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Radical Muslims in Jordan protest against the monarchy.

A Jordanian court on Monday heard prosecution witnesses in the trial of 12 Jordanians charged with joining or recruiting for the Islamic State (ISIS).

Intelligence witnesses said there is conclusive evidence that the defendants ” joined the terrorist organization known as the Islamic State” and “promoted their ideology in Jordan,” according to Jordanian media.


More than 100 others have been arrested for suspected ties with the ISIS, but there may be hundreds more who are undermining the kingdom that faces a constant threat of a revolution from radical Islamists and the majority Bedouin population that includes “refugees” under the eternal stewardship of UNRWA.

The Muslim Brotherhood also is a threat to Jordan, and the court on Monday denied for the sixth consecutive time a request bail for Mohammed Saeed Baker, one of the Brotherhoods’ leading members, who was arrested in September for incitement at a pro-Hamas rally.

He has been charged with “undermining the state” and he faces a sentence of up to 10 years in prison if found guilty.




  1. Jordan is where the majority of palestinians were sourced and that country knew the mentality of these people, that is why they didn't let them return after the 6-day War – So who is stuck with them? and, true to form they are still pursuing their antagonistic threats to Jews and Israelis but now, it seems they have turned their venom toward the Monarchy of Jordan – Well, the Jordanians did sit back and watch while Israel was bombarded for so long by their off-springs..

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