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Does this look like a pro-Israel group?

A University of Minnesota’s graduate student representative to the Board of Regents has compared Students Supporting Israel (SSI) to the Ku Klux Klan, the Campus Reform website reported.

Student representative Damien Carriere labeled SSI a “hate group” in emails sent to the university’s student government executive board in a campaign to remove the founder of the pro-Israel group from the Student Services Committee.


Campus Reform reported that the committee “is responsible for the distribution of millions of dollars in funds to various student groups.”

“He is a member of a hate group (SSI) and I think he comes in with a fishy agenda,” Carriere wrote in a series of e-mails Campus Reform obtained. “[Ilan Sinelnikov’] is a member of a hate group (SSI) and I think he comes in with a fishy agenda.”

After members of the executive board of the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GAPSA) began questioning his classification of SSI as a hate group, Campus Reform stated that Carriere wrote that the Student Services Committee “would fund a KKK group if they justify their request well. So let us consider that they do pass the student group test.”

The GAPSA later removed Sinelnikov because they were not convinced he had “demonstrated the ability to remain impartial.”

“I was the only candidate singled out for questioning and such bias scrutiny by the certain members of the Assembly,” Sinelnikov told Campus Reform.

“It is unfortunate that they were unable to put aside their bigotry towards my national origin when performing their duties as student representatives,” he added. “GAPSA proved its bias and ignorance against me because of my political beliefs and my ethnic background. Being singled out based for those reasons after a long campaign against Students Supporting Israel reminds me why Students Supporting Israel was founded–to fight anti-Semitism and bias on college campuses”

The university’s undergraduate student body president told Campus Reform, whose self-stated mission is to be “a watchdog to the nation’s higher education system” and expose “bias and abuse on the nation’s college campuses.” that she will take action in defense of Sinelnikov, who she believes has been discriminated against.

Carriere’s reasoning for comparing SSI with KKK is that members of the group who support Israel belong “to a certain ideology which is present among some citizens of that state that has been refusing rights to minorities outside of the recognized borders of that country.”

In another e-mail, Carrier said Christian Crusaders for Christ also is a hate group because it “is named after a bloody and inherently racist episode in European history.”

The term crusade is considered by many as offensive because it refers to the will of chasing the Muslims from their land by mean [sic] of war,” Carriere wrote.

Now that it is Thanksgiving, perhaps Carriere will demand that the United States return the Land of the Free to the Indians and move to a reserve.


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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. All that is required for evil to triumph is the acknowledgement that the koran is a "sacred text". Read it and you will know it is the manual of operations for the destruction of the Jewish and Christian peoples. Exceuse me, I understate. For the destruction and subjugation of ALL non moslems. ISIS/ISIL are the truest to the koran. So is boko haram. So are the Iranians in their quest to atom bomb Israel. Please see JIHAD in wikipedia. Or just pick up a koran and start reading. Don't forget the sura and hadiths. Ignorant are the persons calling Islum the religion of peace. It is a war operations manual. Period. If NAMBLA called themselves a religion the the "Progressives would fall over themselves to ensure NAMBLA's 'Right" to molest children. You cannot make people read books unfortunately. Only moslems and the ignorant call the koran a "sacred text" and islum and "religion". Please read the koran and sura and hadiths. If you are a Neville Chamberlain fan all you care about is "peace in our time" . Truth about islum in the western world is compromised by oil. The korun by it's own commanment prohibits any moderation of it's orders. See the moslem doctrine of abrogation. mohamud was illiterate. He could not even proof read the book ascribed to him/it.

  2. yep, Minnesota is a core recruitment area for the American Indian Movement , AIM, keep in mind the so called hero’s that too many believe are hero’s and role models that the youth are taught to look up to. Such as: ” Ward Churchill met with Gadhafi
    Rocky Mountain News ^
    | February 11, 2005
    | Charlie Brennan And Laura Frank

    Posted on Friday, February 11, 2005 8:33:25 AM by Happy Valley Dude
    Controversial prof set to make speech at Wisconsin school
    By Charlie Brennan And Laura Frank, Rocky Mountain News February 11, 2005
    This is not the first time Ward Churchill has disagreed with the U.S. government’s idea of who is, and is not, a terrorist.
    In April 1983, Churchill went to Libya to meet with Col. Moammar Gadhafi.
    U.S. government had banned travel to Libya two years earlier, saying
    Gadhafi supported terrorism. Churchill traveled to Tripoli and Benghazi
    as a representative of the International Indian Treaty Council and the
    American Indian Movement. He went with Dace Means, brother of AIM leader
    Russell Means.
    They were seeking recognition from Gadhafi of the U.S. government’s breaking of Indian treaties. “

  3. the work of ex-senator james abourezk leading people to believe Palestinians are “indigenous” , thus grabbing sympathy and support from 1st nations people to believe they are supporting those of aboriginal ancestry, (those from the beginning of time for a given region), which is today confused with the obscure definition “indigenous” which includes definitions such as “those who live with the natural environment, which could include the likes of euel gibbons or even paul bunyan as being indigenous.

  4. Well- the nation of Israel and the militia of the KKK do not have the same organizational ‘missions’. However, in the context of American political support, both groups act as lobbyists- and both hold the same set of clients and some major dark money support- which makes Israel and the KKK through the NRA and the GOP-regulars, allies by default. (To many Israelis delight and long term disadvantageous to Israel’s mission)……….but that’s just my opinion….what do you think?, yea?

  5. As a general rule toward all of them: Israel should probably not trust any American politician or office holder that is telling the nation
    exactly what it wants to hear- But, ya know how it is when you just
    don’t want to hear something you don’t want to hear- Ya know how ya get-And who is to blame for unintended and disadvantageous consequences?…….then who becomes the anti-Semite? The opposition you hate (such as “Obama”) who is seeking to tell truth (as he/she sees it-so not absolute by humanity), or the smiling face that knows you love only what you want to hear and doesn’t care about truth regardless…….but why listen to me or brown Mr. Watson…..

  6. comments such as these are one of the the results of not learning about the 1964 Civil Rights and Voting Rights acts and the consequential ‘Southern Strategy’ as part of regular eduction (in the US)…..I think….(but this questions says nothing of institutional Redlining…which is also in play to the issue as a whole……yea?).

  7. The obtuse logic of un-liberal campus "liberals," the putrid regressiveness, the incredible bigotry, the willful misrepresentation of inconvenient truths, the appalling self inflicted ignorance of campus "progressives" in full display!!! The hypocrisy, the hatred, reeks all the way from the U of Min to every informed truth lover's PC.

  8. "Now that it is Thanksgiving, perhaps Carriere will demand that the United States return the Land of the Free to the Indians and move to a reserve." What an ignorant remark. I resent this statement about the Indians. This actually was their land. Israel is not and never was an Arab nation. It was never anything but Jewish. America probably should be given back to the Indians. Although, I do not think that, after the mess that has been made of it, they would want it back.

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