New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez told CBS Tuesday morning that Iran and Hezbollah “could possibly” strike Israel if the United States attacks the Assad regime although  Syria is full of “ bluster.

The Senator, a Democrat and chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, said on the “This Morning” program, “The Iranians and Hezbollah … ultimately could possibly strike against neighbors in the region, including our ally, the state of Israel” but that the price of inaction could be a lot higher.


“It sends a message to those very same countries — the Ayatollah in Iran. … It sends a message to North Korea about our determination to stop them from continuing to make the Korean peninsula a nuclear peninsula,” he said. “It sends a message to terrorist groups: Seek access to chemical weapons because the world will largely stand by when you use them. I think those are ultimately national security questions we cannot have come to fruition as a result of inaction.”



  1. Muslim Obama wishes to strike in Syria, becouse so can Hezbollah and Syria attack Israel, so kills two birds with one shot, that is why I don't want that the US get involved and is sad to say let them kill and devour each other, the both sides are furios terrorist murders, they don't care and fill to kill women, children and old people.

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