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King Abdullah of Jordan with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas

Jordan is planning to present a timeline to the UN Security Council for the creation of a “Palestinian” state, according to Arab League General Secretary Nabil Al-Arabi, following an Arab League meeting held in Cairo.

Israel of course has quite a few options it can respond with.


Jordan is currently negotiating with Israel to double the water supply it receives from the Kinneret, Israel could put an end to those discussions.

But sometimes turnabout is fair play.

Israel could agree with the timeline, and say they are prepared to recognize that Jordan is Palestine on that date.


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  1. Those involved in the negations, Jordan and the Hamas-PLO government know full well that Israel is not moving anywhere. Years ago the late King of Jordan said that "Jordan is Palestine". Since this acknowledgement was made by the father of King Abdullah, it remains a key in establishing some type of "nationhood" for the Arabs living in Judea and Samaria. If Jordan accepts the consensus that the vast majority of citizens in his country are Palestinians then tranquility can move ahead. All that needs to be done is the transfer of all the Arabs in Judea and Samaria to Jordan-Palestine.

  2. there should be no negotiations between Jordan and Israel on the water supplies, as you say. Water is more important than oil and this negotiation weapon should be used as such. Jordan should take back its people and let them know what Israel puts up with, as if they didn't know and that is why they closed their doors to them…!

  3. we need to send a letter to prime minister of Israel and president of Israel DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH JORDAN ITS A BOOBY TRAP to evict jews from Israel that's what it is, they are trying to get jews out of Jerusalem and all of Israel and turn it into a Palestinian county NOOOO way time to tell Jordan off and tell Israel do not fall for this joke of thiers and their evil plan Jordan is really palestinine take all the Palestinians with king Abdullah back to Jordan with him bye bye Israel is jewish country period

  4. I still think we should do what it looked like Sharon was going to do. Unilaterally withdraw completely. Then recognize their state. Then deal with them as a State with them being made to conform to International law. Right now all they are is a non-state organization so no laws bind them. Give them a state then treat them as one. Sharon knew this.

  5. Have Jordan carve a new state… out of its own territory. Then repatriate all Gazans to the new state, and allow Israel to re-annex our former land and repatriate it with Jews and only Jews.

  6. Is that the same Jordan, that is a Monarchy and is full of full of Iraqi and Syrian refugees…..(refugees tend to be unemployed, yea?) ……the same Jordan that shares a border (one of several borders, really, yea?), that Jordan? …..Maybe to deflect this defiance from a border state, yea, Israel should speak of the Kurds being deserving of a state, yea?

  7. Is that the same Jordan, that is a Monarchy and is full of full of Iraqi and Syrian refugees…..(refugees tend to be unemployed, yea?) ……the same Jordan that shares a border (one of several borders, really, yea?), that Jordan? …..Maybe to deflect this defiance from a border state, yea, Israel should speak of the Kurds being deserving of a state, yea?

  8. I've said it once and I'll say it again…. Abdallah is simply a wolf in sheep's clothing. He is as evil and crooked as his father before him, Arafat, and Abbas. The only thing Abdallah has going for him is his western education and ability to sound "moderate" in the cesspool of the Arab states.

    Abdallah's modus operandi is to keep silent for long stretches only to come up with plots and plans to demonize Israel when the west is looking for a "moderate middle eastern voice" and when he needs to squelch domestic issues that threaten his throne.

  9. Don't EVER dare come onto this side and posit equality between Jewish and Muslim claims to the Temple Mount.

    The Muslims have no legitimacy, no matter what their 'claims.'

    Until 1920, the mosques on the Temple Mount were dust-gathering run-down ruins.

  10. In 622 AD, the Muslims murdered their way into possession of the Temple mount as well as wiping out all churches from Alexandria to Antioch. The Muslim's looked at the remainders of foundations of the two buildings of the Temple of Jupiter on the temple mount and wrongly assumed the hexagon shaped "forecourt" was the Jewish Temple. In fact the more holy building in the Temple of Jupiter was the rectangular shaped "temple" building. The hexagon shaped "forecourt" was of less importance. They really had no idea where the Temple once stood, but built the Dome first, on what appeared to be the Temple. The Dome of the Rock is unique in all the Islamic world and they have built nothing else like it architecturally. However, we see almost an exact replica in Baalbak, Lebanon. Obviously, the Muslims dug up the foundation stones of Hadrian's Temple of Jupiter and used it as their blueprint for the Dome of the Rock thinking it was the Jewish temple. This of course doesn't say much for the religion of Islam, that teaches that the Dome of the Rock was built on the exact location of the Jewish Temple. Remember that Muhammad initially instructed his followers to pray towards the Jerusalem temple until he realized that the Jews would not convert to Islam, then he changed and directed all prayers to Mecca. So the Jewish Temple was important at the earliest stages of Islam.

  11. You are right !!!

    This is so obvious that all the pressure should be on Jordan to have the fake PA returned to their origins.

    Not Israel !!!

    Where they are usurpers in the Jewish land !!!

    The truth is, that O Bummer is a closet Muslim who was educated as a Muslim during his formative years in Indonesia.

    His personal priority is to sacrifice Israel and the US to abrogate his Islamic Death Sentence for converting to another religion !!!

  12. Tony Trenton – Obama isn't a closet Muslim FFS! His mother's second husband was in Indonesia, and he did attend a local school between the ages of 7 and 10 years. But it was an Indonesian STATE school, not a Madrassa.

    Indonesia is Australia's closest neighbour and we tend to know more about them than Americans do…and frankly, in the 1960s, under the Suharto regime, Indonesia was a highly secularised state and Java most of all. It was LONG before the Muslim resurgence, which still is most powerful now in outlying provinces, NOT central Java.

    From the age of 10, and mostlyup until he was 7, Obama was in Hawaii,with his grandparents.

    So cut the out, will you? He was RAISED a Christian, he did not convert to it. And his mother got knocked up because she liked sex with coloured guys and a Kenyan got her preggers. He only married her to legitimise the child and get residency. He never even lived with her.

    Some evil Islamic conspiracy, huh?

    I am SO SICK of you idiotic and ignorant Americans piling YOUR prejudices about the idiots YOUR COUNTRY votes in as President, onto OUR causes!

    Your domestic failings have NOTHING to do with the Arab-Israel conflict, NOTHING to do with Jews, and Obama's paternity is NOT behind why the man is an incompetent, bigoted failure in foreign policy.

    In short, neither Judaism or Islam is to blame for you OR Obama.

    You are Americans, and it is you people (of whatever colour or creed) which have ed up the United States and interefered with the world.

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