals like Kerry are usually protected from letters and comments that criticize them. The same letter could be directed, perhaps even mote so, to Bibi whom I have supported for more than 15 years, and who should know better.

  37. There have been countless plans for division
    and resolution—the U.N. partition plan in 1947; the Oslo process in the
    mid-nineties; Ehud Barak’s offers to Yasser Arafat at Camp David and Taba, in
    2000 and 2001; Ariel Sharon’s unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, in 2005; Ehud
    Olmert’s offer to Mahmoud Abbas, in 2007—with what results? Wars, intifadas, terror,
    suicide bombings, rocket attacks, Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon,
    hostility in the U.N. and Europe, threats of boycotts and delegitimatization.
    Do you want to see missiles
    falling into Ben Gurion airport and the Hebrew University? No retreat to 1967!

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