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See that knife? An eyewitness reporter claimed it wasn't there as male lunged and ran from police checkpoint at Damscus Gate. Oct. 14, 2015.

For the second time in less than one week there was violence at the Damascus Gate on Wednesday in Jerusalem. This time, like many others recently, was captured on video or the rampaging terrorist with a weapon would surely have been described as an innocent young man, shot down in cold blood. More on this, below.

The first attack took place on Saturday, Oct. 10. A 19 year old Arab resident of Jerusalem stabbed two members of Israel’s border police. The stabber was neutralized at the scene as he continued attempting to stab other officers.


The second incident took place late afternoon on Wednesday, Oct. 14. A Palestinian Arab male, later identified as Basel Sider, 19, was observed acting suspiciously. The man was wearing a camouflage t-shirt and pants. When Israeli officers approached him, he lunged at them and broke through the Damascus Gate checkpoint line. Israeli police repeatedly shouted for him to halt. As the Arab continued running with what appeared and was later confirmed to be a knife blade in his right hand, he was shot dead by Israeli officers on the scene.

Had there been no video, the Israeli officers who shot the terrorist would have been labeled murderers and executioners. Acting Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has been only the most prominent individual to have made such horrific claims, paying no heed to the facts, recently denouncing the shooting deaths of rampaging terrorists as “field executions.”

In Wednesday’s incident, the only thing that was immediately known was that a young Arab man was shot dead by Israelis.

An MSNBC journalist was on the scene when the incident took place. Of course, as with athletic referees before the time of videotape, eyewitnesses are not always accurate in their observations. That is surely particularly so when an eyewitness may have a particular bias. This journalist was removed from Gaza for sloppy reporting during the summer 2014 conflict in Gaza.

What that MSNBC reporter, Ayman Moyheldin, tweeted out on Wednesday was, “I just witnessed the shooting of man running down the stairs towards Damascus gate before being gunned down.” Twenty-five minutes later, he tweeted again, this time writing that just at he was about to broadcast live “Israeli security opened fire on a Palestinian man dressed in camouflage. Killed instantly.”

The MSNBC eyewitness journalist filed a live report to his anchor. According to the report by Mohyeldin, the Arab man was not dressed in camouflage and he had no knife in his hands. The reporter also said that there were no injured Israelis on the scene, the Israelis removed the Arab’s clothes, probably in search of a bomb, and there was none on his body. Moyheldin assured his viewers that the Arab man “did not look to me to be particularly armed.”

In other words, according to “eyewitness” Mohyeldin, Israelis had just shot to death an innocent man.

But Mohyeldin’s anchor in the studio had already seen the video taken by Mohyeldin’s cameramen.

As Jeff Dunetz at The Lid explained, José Diaz Balart interrupted Mohyeldin on-air, and explained to the reporter and the audience that Mohyeldin’s version of events did not track the facts revealed on the videotape.

Diaz Balart then showed a screen capture from the video, which clearly shows the Arab man wearing camouflage shirt and pants, and holding a knife in his right hand.

Knife held by terrorist at Damascus Gate on Wed., Oct. 15, 2015.

Moyheldin attempted a few more times to rectify himself, but Diaz Balart stopped him cold. In fact, the news show host reprimanded the field reporter, explaining that it was always essential to provide a full context for any incident being reported.

Yeah, what he said.

Watch the video of the on air exchange, as captured by The Lid:



  1. Media always lies, they do what the Obama Admin instructs. What’s good is someone caught this lie. False information actually hurts us all. Hamas has been attacking, killing citizen of Israel for years. Glad to see Israel Finally defending itself. All Israel citizens should be armed.

  2. Oops… Bummer. "Yes, as I was saying, the man didn't have a weapon… but now that you mention the picture that shows he actually had a knife in his hand, all I was saying is that he didn't have a weapon any more when he was dead". Got it? This is first-class reporting. MSNBC never disappoint when it comes to making a sinister farce out of journalism.

  3. Please tell me that this video is some kind of parody or joke.

    Otherwise I might believe that MSNBC employs lying morons to report the news and even the editor has a difficult time calling out his reporter by using obtuse contradictory language.

  4. Pathetic. Another Brian Williams wannabe.These journalists,and I use the term loosely, have no shame, and even less remorse, when they are caught in their lies and deception. Mohyeldin should be fired and barred from ever entering Israel again!

  5. The best "take down" on this activist journalist will be by his own peers. Other media have begun to drawn attention to the untrue reporting by MSNBC reporter Ayman Moyheldin and that is the beginning of the end for this evil man. To lose your integrity when reporting is lethal – ask Brian Williams, Dan Rather and other "has beens" – the truth eventially does win out.

  6. HA! Don't believe your lying eyes, believe what I tell you!!! Damn! I can't believe this libtard jose diaz actually told the truth about this story!!! For me personally, so what if this turd had or didn't have a weapon??? He's a piece of crap palesstinian or some other arab camel jockey!!!

  7. Get every foreign based reporter out of the country especially damn American reporters and at the same time I call for the arrest of the Israeli Attorney General who, by and large is the one responsible for reporters accompanying the IDF in every ground operation regardless of what the commanding officer wants.

  8. This unfolded on ABC Nightline the other night, and they showed the man running, then get shot. Yesterday, I read this piece and watched the video. Mario Diaz-Balart used to be our local news guy and is from a much beloved and respected family. He is an upright guy.
    In this case, there was bias against Israel shown, and stated. It is obvious when somebody shows you something, and you don't see it, because you don't want to see it. Poor field reporting will sink a network. It is one thing to tell a story, and embelish it, and it is another to just outright lie.
    There is an old joke about a guy who is caught in bed with another woman, and he tells his wife, "Wait a minute honey, who are you going to believe, me, or your lying eyes"?

  9. Lying . The comment about "no gun", after reporting that the police said he stabbed a police officer, is beyond irrelevant. He also had no grenade launcher, no suitcase bomb, and no Super-Size Slurpy in his hands. We could go on with that line of non-thought for hours. He was reported to have stabbed a police officer, attempted to _stab_ others, and was photographed running away from the scene carrying a _knife_, toward an Israeli crowd.

  10. The reporter went way out of his way to report that the terrorist was "unarmed" implying that the Israeli police were guilty of negligence, revealing his anti-semetic sentiment. Once corrected then he was forced to recover his feigned attempt at integrety. However, in the reporter's defence – it wouldn't be the fisrt time media went off half-cocked with reporting erroneously.

  11. Even when caught in the act, our biased media cannot help themselves! All of them are the same — ABC, CBS, NBC. I cannot even stand to watch their drivel anymore. The truth is, that I get more of the real story from al Jazeera, and the BBC. How sad is that?

    These are the people who support Obama and his agenda without question. It is like a play taken right out of the Communist Manifesto.

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