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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told the Cabinet Sunday morning, “It is astonishing that even after the recent IAEA report determined that Iran is continuing to hide the military components of its nuclear program, the nuclear talks are with it are proceeding.”

He is trying to keep security at the top of the agenda in the election campaign and briefed ministers on “Iran’s attempt to increase its foothold on Israel’s borders even as it works to arm itself with nuclear weapons.”


Netanyahu added, “Iran is trying to also to develop a third front on the Golan Heights via the thousands of Hezbollah fighters who are in southern Syria and over which Iran holds direct command…..

The coming month is critical for the nuclear talks between Iran and the major powers because a framework agreement is liable to be signed that will allow Iran to develop the nuclear capabilities that threaten our existence.

“The agreement that is being formulated between Iran and the major powers is dangerous for Israel and therefore I will go to the US next week in order to explain to the American Congress, which could influence the fate of the agreement, why this agreement is dangerous for Israel, the region and the entire world.”




  1. An extremist and unstable regime like Iran getting hold of that kind of a power is a real threat to the Whole WORLD as you would never know who all would be able to get a hold of it and also blow it up in the midle of Manhattan make 911 look like nothing.

  2. if you know and read your Bible, you would know that EVERYTHING taking place in the Middle east is predicted in the Bible. The good news is the Israelis WILL NOT be destroyed. So far the predictions are 100% accurate. No Fear!!! God has everything under control….

  3. Israel I support you and can only pray the things I find on the Internet are false. I think our government is more aware than i, maybe the so called Fema camps are for terrorist not Americans that disagree with obama, or christians, time will tell.

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