Photo Credit: Flash 90
(Archive Dec. 2014) U.S. Secy of State John Kerry, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas meeting in Ramallah.

US Secretary of State John Kerry told Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas that he would push Israel to transfer withheld tax revenue to the PA, according to foreign media sources.

After Abbas and the PA took unilateral steps at the International Criminal Court trying to get Israelis indicted for war crimes – in direct violation of the Oslo Accords, Israel responded by withholding the tax money from the PA.


The meeting between Abbas and Kerry happened over the weekend in Egypt’s Sharm El-Sheikh resort town during an investment conference.

The reports did not say if Kerry tried to put any pressure on the PA to honor their treaty obligations and step back from the ICC.



  1. Abdulah KERRY, the ILLEGAL tax collector, Obama gives $450 million Dollars to the Palestinians NO QUESTIONS ASK but, Hamas/PA leaders live in Qatar 5 Star Hotels, To this day 50,000 tons of construction material Israel has trucked into Gaza and not a single home has been built or rebuilt, although along the the Gaza Israeli Border, Hamas is doing a lot of "UNDERGROUND CONSTRUCTION…AGAIN, The Palestinian Started the war they MUST PAY FOR REPARATIONS.

  2. Maybe first he should talk to his own administration about meddling in Israeli elections. As long as Hamas is part of the Arab coalition, no money should be released to them.

  3. Speaking of taxes, Kerry should keep his mouth shut, look at the tax nightmare this administration has created here with Obama care.Not to mention the corrupt IRS.

  4. Review the ACCOUNTS RECEIVEABLE LEDGER books and deduct how much PA owes Israel for the services, medical treatments including Abbas's family bills to the hospitals in Israel and the debt for the court cases for the murder and injury of the Jews by his terrorists. When will those bills be paid and by home?

  5. When Kerry and his co-horts pay back the American Indians for all that was taken from them then, and only then, they , may be in a position to offer some general advise on ownership of revenue or goods and chattels to other countries, until then it would be honourable to keep quiet.

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