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The Norwegian Parliament has passed legislation protecting circumcision as a legal right.

The bill says the purpose of the legal move is “ensure that the ritual circumcision of boys conducted in a safe manner, and to ensure that an offer of ritual circumcision is available,” in cases where the procedure “is religiously justified.”


In addition, the law specifies that circumcisions must be performed by a licensed physician, but provides for ritual circumcision to be performed by others “if the physician is present and is responsible for the procedure.”

In March, Norway’s nurses union called on the government to ban non-medical circumcision of boys under 15. Astrid Grydeland Ersvik, a representative for the union, told the Aftenposten tabloid at the time that “Jews are a small group in Norway, they have been allowed to influence the debate on this issue.”

Ersvik also compared male circumcision to female genital mutilation, which is banned in Norway.

“If we get a law that allows this in boys while it is illegal in girls, then this is discriminatory,” she said.


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  1. Norwegian hate Jews?…this is interesting: nurses union supporting doctors to do the circumcision….what’s next?….not Jewish doctors….
    Is anti-Semitism on the rise in Norway?….I wouldn’t be surprised!

  2. Norwegian Mohelim responded to this lastest issue concerning circumsision by stating that they will continue to be dedicated to this holy ritual even if it means financial hardship. the representative for the Norwegian Association of Ritual Circumcisers” Rabbi Mordechai Shmekel said “we will continue to preform circumcisions even if the pay is unsatisfactory because the tips are great. He then rubbed his wallet which turned into a suitcase and he packed up the tools of his trade. When asked what the suitcase was made of to enable this transformation the rabbi replied “now you know what we do with the leftovers”.

  3. Circumcision propaganda ctr- you’re full of crap. These are a list of opinions, unsupported by any scientific proof. There’s a huge difference between FGM and male circumcision, and a lot of difference between 8th day male circumcisions and other male circumcisions. A few decades ago and before that male circumcision was routine. Now it’s mostly Jews and those who wish to follow the Bible that practice this ages old Biblical mandate. There is scientific proof that wives of circumcised males have a lower incidence of cervical cancer, and males may have a decreased chance of prostrate cancer. A baby suffers very little pain during and after correctly done circumcision, but adults and older children suffer great pain.

  4. I was circumcised and didn’t notice it…because I was (wait for it) a baby…If you want to talk about traumatic experiences, how about leaving the warm comfortable womb and being ejected out into a cold cruel world. That ought to be worth 16 blah blah points. Next topic: Giving Birth Is Cruel To Fetuses.

  5. It’s not very likely that you didn’t notice it *at the time*. Many babies cry profusely and those that don’t generally still are under influence of drugs given to the mother during birth.

    Leaving the womb is also a necessary part of living. Having your genitals cut isn’t. Big difference there.

  6. There are children who are abused as infants and they have no “memories” of the instances. Does this make it okay? You may abuse children, and mutilate them as long as they aren’t old enough to remember it?

  7. Are you seriously comparing a women giving birth, to a baby having part of his penis cut off. My God, the stupidity. One is a natural way of living. The other is removing something that is natural. Do you see the difference?

  8. Kenneth Schreier All you’re saying to me is that you don’t see the harm of forcing genital amputation on another person. This isn’t news to me. It happens every day, SO DUH the people perpetuating it are conditioned to think that it’s ok. Take your attitude toward a baby’s right to be free from the forced body modification of tattooing, and just apply integrity. People have rights to their healthy body parts. Your opinion of the aesthetics or conditioned erroneous belief about health risks is irrelevant.

  9. Gil Gilman Thanks for the complement. In 40 years I’ll be nearly 100. I’m hoping I’ll still be going strong and still standing up for the rights of innocent babies. BTW, have you ever had the fortitude to watch an actual circumcision? I dare you to try to get through one. You can find videos on a site called

  10. So because it’s supposedly proven that babies don’t feel pain, it’s supposedly right to rape them? That’s basically what circumcision is. You’re touching somebody’s body without their consent, and for no justified reason. So you’re really just supporting rape.

  11. Circumcision is rape and sexual mutilation . For most everyone , for the practice being done by some Jews ,it is pedophilia and worse . No nation should support religious rape and sexual mutilation for profit . It is not about cultural heritage ,if they want that ,practice it in Israel .

    How any sentient and intelligent being can think or believe that removing half of the twelve square inches of potential growth and function of the male organ is acceptable today or any age ,is beyond humanity and terrorism to all . Anti semitism does not explicitly pertain to Jews only .It’s not a monopolized term to be wrongly used so . Deleting this comment will only harm educating Jewish people and let the world know of the propaganda to silence freedom of speech for promoting Eugenics . Because they are going to see it on Facebook regardless .

    So tell me,how do you want the Jewish Press and their representation of the Democratic Israel to be seen by Americans ..

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