Photo Credit: Oren Ben Hakoon/POOL
PM Netanyahu in the Knesset. August 24, 2020

In the Knesset today, Prime Minister Netanyahu sent an open message to the Joint Arab List, according to a report by Amit Segal.

Netanyahu said, “I would like to address the members of the Joint List, you voted against the agreement with the United Arab Emirates. Today you have a chance to fix that, but if not today – you will soon be given another chance to fix it.”

Netanyahu was apparently hinting of another peace deal in the works with yet another Arab or Islamic country.


Netanyahu has been reaching out to members of the Arab political party, including making an unusual appearance at a hearing of the Special Committee on Eradicating Crime in Arab Society, chaired by MK Mansour Abbas (Ra’am party / Joint Arab List).

Mansour Abbas, for his part, has been taking steps to differentiate himself and his party from the other more staunchly anti-Zionist Arab parties in his coalition.

Perhaps Netanyahu can make peace with an Abbas after all.


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