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US Secretary of State Kerry and EU High Representative Mogherini met in Brussels on Dec. 3, 2014.

Of course it was just a slip. It had to be, right?

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and the new European Union’s High Representative Federica Mogherini spoke together to the international press following their “working lunch” in Brussels on Wednesday, Dec. 3.


First Mogherini mentioned some of the topics she and Kerry had just discussed, such as the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership, Russian activity in Ukraine, the situation in Syria and Iraq, and the fight against ISIS – she referred to it by the Arabic name, Daesh – and other “terrorists in the area.”

The new High Representative ticked off the “extremely worrying situation” in Libya, implementation of the Minsk Agreement and a “discussion on the Middle East peace process” – the latter being something “where we are looking forward to work together.”

Mogherini let everyone know that the Middle East peace work Kerry “has done in the last months needs to be resumed,” and that the EU knows how dedicated Kerry is to the peace process and stands ready to “support the continuation” of his efforts.

Then it was Kerry’s turn to speak.

The U.S. secretary of state pretty much repeated the list of topics Mogherini had just mentioned. But he strung together a very odd constellation of words to discuss the Mideast peace process.

He did this by starting with a brief feint towards humor or exasperation or something less than diplomatic:

We also talked about the Mideast peace process, which may at this particular moment be a misnomer but nevertheless something that we are deeply committed to, and we will work on it.

Then Kerry explained what he thought was absolutely essential if there is to be any solution achieved with respect to mideast peace.

Kerry ticked off the various stakeholders who need to be committed and who must lend their support to any Middle East peace solution. He said that the global community must support any solution. Kerry also said any solution needs the support of the Arab community, and he also made clear he intends to work with the EU, by consulting and working closely with Mogherini.

Here is what he said about the Middle East peace process:

The United States believes that any solution that is ultimately going to be achieved, if there can be one, is going to achieved on a multilateral basis; it needs the support of the EU, it needs the support of the Arab community, it needs the support of the global community in order to take effect. And we will continue to work, and I will continue to consult with and work closely with Federica with respect to that.

Apparently Kerry forgot that Israel’s support will be essential for any Middle East peace process. At least we hope he just forgot.



  1. T i am disappointed with the anti-semitism that is being shone by Mr Kerry,he is enchanted by terrorisim and seems to embrace murderers and countries that believe in murder and destruction. He is trying to destroy the only friend the USA has left in the middle east. His lack of knowledge shows the grand ignorance and understanding of history that is missingin his small brain

  2. Kerry doesn’t have enough sense to formulate a treaty. You have to get at least 2 sides to agree on all the issues face to face an make a binding contract. If you think that it can be done with out it being the right thing for both sides then you are more than stupid. The right to recognition is the first step. All the other steps don’t count until that issue is completed. Fix that before anything else, Dumbo.

  3. Kerry is right. Those in Israël who think they can go on without trying to reach an agreement with the Arab countries are not bringing peace to the Middle East. This means that you must voet for those Israelian parties who are trying to do concessions to the Palestinians and give them the chance to build up a nation.

  4. Kerry is not as stupid as some assume, of course he omits Israel as potential peacemaker, Israel is doing everything to prevent peace. maybe with a new government, but I don’t have high hopes. I am very annoyed at the comments that kerry is an anti-semite, he is not, he wants to make peace and wants to be instrumental, but he is hindered by israel. That is not anti-semite at all.

  5. Hey Constant Vecht ! You are a complete idiot who knows nothing about the history of Arab – Israeli conflict ! Just go and learn about the facts of history & you will learn that in 1967 , the Arab countries bordering Israel , decided to drive the Israelis into the sea ! Now , they are content to get back the territories that they lost !! BUT , that is only for the time being !!!!!! Until ……

  6. Israel is independent…..and Leftists hate freedom of thought……they want TOTAL control….Global suzeranity…..Israel upstages the American government and their Arab friends time and time again…..Israel is alone for the next 2 years….until Obama and Kerry are gone…

  7. Israel is independent…..and Leftists hate freedom of thought……they want TOTAL control….Global suzeranity…..Israel upstages the American government and their Arab friends time and time again…..Israel is alone for the next 2 years….until Obama and Kerry are gone…

  8. Israel cant have peace with people who want to kill them. Or people who have..freedom fighters..who are terrorists. Doesnt take a great mind to figure that one out! As for Kerry, he will be not be in office ?very long now. Who cares what he says.

