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Hyper Kacher kosher supermarket in Paris.

A kosher supermarket, the HyperCacher, in eastern Paris has been attacked by two armed men, there are reports that at least 5 women and children are being held hostage inside the store, and at least two people have been killed.

Jewish sources in France say there may be as many as 16 hostages, and not all are women and children, contrary to earlier reports.


This attack is a separate incident from the ongoing hostage situation with the Charlie Hebdo terrorists.

It is now confirmed that at least one gunman was part of the shooting attack on Thursday that left a French policewoman dead, and part of the same Jihadi cell as Said and Cherif Kouachi from the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

The following have been identified as the terrorists in the supermarket:

HyperCacher is a chain of kosher supermarkets in France.

Photo: David Robben /

The terrorists have said they won’t be taken alive.


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  1. In france no one is protected not just the jews,it is total CHAOS since that far left françois hollande govt. was elected by default. Christians keep complaining for the same reason although jews are even worse off. In france one can insult anyone christian,jew,boudhist except… moslems! Whenever moslems take on someone he is immediately protected so no one can defend himself…I would not say the antisemit but certainly the most anti Israel in the world even knowing it has consequences on the security of jews. He is simply so scared of moslems he prefers to stay put. Likewise in sweden. Should Jews threaten these governments to plant miniature nukes so called suitcase nukes to force them stop the chaos?

  2. I live 5 minutes aways from where is attack is on going and I can tell you all the police forces and special forces that are available are there on site. There are like hundreds of police and military officers out there to stop them !

  3. In fact they do "protect" synagogues etc. but it is impossible to protect 65 million people except by dissuasion. It is latter which does not exist since moslems know they can do what they want. The policeman "protecting" Charlie Hebdo was killed along with the others. That is …socialism! national socialism(nazis) or multiculteural socialism are all one.

  4. My condolences to the families of the dead Jews. Five more Jewish dead to come. The French allowed the muslim terrorists to riot and loot in Sheylles without stopping them. They told the Jews to look less Jewish and stop wearing Kippot. Did they ever tell Muslims to stop wearing hijabs, head coverings, koffies and muslim robe garb. No. Jewish women get raped, synagogue bombs get firebombed and the terrorists that are arrested and convicted get a slap on the wrist, don't get deported, don't get picked up or monitored despite being on International Terror Watch lists and no fly lists. Every time a Jihadist Muslim Terrorist acts, the French main stream media says it a small fringe lone wolf aberration and that Islam is a religion of peace. France unrelentingly opposes Israel. They crate a atmosphere that encourages antisemetic Muslim attacks and intimidation. They took Hamas off the Terrorist Organization list even though Hamas calls for the genocide of all Jews, French, American, Israeli, Diaspora alike. Consequently, a record number of Jews are fleeing for their lives, their children's' lives and grandchildren's' lives to Israel. The French are antisemites and the enemy of the Jewish people. French Jews, continue taking your doctors, lawyers, bankers, scientists to Israel where you will be loved and appreciated and leave the welfare collecting, unemployed public housing dwelling Muslim succubuses terrorist Muslims behind.

  5. France-istan has a history of being anti-Semitic. Jews should leave at once and leave France to the mold that they have allowed into their country. The revolution in France that promised, fraternity, equality and liberty are flushed down the toilet with all the other laws and rules for democracy. All Muslims ( moderate or not ) are responsible for what is happening in France, Belgium, Sweden, UK. and if we are not careful, it will happen in Canada and the US. Let's start exporting all the Muslims back to their countries of origin where they will be happy to live under sharia law.

  6. JEWS IN FRANCE can't even go to buy kosher food for Shabbat anymore without being killed by Islamists.
    Europe is fast turning into a charnel house, courtesy of Islamist terrorists.
    The Jews of Europe had better get out, while they still can.
    It isn't as if we have nowhere to go, anymore.

  7. What I cannot understand is that while the man who is holed up in the supermarket is holding hostages, he will be picking them off at his leisure with his shotgun. So the police should be able to end the siege and save more rather than less lives by going in NOW, perhaps with a blast-bomb/teargas grenades which will knock out or confuse the lone terrorist and they can physically ‘bundle out’ the hostages to safety . Any prevaricating or delay by the French Police should be treated as COWARDICE in wanting to save their own skins and there will be HELL to pay.

  8. European Governments have "allowed" the establishments of mini-states of Muslims within their countries. These "no-go" zones breed these terrorists and serve no useful purpose except to "kow-tow" and give in to Muslim demands. Appeasement NEVER works with either bullies or Muslims. Time for Europe to wake up NOW or it will be too late!

  9. These islamic terrorist, it appears that all islamics are terrorist, must be taken alive in order to find the imam (commander) and the rest of his horde or terrorist, then bring out Madam Guillotine and execute the lot in the middle of the street, their 'islamic' street. "They Must Go!"

  10. The first EU Commissioner was Walter Hallstein, the Nazi law prof who wrote Hitler's Pride and Blood law. He was named as head of the EU Commission over 50 years ago. Why isn't that common knowledge? IGNORANCE is our worst enemy. Our world is in the hands of fascists and we aren't paying a bit of attention. That is why Muslims are being allowed to take us over. Hitler was best of pals with the Mufti. Why wouldn't the new Masters of the Universe sic them on us?

  11. A bit of technical advice here for those fighting islam everywhere: use only hollow point bullets filled with hog/pig lard and broadcast the fact worldwide. The lawless ones believe this will deny them their reward and 72 'Virginians' (yes, I know how I spelled it). Ultimately, from everywhere they are found: "They Must Go!"

  12. Sheryl Ray why do you think they are praised by North Americans ? I am not talking about the average arab living in dessert, but the ones who have billions of dollars! why when one of their children/princess comes to US or Canada North American news can't get enough of it!!! I am confused now if political support is based on money or religion!!

  13. Kathi Mcdermott I think you are misunderstanding what I am saying… these guys were born in France but their ideology got them where they went… there are people in countries such as Iran or other middle eastern countries who do not agree with these guy's actions… what I am saying is you can't blame every Muslim for action of a group of extremists!

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