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U.S. President Barack Obama

During a press briefing senior administrative officials from the White House held with members of the media late on Thursday afternoon, U.S. time, it was revealed that there will be no negotiated two state solution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Arab people.

The three senior administrative officials on the call were Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications Ben Rhodes, NSC coordinator for the Middle East Rob Malley, and U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro.


The reason the briefing was held was to prepare for the meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President Barack Obama, which will take place Monday morning, Nov. 9.

The administration officials revealed the various topics they expected the two heads of state would discuss, including the recently concluded Nuclear Iran Deal, the situation in Syria and the recent deployment there by foreign nationals including Iran and Russia, and Israeli relations with its Palestinian Arab neighbors in Gaza and Judea and Samaria.

But the big news was what the administration officials referred to as the “New Reality” between Israel and the PA, the increased tensions and violence, which makes clear that there will be no final status negotiations between the parties any time during the remainder of the Obama administration.

Of course the administration officials continued to insist that the Two State Solution is the only viable option open to the parties. They made clear that “settlement building complicates the achievement of a viable Palestinian State,” and that the U.S. government continues to view such activity as not constructive.

Administration officials made clear that acting Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas has been chided for continuing to engage in incitement to violence, and that Prime Minister Netanyahu is expected to engage in confidence building measures to leave open the promise of a Palestinian State.

Several reporters asked for details about the anticipated Memorandum of Understanding regarding military aid from the U.S. to Israel. Expectations were dampened when the officials stated the discussion Monday morning would just be the beginning and not the end of that negotiation.

The U.S. officials also rebuffed several questions about a recent hire by the Israeli government who had posted unsavory comments about U.S. officials. They suggested it was a decision for the Israeli government and the U.S. president would not be reduced to questioning personnel decisions by other nations.

The strongest recurring theme from the officials was that Iran remains a dangerous player in the region and that is why it was essential that the Nuclear Iran Deal be concluded, so that such a dangerous player would not have nuclear weapons at its disposal.

But the big news was: No Two State push for the remainder of President Obama’s term.


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  2. Now finally the US is free to join the EU, Russia, China, Japan, Canada, and so many other major countries in agreeing that the UN must intervene directly on all 1967 prewar border territories. There is enough evidence of nonstop death, brutality, persecution and destruction being inflicted on civilians by both warring factions. The premise for the intervention is that the existing governing entities have for decades failed to bring about a cessation of hostilities, establish sovereign rights for all people and stop the Israeli usurpation of land destined for all Palestinians as mandated by recognized international agreements.

  3. It's very difficult to discuss the actions or intensions of this Administration without falling into the mud pit with them and start name calling. I will do my best. Based upon the information you presented regarding their approach to present and past issues it occured to me that it's hard to believe that this is Year 7 of the Administrations Foreign Policy experience and NOT Day 1. They are still thinking on the level of neophytes when they somehow believe incentives are going to induce the PA in the directiton of the negotiating table. The PA sees they no longer need the US for their political goals. They now have the EU and UN working in hyperdrive to make it a fait accompli without negotiating or at least giving them a date certain that Israel has to give in as they see it. Also they have their blackmail tract going at the Hauge. So, Harvard, Constitutional scholar, Chicago street organizer Obama thinks he's going to bamboozle those good o'le boys who keep falling off the turnup flatbed and he may even squeeze something out of Bibi who is tired of hearing the BS but everyone in the Mid-East knows it's Dead on Arrival.

  4. Huh? There already is a two state solution. The Fakestinians have Gaza as their state. The fact that foolish Gazans consumed by hatred of the Jews keep pushing their bogus claims to the rest of Israel in no way changes that. Only Roger Waters and morons like him believe different. The rest of the Arab squatters and invaders need to end their illegal occupation of East Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria, dismantle their illegal settlements and return to their homelands of Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, or Syria.

  5. The idea of a two state solution is not palatable to me. It smacks of division of a country. Israel is the Jewish State, and unlike America, it does have a primary religion. It has no need for a second "state" unless that state is in another country. Land for Peace swaps don't work, as the Arabs won't live in peace, and Israel will not give up territory based on the request of anti-Semetism.

  6. Obama acknowledges a 1 state solution… Palestine and all terrorists and terrorism…his advisers, Val Jar, and James Abourezk’s students, all love the Muslim countries and values, including the destruction of Israel, and the elimination of democratic freedoms… wouldn’t you if your were born in those countries (Val Jar and James Abourezk)

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