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Brush fire in Mount Hebron

Written by Michael Bachner

A massive brush fire ignited by an IDF flare raged overnight Saturday in the Mount Hebron region, endangering residential homes in the Jewish community of Negohot.


At first light on Sunday, four firefighting planes dropped water on the blaze to assist the teams on the ground. Several hours later the fire was extinguished, without causing any injuries.

According to a Mount Hebron spokesperson, the IDF lit a flare to illuminate the area following a report of a suspected terrorist infiltration into the community. The flare helped soldiers conduct a search of the area, which did not yield any results.

However, the flare then caused the massive fire that damaged agricultural fields and several industrial buildings.

The brush fire started around 2 a.m. at a warehouse and workshop near the community, situated in the western Mount Hebron region. Eight firefighting teams arrived in the area to prevent the fire from reaching the residential houses.

Dozens of families from two neighborhoods were evacuated from their homes after the winds directed the fire towards them.

Firefighters worked all night to battle the blaze, and at dawn four firefighting planes were sent to the area to help gain control over the fire. By morning the forces succeeded in gaining control and the fire was extinguished shortly thereafter.

The evacuated residents returned to their homes and the children went to school as normal.



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