Photo Credit: Joshua Nass
Holy Rollers, a glatt kosher food cart in Midtown West, Manhattan

“I’ll tell you how delicious the food is: my daughter, who is at NYU medical school, is such a picky eater. But I brought her one of the sandwiches from Holy Rollers and she devoured it,” Bienenfeld said, “then she asked if she could have another!”

Settling for and into the location away from Rockefeller Center, Mordowitz remains bitter about only one thing. “I’ve been in the food cart business for nearly a half dozen years and I get along great with all of the other vendors, including nearly all of the Halal vendors,” he said.


“I understand the temptation to make it look as though we’re recreating the Middle East conflict here in the middle of New York City, but that just isn’t the reality.”

The Holy Rollers moved west to avoid the turf war. Mordowitz waxed philosophical: “I guess to put a positive spin on it you could say: we’re bringing peace to Midtown East!”



  1. It is condoned by the regime of Sheikh Oblunder of Obamastan, and his version of Heinrich Himmler, Eric Holder…but only when the protesters are from the favored (and immune) minority groups: Blacks, Latinos and – of course! – Oblunder's fellow Muslims.

  2. All I can say about Halal food is that when I passed the Halal butcher shop in Jerusalem, it was the first time I had heard about it. (That was close to 40 years ago). There were flies all over the meat, and it was sitting outdoors. It was disgusting, to say the least.
    On the other hand, I once read a newspaper article about a Kosher butcher who partnered with a Halal butcher. Their stores were back to back, so you went down one street to one of their places, or you would go to the next block for the other. I believe the city was Hoboken NJ.

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