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Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama.

The man whom Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu wants as his next media adviser already has put himself behind the 8-ball with revelations that he previously posted on Facebook undiplomatic remarks, such as describing one of President Barack Obama’s remarks on Israel as “modern anti-Semitism.”

Dr. Ran Baratz, whose position as media adviser has not yet been approved, also insulted President Reuven Rivlin on Facebook, prompting the President to protest to Netanyahu.


Baratz’s rant against Obama referred to his response to the news that Prime Minister Netanyahu would speak in Congress earlier this year, when he warned against a “bad deal” with Iran.

Baratz wrote:

Allow me to be a bit blunt, which is a break from my usual moderation. This is what modern anti-Semitism in a liberal Western country looks like. And, of course, it comes with a great deal of tolerance and understanding for Islamic anti-Semitism.

The tolerance and understanding are so great that [Obama] is willing to give it a nuclear bomb.

Baratz’s derogatory remarks did not discriminate between the presidents of Israel and the United States. When he learned that Rivlin had flown by coach class on an official visit, Baratz posted:

I think it says a lot that the president flies economy class, turned around and shook everyone’s hand on board. It mainly says that he is such a marginal figure that there’s no need to fear for his life.

It seems that we could even send him paragliding over the Golan Heights and into ISIS-controlled territory.

Baratz’s explanations to the Hebrew-language Maariv newspaper that he wrote as a “private citizen” and that his postings simply were “Facebook humor” are not going to satisfy the White House or U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who also was a target of a barb from Baratz.

He wrote of Kerry more or less what got Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon in hot water when his comments expressed in a private conversation with American Jewish leaders were leaked.

Baratz wrote that Kerry’s “mental age doesn’t exceed 12.”

He also described American Jews who are pro-Obama as “the most extreme in their criticism of Israel” and who want an “irresponsible Israeli policy.”

He insists that if is media adviser, he will be dignified, but the stormy reaction to Baratz’s postings may force Prime Minister Netanyahu to look for someone else.



  1. Blimey… he dared speak the truth… ahem… almost… 🙂

    Can't quite condemn (most of) his statement, yet I understand that 'diplomacy' (lying covertly or overtly, and hiding behind manipulated words) requires 'strawmen' rather than honest brokers. I pray for Israel…

  2. If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and quacks like a duck… it must be a duck. Clearly, Mr. Obama is an anti-semite and Israel hater. Read ALLY by Michael Oren … But anyone with even a modicum of objectivity recognizes who and what the current US President is. Our Republic can and will survive Mr. Obama and his minions. It is another question as to whether the Republic can survive those who voted for him.

  3. Yes, I suggest Netanyahu look for another media advisor. Being a media advisor to the leader of a nation requires a certain amount of common sense and diplomacy. Whatever the posters here believe, Obama is still President of the United States. And America is still Israel's most important and strongest ally. Which means that it is best if the media advisor doesn't have a record of insulting the President and Secretary of State. His promise to be good if he becomes the advisor, reminds me of a child's promise to be good after doing something naughty. And the promise will probably be broken as quickly as that of the typical child!

  4. Obama is Christian and absolutely not anti-Semitic. Most Israelis, I know personally, are more educated and more aware than Baratz. It is so sad that Netanyahu is allowing people like this ignorant Ran Baratz to surround and advise him. Since Netanyahu insists on interfering in US domestic politics, I feel comfortable in stating if people of Baratz's ilk continue to spew misinformation about the US Secretary of State and the US President, Israel will not only lose the support of the US, but, sadly, the support of many US Jews, as well.

  5. I am an American Jew who was Bar Mitzvahed at the Park Avenue Synagoge in NYC decades ago. As a child my parents and I put money in the little boxes to plant trees in Israle. We have always supported its existence. But I am grossly offended by insults of "Greater Israel" punks against our leaders! May Netanyahu lose his Coalition majority in Knesset!

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