Photo Credit: Whale Oil blog
Non-anti-Semitic flag in Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand, home to fewer than 5,000 Jews, has become the latest target of non-anti-Semitic protests against Israel’s “genocide” in Gaza.

Hundreds of protesters crowded Auckland’s downtown business district for a “Free Palestine” march this week, according to a report by the Whale Oil blog.


Although the protest, sponsored by the socialist Mana Party, lacked the violence and looting of recent non-anti-Semitic protests in Paris, the march did feature standard pro-Palestinian fare, including an Israeli flag with a swastika instead of a Star of David, as well as speeches by non-anti-Semitic public figures who simply don’t seem to like Jews.

Choice quotes form the speeches include:

Every three days a Palestinian child is murdered by the Israeli regime. (John Minto, head of the Mana Party).

What we must celebrate the heroic resistance of the Palestinian people.(John Minto)

We must do more to make sure we are part of the international movement to bring down Israel and the global Zionist — [obscured by cheering] (Robert Reid, General Secretary, First Union)


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