  9. Mirla, we’ll have to agree to disagree. I’m an American and I don’t trust Obama and Kerry as far as I can throw them. If America can get them out of office and unemployed before the 2016 elections, it would be great. I do in fact think they are either anti Semites, evil or both. And anyone putting down Israel had better read about what the conflict is really about: killing all Jews between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. And they don’t want to stop there.

  10. As an American Jew, I think this is perhaps the dumbest attack on the Obama administration I have seen in some time – and one of the most cynical. Kerry mentioned NEITHER the Israelis or the Palestinians. His point was that a settlement would most likely need the active support of many OUTSIDE stakeholders.

  11. Obama admin. is treading water until the US is in major turmoil, domestic & int'l and, incapable of assisting Israel in any military manner whatsoever. At that point, the Muslims hit/attack Israel. Saudi's put O in the White House & brag openly about it. They wanted a Muslim tale wagging the dog. No saving grace for Israel like Nixon did in '72.

  12. No, they use this veto power to bully Israel. It's so obvious the US admin hates Israel and doesn't understand a thing about the Middle East, its players, cultures and its history. They're an embarrassment to any American with morals and a brain.

  13. shermaneutics2 Has Obama EVER not used the US veto to prevent any UN resolution against Israel? No. The administration does not hate Israel. First of all, Israel is more than just Netanyahu – who, unlike Kerry who is not taking sides in the Israeli election, clearly supported Romney in 2012. Second, it is up to Israel and the Palestinians themselves to create peace — the world can not do it for them. What Kerry was speaking of are things like EU and the US working to create economic benefits for the Palestinian state if it is created AND if it lives in peace with Israel. Similarly, the reason the Arab League was listed was an agreement that if a 2 state solution were enacted, they agreed to recognize Israel and extend relationships. It does look like nothing is possible at this point – but the failing is not Obama's or Kerry's — the failing is of the Netanyahu government and the Palestinian factions. Note that Reagan, GHWB, Clinton, and GWB similarly failed to get a peace settlement.

  14. Kerry alone made more trips to Israel than Condi Rice. In addition, both George Mitchell and Dennis Ross tried in the first term – and all met often with Netanyahu and others in his government. It is idiotic to say they ignored Israel.

  15. Karen, they are pressuring Israel to accept whatever they think will please it's enemies while ignoring Israel needs. For example, the Arabs are allowed to live in West Jerusalem, but the Jewish people are forbitten to live in East Jerusalem from which they were forced to leave in 1948. According to Abbas no Jews will be allowed to live in Palestine. Obama administration is OK with "Jew free country".

  16. Raphael Smith Please provide a link to any statement by either Obama or Kerry stating that they are demanding that no Jews live in what becomes the Palestinian state. (For that matter, find a link with Abbas demanding that. ) You are confusing building settlements within East Jerusalem and Jews living in East Jerusalem. I have no idea where you are getting your information.

  17. To Karen Parchem Corbman: We who live in 'fly over Country' here in the USA are wondering what planet you live on. We have discussed the fact that the Arab leadership has spoken and written often that no Jew will ever be allowed to live in a new Arab State. My school teacher wife read it, my 30 yr old son read it but none of us wrote it down. This is an old tactic of the Progressive's like you use who push hard to protect anything the Obama Administration say's or does. You have to many opinions and "Democrat' play book tactics in your writings to qualify as a -fly on the wall – type of observer. Now when you reveal that you are a paid performer,or such, well then we can discount your utterances as the Kerry/Obama mush that they are.

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